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  1. Oh sorry Toad I got it wrong...dance not quite just shoved in Modern Room but in actual fact spread across Modern Room and pub and a chunk pinched from the Redemption Room (now would that be cos they don't need it cos it's not open until the Saturday night).....
  2. So in a nutshell its the dance room that has suffered but us soulful house heads are used to that now. Oh and the Northern room with DJ's allegedly pulling out. I've also heard that some of the Northern acts have been axed. Trying to combine the dance r...
  3. How vague is this against a backdrop of cancelled room (s) and artists which could greatly affect people's enjoyment of the weekend, maybe even cause them to decide not to attend at all? As far as can see the official website has dropped some info ra...
  4. Your One Golden 'five Minutes'

    SOB at Southport Weekender back in the day
  5. 2010-05-21: North Lancs Soul Festival 2010

    Well as you should now know plans have changed & we will be there Fri til Sun...I can't do the sick thingy as its 3 strikes and yer out on yer ear...or yer arse...or both and presently I have an unblemished work record (well that's a first) but I wasn'...
  6. Trying To Get Into Wigan

    Same here...we'd done the under-age drinkin thing and by 14 had grown out of that our parents were so fed up to the back teeth of us rollin home at all hours in drunken stupours that we were easily able to persuade them that the Casino was a good place for ...
  7. If You Could Have A Second Room At An Allnighter

    Would work for me
  8. Trying To Get Into Wigan

    14...and hated the place...was ready for my bed by 2am & eating a pack-up by 4am...and as unsociable as they come...was dragged there kicking and screaming by my older adoptive sis...no way was she having me staying at home otherwise she wouldn't have bee...
  9. 2010-05-21: North Lancs Soul Festival 2010

    Hoping to sample on the Saturday...not sure if we can yet as work may get in the way...never made it before so I've got everything crossed
  10. Soulboy Official Trailer

    Based on that trailer, I'll certainly give it a whirl...then I can go back to me yoof for a couple of hours whilst munchin on me popcorn...wonder if it'll be available in 3D
  11. My Current View

    Wise words indeed my friend...hope to see you pair out and about real soon
  12. Empress Ballroom, Mexbrough, Sat 24Th April

    Hi John & Cheryl Hope you and yours are fit and well. All is ok in Jill & Ste's world tho a bit hectic at the moment. Sorry we can't be with you on Saturday but we hope that the night goes well and hopefully we'll catch up with you both somewhe...
  13. Anyone Ever Get Anything Nicked At Wigan

    Never had any money on me to steal as I lived on the bones of me arse back in the day was never owt in me bag worth stealin either...but I got me sheepskin knicked and I was gutted...loved it and it was irreplaceable...left it in the car...not thinkin strai...
  14. You are indeed most welcome

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