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    One of my interests is obviously soul. Any genre. If it hits me right there (y'kno right there!) the year, the label,the value, is irrelevant (to me). Its part of my soul & thats what counts xxx
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    I'm back for more - Jean Carne & Al Johnson AND Prove it to me - Garnet Mimms (cos I'm a greedy girl & cant have one top sound only!)

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  1. How lovely, I’m so happy that Bobs blood sweat & tears are going to be treasured forever. Thank you to Bobs family for making this possible, Well done Boba, your legacy will live on. I hope you’re smiling up there which I’m sure you will be Rest easy Boba Alison x
  2. Cheers Sandra. It was smashing Hopefully see you somewhere soon. Lots of love Ali xxx
  3. Cheers Len & Nina Your wishes are always gratefully received whenever they’re sent. Hope to see you soon Lots of love Ali xxx
  4. Hey Mark Cheers for the birthday wishes I don’t think I’m going to Cleethorpes (July one) as I’ve something else on on the Saturday but if that changes I’ll be there. I will definitely be at the October one if that goes ahead. See you when I see you Lots of love Ali xxx
  5. It’s been really good Ste thanks. As good as it’s been tho I still don’t want a 3rd Lockdown Birthday next year. Hope to see you somewhere soon Lots of love Ali xxx
  6. Cheers Martyn, It’s been fab and I’ve only done one illegal thing during my birthday week (how times have changed lol) , it involved sand, sea air and not getting caught by the Police.... Lots of love Ali xxx
  7. Aww cheers Ste I did have a great day for my 2nd Lockdown birthday. I actually took the week off so have done various outdoor things with my birthday bubbles. It’s been lovely and I’ve enjoyed my birthday week. Hopefully see you both soon Lots of love Ali xxx
  8. Hey Ste if any kerb crawler has a passion for me in turned up jeans, walking boots, t-shirt, walking coat and fluffy ear muffs than so be it, a girls got to earn a living It won’t get my steps up tho ...... Cheers for the good wishes re: my ankle. You won’t know this but as well as breaking it in July, divvy me sprained it in January by slipping on black ice. Thankfully I’m over all my mishaps now and raring to go Hope you & Lou are well? Ali xx
  9. Now that my broken ankle has healed I’ve started walking again. This time, I’ve invested in a pedometer so I can track my progress. As I’m working from home, 9-5, I get out for an hours walk along the canal on my lunch but it’s not reaching the 10,000 steps a day, so last week for the first time I decided to walk after work and I really enjoyed it. Being on my own I stuck to the main roads and streets that I knew and I felt so invigorated after and I’d doubled my steps target so was chuffed with the result I’ve got to admit, at first, I felt a weirdo walking the streets at night bu
  10. Cheers Mike, works a treat
  11. Oh frig I’m in trouble !! Sorry I missed your birthday Ste. Hope you had a jolly good one and it involved lots of birds ... All the best mate Ali xx
  12. Hi Mike It’s a while since I’ve used or looked at Members Gallery but I can’t seem to find it. I’m using an iPhone so could it be it’s not showing me all of the features on here? Await your thoughts Thanks in advance Cheers Ali
  13. Belated birthday wishes Ste. Hopefully by next year normal service will be resumed & we can celebrate it at The Springfield Allnighter like we usually do All the best for today and every day Ali xx
  14. I knew something was up as a parcel that had been dispatched on 18/12 had not arrived with me in time for Christmas. I gave Royal Mail the benefit of the doubt as I knew they would be really busy so didn’t contact the people who sent me the parcel until last week once everyone was back at work. They gave me a tracking number which when checked “said” they had tried to deliver the parcel 23/12. Funny that as I was working from home that day, never left the house and didn’t get a “we’ve got something for you” card. I do have faith in Royal Mail but when I picked the parcel
  15. Hi Sue That is a perfect description and how I found John too. A calm and cool bloke who was ever the gentleman. My heart goes out to his daughter, Rachel, his family and close friends at this painful time. Rest In Peace dear Johnny Mercer You will be missed by so many Ali xxx

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