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  1. Hey guys, looking for an EX or better and clean labels on an issue or promo copy of Wil Collins and Willpower - Anything I Can Do (Bareback) Sorted, Edward Hamilton - Yes I Can (Mary Jane), issue of The Valentinos - Sweeter Than the Day Before (Chess), and a promo of Jock Mitchell - Not a Chance In a Million (Impact).
  2. Hey guys, looking for legit Ex or better versions with clean labels on the following Detroit Soul - All of My Life (Music Town) *Sorted Edward Hamilton - My Darlin' Baby/ Yes I Can (Mary Jane) I'm only looking for this version, I have the other two My Darlin' Baby singles The Valentinos - Sweeter Than the Day Before (Chess) issue label The Vibrations - Cause You're Mine (Epic) issue label Jock Mitchel..
  3. Eddie Holman - Hold In Me Your Arms (Grapevine) Edward Hamilton - Yes I Can/My Darling Baby (Mary Jane) The only Edward Hamilton/Arabians and Mary Jane single I'm missing, nobody has one it appears, I've got the other two My Darling Baby ones, just looking for the one with Yes I Can on it. Detroit Soul - All Of My Life (Music Town Records) a reasonable price though, I've seen this going for ridiculous prices. Epitome o..
  4. Hey guys, looking for these records in Ex to NM Condition with clean labels. Roy Butler - A Dream (Boo) - Red or Promo Label Edward Hamilton - My Darling Baby (Mary Jane) - P1003A Checkered original version - Sorted Edward Hamilton- Yes I Can/My Darling Baby (Mary Jane) - P1009/1010 The Arabians - Let Me Try (Staff) - Sorted Bobby Taylor - Oh, I've Been Bless'd - VIP RED Promo Copy - Sorted Sheryl Swope..
  5. WilliamDetroit


    I've been wanting this one as well, any luck??
  6. WilliamDetroit

    Clifford Binns and a few more

    Looking for these sweet records in VG++ condition to NM with clean labels, I know you guys got some dupes, hook me up;) Volcanos - Take Me Back Again - Harthon - Sorted! Clifford Binns - You've Got To Help Me - Carrie (Orange or Green) Edward Hamilton - My Darling Baby/ Yes I Can - Mary Jane Edward Hamilton - My Darling Baby/Tell Me - Mary Jane Sheryl Swope - Can't Get Him Off My Mind - Duo Roy Cortez B..
  7. WilliamDetroit

    Grapevine 138 Lester Tipton SOLD

    What's the condish?
  8. Hey guys, here are some of my current must haves, please pm me if you have copies of any of these for sale with clean labels and vinyl condition VG++ to Mint- Clifford Binns - You've Got to Help Me - Carrie Orange label or early Green issue Lester Tipton/Masqueraders - This Won't Change/How original Grapevine press with center intact Masqueraders - Be Happy For Me - La Beat - Sorted Fred Bridges - Baby Don..
  9. WilliamDetroit


  10. WilliamDetroit

    some reduced!!! more added

    Hey, I'd like that Brothers of Soul, what's shipping to the US, are the labels clean? Thanks Will
  11. Looking for VG+ to NM copies of these (I know it's a lot, will reduce as sorted, hope you can help me out with these guys, appreciate it!) Will Barbara Mercer - So Real/ Call on Me - Sidra Dee Clark - That's My Girl - Constellation yellow label Masqueraders - I'm Gonna Make It/ How - La Beat Masqueraders - Be Happy For Me - La Beat Masqueraders - One More Chance- La Beat Masqueraders - I Got ..
  12. WilliamDetroit

    Classics - Looking For A Love

    Hey all, this is my first Wanted Ad and I hope it helps me track down some of the records I'm looking for. Looking for original pressings of these records in VG+ NM condition with clean labels. Edward Hamilton - Baby Don't You Weep - Mary Jane (looking for an original with or without the Mike Terry Arr. credit) - Sorted Ruby Andrews - Just Loving You - Zodiac - Sorted ** Still searching for these The ..
  13. WilliamDetroit

    New List - Rare Northern - Hambric/montgomery/scott Etc

    Hey, do you happen to still have that Billy Griffin on Naptown? Thanks! Will
  14. WilliamDetroit

    Volumes - One Way Lover Demo

    Hey, I'm interested in this one, can you send me pictures? Thanks!
  15. Hey guys, I'm Will from Hattiesburg, Ms. Looking forward to learning about more incredible soul records and hopefully scoring some of my most wanted through contacts on the site.