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  • Birthday 22/03/1969

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    One of my interests is obviously soul. Any genre. If it hits me right there (y'kno right there!) the year, the label,the value, is irrelevant (to me). Its part of my soul & thats what counts xxx
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    I'm back for more - Jean Carne & Al Johnson AND Prove it to me - Garnet Mimms (cos I'm a greedy girl & cant have one top sound only!)

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  1. Alison H

    Happy Birthday. Little miss Detroit

    Hi there Apologies for not responding sooner. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a smashing time. Hope to see you all out & about somewhere soon. Lots of love always Ali xxx
  2. Alison H

    Peter99. Birthday

    Belated birthday wishes Peter. Don’t know why because I’ve never met you, but I thought you were older than 52 (in a nice way) anyway you are now as you’re 52 & a day All the very best Ali xx
  3. Alison H

    Happy Birthday PhilT

    Happy Birthday Phil. All the very best for today and every day. Ali xxx
  4. Alison H

    Dennis Edwards R.I.P.

    Orrr, Rest In Peace Mr Edwards. Ali xxx
  5. Alison H

    R.I.P. Mark Linton

    Going to miss you Mark. Rest in Peace fine one Love & Sympathy Ali xxx
  6. Alison H

    Widnes 63. Birthday

    Oh flipping heck! Wish I had known at Springfield as I would have given you the Birthday bumps Belated birthday wishes Steve. Hope you had a nice day celebrating. It was nice seeing you & the big lump at the weekend. All the best mate ...
  7. Alison H

    Winsford Soul - Happy Birthday

    Aww Happy Birthday Steve!! All the very best for today & every day! Have fun today & see you later Ron Ali xxx
  8. Alison H

    Pat n Cat. Birthday

    Belated birthday wishes Mick All the very best Ali xxx
  9. Alison H

    Catriona. Birthday Girl

    Belated birthday wishes Cat. Haven't been on FB this year so missed it on there also. Hope you had an amazing day lovely lass All the very best Ali xxx
  10. Alison H


    Ooh! of course I’m excited about seeing YOU ....... & Lovely Lou Can’t wait xx
  11. Alison H

    Tv Adverts & Northern Soul

    This is one I’ve just seen & I like it ... not the soya sauce tho x
  12. Alison H


    See you both there Steve. I’m a tad excited too, as I always am with Springfield Ali x
  13. Alison H

    Happy Birthday Joyann

    Happy Birthday Lovely Lady! All the very best for today and every day. Lotsa love Ali xxx
  14. I have a few photos (upstairs & downstairs rooms) but no video footage. I think the footage that Barry came across would have been from the downstairs room. I love your last paragraph & it gets my vote *thumbs up emoji if I could remember ...
  15. Alison H

    Car Insurance

    Hi, Its a while since I've dealt with car insurance, but I think it's still 2 years before your ncb runs out Regards Ali

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