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  1. Genuine copy in vg+ condition, some ring wear and a couple of bits of tiny debris that got into the pressing when pressed which are virtually inaudible, superb playback with no crackle etc. Buy it now price or will put on evilbay on Sunday.
  2. Just sold these on ebay and buyer has not responded, all packed and ready to ship. They're all in gorgeous condition just need to add shipping cost. Uk £15.00, Europe £20.00
  3. John Anderson gave these to me when i visited him at soul bowl in around 84/85. There obviously pretty rare but what are they worth and does anyone else have a pack? Sorry in advance if in wrong section.
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    vince ayres

  6. I thought it best that i come on here and put the record straight (pardon the pun). I purchased this 45 at Austin record fair last May for $2.00 along with a handful of other items all under ten bucks from the same seller. I recongnised the label but have never heard this release before and thought it was pretty damn good. It wasn't until later in the day that i was playing it to the rest of the British contingent and asking oppinions on it's merit that big Jeff piped up that it's a super rarity as i had no idea. It is ridiculous in the extreme to assume that somehow it is a bootleg (who on earth is going to bootleg a record that next to nobody knows and then sell it for $2.00!) Oh and before anyone asks i was pretty quick in asking if he had anymore copies and he did not. I can only assume therefore that the Wiggyflats copy is an original. So let me see, thats 4 known copies unless a trail of people are going to pile in with there copies of this elusive bootleg that nobody has seen before? Before i sign off i would like to make it clear that i'm not in cahoots with anyone over some dodgy bootleg and that includes Ian Levine who contacted me through this site as he was worried that a load might have turned up!
  7. Back on ebay after long break with some great tunes! I'll be adding about 10 to 20 titles daily for the next month or so. Please click on "view items from vinsoul65" below the scans. Thanks for looking, Vince.
  8. Oh the puns just keep on coming, i reckon it should have been issued on ACME records
  9. I guess i probably put it up on Ebay in the next few days and put a comment up in the relevent section with a link to the sale.
  10. Found a copy recently and can't find much info on it, will probably sell it but don't want to do myself out as it's obviously pretty rare. There are no sales on Popsike and i've heard conflicting values up to £1000's so any info would be appreciated. Atb Vince
  11. Several lots ending tonight mostly Uk label 70s, some great tunes. Please click on "View items from Vinsoul65" below Many Thanks Vince


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