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    One of my interests is obviously soul. Any genre. If it hits me right there (y'kno right there!) the year, the label,the value, is irrelevant (to me). Its part of my soul & thats what counts xxx
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    I'm back for more - Jean Carne & Al Johnson AND Prove it to me - Garnet Mimms (cos I'm a greedy girl & cant have one top sound only!)

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  1. Car Insurance

    Hi, Its a while since I've dealt with car insurance, but I think it's still 2 years before your ncb runs out Regards Ali
  2. Soulful Dance @ "The Weekender 8" - September 8th 9th 10th


    Oops just realised I haven't paid the balance yet. Will get on to it asap as I don't want to miss this little beauty of a Weekender! See you all there Ali xxx
  3. Happy Birthday Alison H

    Many thanks for all the birthday messsges. You truly are a lovely bunch (even the Man U supporters lol) My Birthday & Soul Life have been on hold due to my Dad breaking a rib, having pneumonia & kidney problems (he doesn't do things by halves !!)...
  4. Happy Birthday Peter99

    Belated birthday wishes Peter. Hope you had a jolly good one. Lotsa love Ali xxx
  5. Good Angel aka Charlie (Kev) Jarvis

    Still heartbroken over this news. Kev I'm really going to miss you, your wit & your loveliness. I remember the early days on here when you used to use "Shouts" to yell at me to watch Gogglebox which I did, & loved (back then) & then we ...
  6. For ALL the old Mods :)

    I'm an old mod, not that old, but still old. Really enjoyed that, great song & nice footage Ta for posting
  7. PhilT is 50

    Belated birthday wishes Phil Hope you had a jolly good un All the best Ali xxx
  8. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Terrestrial!! That's what it's called!! I refer to it as "normal" telly & tend to watch the 5 channels on "normal" telly the most .... I'm an old fashioned kind of gal. Hope all is well Geoff
  9. Happy Birthday Winsford Soul

    Belated birthday wishes Steve! Was good to see you & Lou on Saturday. Another Ste I owe a pint to ... even tho you support Man U. Hope to see you both again soon Lotsa luv from a Rhino & an LUFC fan xxx
  10. Widnes 63. Birthday

    Oh flippin heck didn't realise it was your birthday at the weekend Ste! Sorry! I would have bought you a drink. I'll get you one next time we bump into each other. Hope you've recovered from Saturday, it was a very good night & great roast the next d...
  11. Happy Birthday Andrea Ko

    Extremely Belated Birthday Wishes Andrea! Hope it was a very good one All the best Ali xxx
  12. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    My current tv, well now past, was watching Ben-Hur today. All four hours of it !!! Cried buckets, not just because of the film, but because my late Mum, used to watch, as my Dad calls them, all them crap films! Oh I loved it, took me right back &am...
  13. Happy Birthday Joan

    Awww Happy Birthday to a Super Fine Lady!!! Hope you're having a blummin gorgeous one Lotsa love Ali xxx
  14. Kirsty from Leeds - Birthday

    It's that time of year again ..... my best friends birthday !! So .... A very happy birthday dear friend !! Love you lots & lots and always will. Have a great day & a wonderful time at Low Mill. Will you tell the owners I said hi. Lots of lo...
  15. John Lewis ( Louis ) Sad news

    What a lovely send off for a wonderful man. A day of sadness with plenty of tears, but oh my goodness lots of laughs too, reminiscing about our irreplaceable Louis. Louis did have the last laugh when the chap taking the service described how much Lo...