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  1. Chipping in to buy an old wreck of a van to legally as opposed to going in a nicked car to various all nighters. Invariably broke down and with no license or insurance just as illegal.
  2. How about a recent piece of played in lockdown pap. That Jody’s got married pile of pop turd.
  3. Could the Rouser copy for sale at the Fleet have been Adam Buchannans? Sure I saw him selling it there!
  4. What about the Canadian release? Never seen or heard of that before.
  5. F%@# me that’s bad. Vanity records! What makes people think they can sing! Could be an idea for a new thread.
  6. Quite hard to find on BSC but came out retitled as snowflakes on Thomas.
  7. Got mine from Manship.He didn’t do any of that scratching out malarkey that John did at the time.Sure it was a new release.
  8. Yes greatly missed is Rug. Had a few spots at St Ives along with Wilksy! Rugs tunes at the Vic in Rushden at this time included Lester Tipton,Montclair’s,Virginia Blakeley,Pamela Beaty,Limitations and a cheapie that I have loved ever since and occasionally play out Gaye and Terrell What you gave me on Tamla.Well ahead of the curve.
  9. This was a great time for us Northant’s crowd. St ives, Peterbough and Central Hall Kettering where I distinctly remember car wash getting new release plays.Some great times had and some groundbreaking collections in the area as well.We all know now it weren’t all up t’north
  10. UK Post is £3.00 - Paypal friends if possible. 1 - DYNELLS - Let me prove that i love you - Blueberry - EX SOLD 2 - ELLA WASHINGTON - the grass is always greener - Atlantic DEMO - EX £40 3 - JOHNNY SAYLES - Anything for you - Minit DEMO - EX £70 (lovely silver text variation) 4 - HARRY RAY - Ride your pony girl - All Platinim DEMO - VG++ £30 5 - PRINCE JOHNNY ROBINSON - I got love - Mercury - VG++ £95 6 - WHATNAUTS - Help is on the way - Harlem Int. - EX £35 7 - BILLY SHA-RAE - I'm gone - Spectrum - VG++ £80 8 - FOUR WONDERS - J
  11. Down in the dumps was a regular play at St Ives at this time as well.
  12. to these ears the speeded up versions got a little of I don’t need no doctor sound to it.
  13. Discogs has been a mare! Usually sell all over, US Japan and Europe as well as here at home. Only managed to set up for Uk as it’s mindblowing trying to get the new systems to save. I see lots of sellers have now been greyed out and can’t sell at all.Disgogs have cocked up but won’t back down I’m afraid.
  14. Traits is on 4 designs. 2 yellow and 2 gold.
  15. To be fair.The Post Office and Royal Mail are doing a great job.It might take longer from 100 mile away but not everybody posts your order immediately. Also I do not work for Royal Mail,it’s just my observation as a regular buyer/seller.

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