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  1. Oh sorry Toad I got it wrong...dance not quite just shoved in Modern Room but in actual fact spread across Modern Room and pub and a chunk pinched from the Redemption Room (now would that be cos they don't need it cos it's not open until the Saturday night)...oh and Cool Million tagged on to end of jazz session at 6pm...now just wtf is all that about then? Are we not worthy of a late night/early morning live act...only now at other unconnected weekenders it seems I'm pretty sure that some will be upset about these so-called "minor changes" and would not see them as "nothing that should affect [their] enjoyment of the weekender" It seems pretty clear to me that the owners are calling all the shots here and the term "promoter" does not mean what we know it to mean I wonder if those advising advised that it would be unwise to interfere with the format in this way....
  2. So in a nutshell its the dance room that has suffered but us soulful house heads are used to that now. Oh and the Northern room with DJ's allegedly pulling out. I've also heard that some of the Northern acts have been axed. Trying to combine the dance room with the Modern room just wouldn't work for me nor for most people I know who like dance ...cos not everyone who likes dance likes Modern/Crossover. Most people I know, including me, that would have attended Prestatyn this month, took their custom elsewhere last year when the demise of the dance room was first announced. Then with Pontins going into administration I felt that it would be wise to keep well away from Pontins as I had it on good authority regarding a separate existing booking that they didn't seem able to give any guarantees on existing bookings. I'd lost faith long before that though. So for me its roll on weekenders elsewhere later this year...onwards and upwards as the saying goes Having said that, I hope that everyone else who attends Prestatyn has a cracking time and is happy with the deal they receive from the new owners. You have a right to get what you pay for after all. Fingers crossed It would have been courteous if the new owners had had the decency to confirm their changes in writing to those who had booked and announce those changes somewhere online. Just cos its all last minute doesn't change that. I'm still very unclear as to the extent of the changes and that's bound to be unsettling for a lot of people who have booked
  3. How vague is this against a backdrop of cancelled room (s) and artists which could greatly affect people's enjoyment of the weekend, maybe even cause them to decide not to attend at all? As far as can see the official website has dropped some info rather than explained what has happened...hardly what can be called transparent . Absolutely shocking state of affairs,IMVHO.
  4. SOB at Southport Weekender back in the day
  5. Well as you should now know plans have changed & we will be there Fri til Sun...I can't do the sick thingy as its 3 strikes and yer out on yer ear...or yer arse...or both and presently I have an unblemished work record (well that's a first) but I wasn't on about me I was on about Ste as by rights he should be working next Sat but seems he can pick & choose when he works...alright for some eh Ste just piped up with "WHO YOU CALLIN LITTLE...I PREFER TO CALL IT SIZEABLY CHALLENGED" See ya next Friday then mate but will be in touch before then
  6. Same here...we'd done the under-age drinkin thing and by 14 had grown out of that our parents were so fed up to the back teeth of us rollin home at all hours in drunken stupours that we were easily able to persuade them that the Casino was a good place for us to be cos of the no-alcohol policy...oh how naive they were and by the time they realised just what a den of iniquity it really was we'd been there done it and worn the t-shirt only parental rule for me and my adoptive sis was that we went together, stayed together and came home together and that she looked after me as she was the eldest...yeah right...other way round methinks...but the rule was easy to abide by as we'd been stuck like glue since my birth 5 months after hers in 1960 and that endured til her untimely death in 2002...rest in peace and love Steph
  7. 14...and hated the place...was ready for my bed by 2am & eating a pack-up by 4am...and as unsociable as they come...was dragged there kicking and screaming by my older adoptive sis...no way was she having me staying at home otherwise she wouldn't have been able to go either. I was her alibi Didn't have to try to get in the place either cos we both looked older than our tender years Never really liked Northern but did eventually form an affinity with the place for the social side of things...just used to switch off from the music...except for the more upfront stuff...always liked that. Stopped going week in week out long before it shut up shop as I'd burned out. I guess the Casino experience was kinda wasted on me
  8. Hoping to sample on the Saturday...not sure if we can yet as work may get in the way...never made it before so I've got everything crossed
  9. Based on that trailer, I'll certainly give it a whirl...then I can go back to me yoof for a couple of hours whilst munchin on me popcorn...wonder if it'll be available in 3D
  10. Wise words indeed my friend...hope to see you pair out and about real soon
  11. Hi John & Cheryl Hope you and yours are fit and well. All is ok in Jill & Ste's world tho a bit hectic at the moment. Sorry we can't be with you on Saturday but we hope that the night goes well and hopefully we'll catch up with you both somewhere soon. Will bell ya to catch up. Nev's wallet...what's all that about Chez cos you and I both know he's tight as a duck's minted
  12. Never had any money on me to steal as I lived on the bones of me arse back in the day was never owt in me bag worth stealin either...but I got me sheepskin knicked and I was gutted...loved it and it was irreplaceable...left it in the car...not thinkin straight...good job I ate the sweeties out o the pocket first The thievin robbin barstewards

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