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    One of my interests is obviously soul. Any genre. If it hits me right there (y'kno right there!) the year, the label,the value, is irrelevant (to me). Its part of my soul & thats what counts xxx
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    I'm back for more - Jean Carne & Al Johnson AND Prove it to me - Garnet Mimms (cos I'm a greedy girl & cant have one top sound only!)

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  1. Oh flippin heck Debbie, I’m late to the party as per usual Here’s hoping you had a fantastic birthday. Lotsa love Ali xx
  2. Oh my goodness they’re stunning Ste I’m going aww, aww, aww at the Puffins. They’re funny little birds. I only got to see one in real life about 3 years ago at Bempton near Bridlington. The Swan picture is lush Dopey me didn’t realise until recently that Swans are mates for life unless of course one comes to harm and dies, & then the other has been known to die of a broken heart Cheers for the fab photos Ste x
  3. Oh I just love Puffins Enormous luck with the BBC Calendar Ste. That is stunning Dave
  4. Ste, it’s only just happened on my way here, so it will be a while I fear but I’ll still try take some nice piccies from my wheelchair/crutches xx I know!! Typical! on Super Saturday I go and break my ankle Super Style in 2 places. I wasn’t drunk either, fell off a kerb whilst wearing sensible trainers. Ah well, it’s only temporary and I’ll be right Cheers for your well wishes xx
  5. Saltwick Bay - Whitby where I am this week. You may notice a very rare sight at the bottom of the picture .... my foot in a blxxdy cast because I’ve only gone & broke my ankle I’ll be right tho Photo taken from my wheelchair on my iPhone
  6. This is so heartbreaking. I’m in total shock at Dave’s passing and my heart hurts for you all. Sending love and strength to Kate & the boys, Mark & Annette, and the rest of your lovely families. I’m so sorry for the loss of a truly smashing bloke. Rest In Peace Pudsoul Alison xx
  7. Used all my up votes for today so I had heard about the possible July date (end of July) & initially agreed with it and was excited too, but when I checked with my caravan man, he said it’s in the school holidays and he can’t let the Van out for a weekend when he could let it out for a week and obviously get more money. Like you I wouldn’t want to stay in a hotel or B&B. I personally think the promoters should be tougher with the site & tell them they risk the Weekender not being on at all next year if they insist on letting the venue out for a wedding. Surely a Weekender would bring in more money than a wedding. I understand the wedding is a relation of someone who works there so a gentle word in their ear may persuade the loving couple to change their date. I appreciate the Promoters don’t want to clash with other weekenders hence why it’s either the June weekend or possible July date & they are doing the right thing, morally, but I truly hope it isn’t 2022 when I’m back on the Beachcomber Regards Ali
  8. I would love to dance to this as my first record & try not cry as I do get choked up anyway when I listen to it as it was one of the last songs they played at the last ever Southport Dance Weekender in Minehead (long story). The tune just grabs me & whoosh takes me somewhere else x
  9. Ha ha sounds like you still had a good time at home. Yeh, November, I can’t see it happening, especially if the artists have to quarantine for 2 weeks when here. At the moment I’m not comfortable about going anywhere where there is a lot of people. Also, Cleethorpes in November just doesn’t appeal to me even without a virus hanging about. I hope they manage to get a 2021 date sorted as the usual date had already been booked out for a wedding (big flippin wedding!) God forbid if it’s 2022 when we can all party on the Beachcomber again
  10. Aww many congratulations Martyn!! He’s a little beauty Hope you get to meet him soon x
  11. It was a last minute thing arranged a few days before as someone suggested it on the 28th Cleethorpes Weekender page. Are you on Facebook? If so, join the group/page & the streams are still there, although FB have muted a lot of Keith Money’s modern set, thankfully they didn’t do it at the time. You will have to scroll back to last weekend as people have posted pictures after so the streams have dropped down the page but they will still be worth a watch/listen All the best Ali x
  12. We had a virtual Cleethorpes Weekender on Facebook last weekend, not the same I know, but it sure as hell helped soothe the pain of not being there this year. It was a lovely coming together of people missing the place with some fantastic music played from the likes of Ady Croasdell, Phil Dick, Neil Rushton, Keith Money, Mark Randle, Steve Woomble, Carole Mcarthy, Andy Newman, Paul Davis & Rob Messer and lots of banter to go with it Pat Lewis sang live from her own front room!! She was sensational & it was quite bizarre me dancing to her in my home while watching her perform live from her home. Shame you’re not on Facebook Chris as you would have loved it Hope you’re coping okay in Lockdown All the best Ali x
  13. My goodness they’re incredible!! as are all your other photos. I love colour & your photos are just the tonic
  14. Hi Len I didn’t think I would like wfh & begged my boss to let me still go into the office but, no, the text on evening of 23/3 still stood and I had to go in the office on 24/3 for my IT equipment. I’ve now got an office set up in the spare room and I’m loving it. I obviously miss my work colleagues but we have 3 conference calls a week as well as individual ones when I’m feeling lonely or when I want to scive. The 2 second commute is obviously brilliant & the later getting up in the morning is fab (hence why I’m still on here at this silly hour) I feel I’m more productive wfh as I’m a bit of a chatterbox at work so easily distracted or easily causing distractions. I had a few wobbles in the early lockdown days but have embraced the positives & am not ready to go back to normality yet Nice to hear you’re doing well. Give my love to Nina & will see you on the other side (but not THAT other side) Ali x

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