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  1. Very interesting. Earlier version of the same song by Timothy Wilson on his H&L album.
  2. You know what. This site is becoming a joke. People are fed up with a supposedly Soul Forum having less and less to do with Soul. I could carry on but what is the point. Get on with it and I will just occasionally look at record sales.
  3. I hope you can find the time to check the web.All price ranges are still selling on Discogs for instance at the moment.Its easy to do as well. If however you need to sell all immediately think about getting somebody to sell for a percentage. You would probably make more than selling them to a dealer outright. There are some great and fair dealers who will be recommended to you on here but it will come down to the value and desirability of your collection. Good Luck
  4. Wow. Keep hearing the phrase blue eyed Soul. Get it when it’s soulful, not just a pop dance record. This is a pop dance record.Zero soul content.Zero blue eyed soul. Only my opinion but I had to say it coz this type of music drives me mad.
  5. Paypal please. Post is £3 Garnet Mimms - Can you top this - Verve UK Demo A very nice VG+ £60 Tiny name on A label Flirtations - Change my darkness into light - VG++ £75
  6. Calleen Anderegg fools paradise was Sams. A right shocker even back then.
  7. Paypal Friends if possible please. Post is £3 up to 3 discs. Dee Dee Sharp - Happy bout the whole thing - TSOP DEMO - EX - £12.50 Main Ingredient - Happiness is just round the bend - RCA DEMO - EX - £12.50 Ruby Carter & Exceptional three - Unlucky girl - WAY OUT - VG+ £60 Willie Hutch - Love power - MOTOWN DEMO - YELLOW VINYL - EX - £12.50 Bobby Womack - Across 110th street - UA DEMO - VG++ £30 ( BLACK NUMBER ON ONE SIDE) Love Peace and Happiness - lonely room - RCA - VG++ £7.50 Invitations - Look on the good side - SILVER BLUE DEMO - EX - £55 Harold Melvin & Blue Notes - Baby you got my nose open - ABC DEMO - EX - £12.50 Isaac Hayes - Wonderful - ENTERPRISE DEMO - VG++ £25 Lovely white vinyl demo! Johnny Otis Show - The watts breakaway - EPIC - EX - £20 Lou Rawls - Man of value - MGM DEMO - VG++ £25 (BLACK NUMBER AND NAME ON ONE SIDE) George Byrd - Im available - TANGERINE - VG++ £70 USUAL GOLD PAINT SPOT ON LABELS Mirettes - Now that i found you - MIRWOOD DEMO - VG++ £25 (RED X AND NAME ON ONE SIDE) Thanks for Looking.
  8. Plenty of people were collecting this stuff for years along with all things soulful. The low rider thing does make me laugh.
  9. Ooh don’t think I’ve seen the Al Tog vinyl before. Thanks for the info.
  10. Great record. On 2 labels. Not particuarlily rare but! Desirable at the moment. People are chancing their arms. I thought I did well last year buying one for £40 and selling for £100. People are gonna be stuck with it at some of the current prices.
  11. Didn’t a Bob Schwartz own Detroit’s Ruby records?
  12. James Wells gets my vote. Reaching for the best sounds good though.

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