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    One of my interests is obviously soul. Any genre. If it hits me right there (y'kno right there!) the year, the label,the value, is irrelevant (to me). Its part of my soul & thats what counts xxx
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    I'm back for more - Jean Carne & Al Johnson AND Prove it to me - Garnet Mimms (cos I'm a greedy girl & cant have one top sound only!)

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  1. Awww thanks very much for the birthday love everyone. It certainly was a strange one spent mainly (but not totally) with me, myself & I, however I did make the most of a bad situation, enjoyed myself & waffled on endlessly ..... to me. I hope it’s not too long before I see you all when we can throw caution to the wind and hug & kiss properly. Good luck everyone in keeping this damn virus away from you & your loved ones Big love from Little Me xxx
  2. Very good point! Another valid point Hope your step son is doing okay Rod Completely agree 100%. Instead of just focusing on the deaths (which I appreciate they have to & it’s news we need to know) I would add at the end of news bulletins how many people are recovering from Covid 19. I can see why they don’t as they want people to take this seriously but a bit of positivity every now & then wouldn’t go amiss & would be welcome.
  3. Steve - just to make it clear I’m not suggesting CV parties
  4. I wonder how they know they’ve had it twice? Unless they’ve been tested for it twice ? I don’t know the answer as so much is unknown about Covid 19 at the moment. I’m just exercising caution in everything I do
  5. My 82 year old father said exactly that; the more people get it the better as they build up an immunity to it, obviously he wasn’t talking about people in their 80’s or others at risk. He said he can remember Mums having “Chicken Pox parties” so once a child in the area contracted CP other Mums would go round to their houses so their own child would contract it & become immune. (I’m not suggesting CV/C19 parties, I’m just stating what they have done in the olden days ) I hope your Mums cancer treatment goes well and both your parents stay fit & unaffected during these times
  6. I went to my local Morrison’s yesterday & was horrified at the bedlam I saw in there. It was like the shoppers thought the World was going to end. Trolly’s piled high, queues worse than Christmas Time, angry people huffing & puffing. Complete chaos & so unnecessary. I got my 3 items & queued for about 10 minutes at the express tills. I was tempted to put the items back but 2 items were for my 82 year old father & the other was Vitamin D supplements, for me, as my scientist friend has suggested these to help fight off any virus’s (so I guess I’m falling into the media frenzy too) I believe people should do everything they can to delay the spread of the virus but to panic buy in bulk with such aggression is madness. Happy & healthy shopping guys.
  7. A stupid girl from my work went to Rome at the weekend on a social event, against advice from her close colleagues. She came in to work on Monday & thank goodness my bosses sent her home & she’s now working from there for 2 weeks. The evil side of me wishes she had been stranded in Italy. I’m fuming really as it’s totally irresponsible of her. I’m not concerned about me but my 82 year old father is not in the best of health. I’m not panicking at the moment but am taking this seriously.
  8. Let’s hope so Mark, we’ve been waiting 5 years for this event and it would be tragic to have it cancelled at the last minute. Not just from my selfish point of view but how could Alex Lowes survive this ? It doesn’t bear thinking about but I know we have to. My heart does go out to the Italians not able to travel to the event if it does go ahead. All being well Mark, see you at the SPW in BR Regards Ali
  9. Belated birthday wishes Steve. Have a happy year ahead lotsa love Ali xxx
  10. Belated birthday wishes Ste. Glad you had a good un Lotsa love Ali xxx
  11. A nice, but sad reminder of little John. Still bump into Christine, occasionally, and always give her the most massive hug (without crushing her tiny frame) as it’s people like her & John that made the scene great. Cheers for posting it up Ezzie & reminding me of better days on the soul scene with the loveliest of people. All the best Ali
  12. “A gentleman is one who puts more into the World than he takes out” Really going to miss you & your lovely ways John. Rest In Eternal Peace Sending love & comfort to John’s family & close friends at this heartbreaking time Deepest Condolences Alison xxx
  13. Happy Birthday Billy Hope you’ve had a splendid one Lotsa love Ali xxx P.S Missed you at Cleethorpes
  14. So very sad to hear the passing of Pete. He was the loveliest blokes with the coolest of records. I too have fond memories of him & Viv in the backroom at Lowton. What a smashing little room that was that he brought to life with his passion. Rest In Peace you True Blue. You will be missed. Sending lots of love to Viv, Adelle & the rest of the family at this heartbreaking time Ali xxx

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