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  1. Now available for pre-order - new KENT SELECT 7" titles from JOHN EDWARDS, CAROLYN CRAWFORD / HODGES, JAMES, SMITH & CRAWFORD, MAXINE BROWN / CHUCK JACKSON etc. Full info here - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/pre-order/ ALL NEW 7" VINYL RELEASES - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-singles/vinyl-singles-soul-rb-jazz-house-7-singles/ SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER - ESSENTIAL SOULFUL GROOVES !!
  2. Darrow Fletcher – My Young Misery – LP Vinyl – IN STOCK NOW – AT LAST !! – BUT WELL WORTH WAITING FOR. Sound bites and full info here - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product/darrow-fletcher-my-young-misery-lp-vinyl-pre-order-in-stock-24-4-20/ All new lp vinyl releases - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-lps/new-release-vinyl-lps/ We have released two Darrow Fletcher CD on Kent but he has never had a vinyl LP of his own – of any description. This compilation concentrates on his Chicago years, though it adds a rare demo, ‘Hope For Love’, only previously available on a “Masterpieces” Kent CD. Also, we have included his one-off late-70s version of fellow Chicago-born writers Grey & Hanks’ ‘No Limit’, also originally a “Masterpieces” track and a now-deleted Kent Select 45; these fetch £100+ on some sales lists. The mid-60s sides speak for themselves. He began his career with the acclaimed soul blast of ‘The Pain Gets A Little Deeper’ (an Elton John favourite of the time!) and followed up with dancefloor classics ‘My Young Misery’, ‘What Good Am I Without You’, ‘Infatuation’ and ‘Gotta Draw The Line’. As was common in those days, the hip dance sides were coupled with tender ballads such as ‘Sitting There That Night’, ‘Little Girl’ and ‘My Judgement Day’. Those were particularly well received in his Chicago homebase and have been admired by slow-groove scenes like Lowriders in Los Angeles ever since. Darrow’s late 60s recordings, though recorded in Chicago, were issued on Los Angeles labels controlled by Universal. By 1971 his producer – stepfather Johnnie Haygood – had reverted to using his own Chicago imprint Genna for the last recording. SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER - ESSENTIAL SOULFUL GROOVES !!
  3. Darrell Banks - It's Not Fair To Me 7" (Previously Un-Issued) - Picture Sleeve - LIMITED EDITION - Pre-Order - In Stock Late July 2020. IN STOCK - Late July 2020 - Pre-Order your copy now for delivery as soon as they arrive - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product/darrell-banks-its-not-fair-to-me-7-previously-un-issued-picture-sleeve-limited-edition-pre-order-in-stock-late-july-2020/ ALL NEW 7" VINYL RELEASES - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-singles/vinyl-singles-soul-rb-jazz-house-7-singles/ Although we are beyond 40 releases across the 3 labels, here we are at the milestone of #30 on our main outfit Cannonball Records. We just wanted to celebrate it with one special release. The cooperation between our label and Detroit’s finest Peoples Records dates back to our #004 Big Lee Dowell. The slow ballad on acetate that later became the record many of you know as “What I Done Wrong” in fact was among the tens of listenings me and Brad had on a sleepless winter night of 5 years ago in Detroit. We have been doing projects together ever since. Now it’s the case of this beautiful previously unissued recording that was part of a session Mr. Banks did on Boxing Day of 1967 at the legendary Atlantic Studios in New York. In particular 2 of the songs recorded on that day went lost for decades. Here we present one of them, trying to give it the deserved justice. No one knows how the acetate made it there, but it was found and physically restored by Brad in Detroit and being such an important find for the world of Soul we eventually managed to track down and inform Darrell’s’ sister Lois, who rounded up what remains of the family and gave us the green light to the project. We are testing the beta version of this new little software that does wonders when it comes to isolate vocals and, given the bouncing nature of the original song, we just thought a humble groovy alternate version would have been just perfect for the flipside. So we did. Being the man a treasured icon of the Northern Soul scene there’s plenty of bibliography out there that tells about this incredible Artist, who was moody and quick tempered although an overall mighty entertainer, so there’s no point in resuming here once again his life and career background. We are all going through difficult times and many of the historical racial issues that dominated the world at the times of Darrell Banks are not yet solved. In these sad sad times for the human race we are just proud to release a previously unissued song from yet another black man shot to death by a cop in the streets of Detroit on a spring day of 1970. Black Lives Matter. Always did and always will. #blacklivesmatter SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER - ESSENTIAL SOULFUL GROOVES !!
  4. SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER - FORTHCOMING NEW 7"s. Some terrific new 7"s to come over the next couple of months, and more being added all the time !! Titles include - DARRELL BANKS, SOUND OF SUPERBAD (White and Black Vinyl), CARLTON JUMEL SMITH (two new titles), TONE B. NIMBLE - CHAPTER 6, RIPPLE 2.20, BB SOUL, HORSE MEAT DISCO & KATHY SLEDGE, THE SHAPESHIFTERS, THE VISION (RE-STOCK), MOSES PATROU, EARL WHITE JR, BRENDA JONES, JOYCE COOLING, JAY NEMOR (Remix), JASON JOSHUA, THE ALTON, THEE SINSEERS, THEE SACRED SOULS, LOS YESTERDAYS As per usual with alot of 7" releases these days - many are LIMITED EDITION and won't be around for long - so pre-order your copy here now - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/pre-order/ - for guaranteed delivery as soon as they come into stock. ALL CURRENT IN STOCK NEW 7" TITLES - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-singles/vinyl-singles-soul-rb-jazz-house-7-singles/ CURRENT WEBSITE TOP 20 - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/ SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER - ESSENTIAL SOULFUL GROOVES !!
  5. It’s been BUSY BUSY BUSY over the last week or so with STAX of stunning new releases, PARTICULARLY ON THE 7” FRONT !! - Here’s just a taster of what’s arrived @ SIMPLY SOUL towers recently – AND THERE’S SOME ABSOLUTE CORKERS AMONGST THIS LOT !! Sound bites and full listing are available to everything here - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/ CD ALBUM - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/cd-albums/ – BILLY BRUNER, CHIP WICKHAM, DW3, MIKE PHILLIPS, STONE CRUSH – MEMPHIS MODERN SOUL, LAMONT BUTLER, CLEVELAND P JONES, CARMICHAEL MUSICLOVER, TOWER OF POWER LP VINYL - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-lps/new-release-vinyl-lps/ – BILLY BRUNER, CHIP WICKHAM, STONE CRUSH – MEMPHIS MODERN SOUL (LTD COLORED VINYL), INNERLIFE, SPEEDOMETER, LAMONT BUTLER, TOWER OF POWER 12” VINYL – https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-singles/vinyl-singles-soul-rb-jazz-12-singles/ - FIRST CHOICE, TAKE IT TO THE CHURCH VOL. 3, TROPICAL DISCO VOL. 17, DC LARUE, JOHNNY HAMMOND, DELIA RENEE, THE REFLEX 7” VINYL – https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-singles/vinyl-singles-soul-rb-jazz-house-7-singles/ - R&R SOUL ORCHESTRA, THE BRAND NEW HEAVIES, SLAY, THE GROOVE ASSOCIATION, KELLY FINNIGAN, J.P ROBINSON, JOEL RAMIREZ, LAVILLE, JAY NEMOR, CARMICHAEL MUSICLOVER, MARK JOHNSON, THE SKULL SNAPS PRE-ORDER - COMING SOON – https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/pre-order/ CD ALBUM – THE DEVONNS, WENDELL BROWN, WILLIE CLAYTON, SHEBA POTTS WRIGHT, LAVEL JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI HUMMIN BOY, THOM BELL LP VINYL – THE DEVONNS, DARROW FLETCHER, SALSOUL – THE REFLEX 12” VINYL – JOEY NEGRO PRESENTS 30 YEARS, FRANKIE KNUCKLES, SPECTER, OPOLOPO, AROOP ROY, SOUL DYNAMIC 7” VINYL – BB SOUL feat. LAURA JACKSON, EARL WHITE JR, THE SWANS OF NEW ENGLAND, REGI MYRIX , THE MASQUERADERS, GOLD, THE ALTONS, JASON JOSHUA, LOS YESTERDAY, THEE SACRED SOUL, THEE SINCEERS, TONE B NIMBLE VOL. 5, SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER – ESSENTIAL SOULFUL GROOVES !!
  6. Kelly Finnigan – I Called You Back Baby / Impressions Of You – 7″ Vinyl (Clear Vinyl) – LIMITED EDITION – DON’T MISS THIS TERRIFIC ‘NORTHERN’ TINGED DANCER !! https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product/kelly-finnigan-i-called-you-back-baby-impressions-of-you-7-vinyl-clear-vinyl-limited-edition-dont-miss-this-terrific-northern-tinged-dancer/ ALL NEW 7" VINYL RELEASES - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-singles/vinyl-singles-soul-rb-jazz-house-7-singles/ On the heels of a successful European tour and new album from his band Monophonics, Kelly Finnigan is happy to present to you this two-sided banger sure to satisfy the funk and soul needs of every DJ. The A-side, “I Called You Back Baby”, an answer song to the deep Gloria Barnes soul cut is THE uptempo number from Kelly’s album The Tales People Tell. Super funky drums from Monophonics’ Austin Bohlman and percussion from Jungle Fire’s Steve Haney make the breakbeat on this tune super tough. And after you’re done sweating, you’re gonna need time to cool off with the one you love. So flip the record over to burn one down with “Impressions Of You”, a cut that’s already been embraced by the lowrider sweet soul scene. This is a double-barreled sure shot! SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER - ESSENTIAL SOULFUL GROOVES !!
  7. J.P. Robinson – Keep Me Satisfied / Our Day Is Here – 7″ Vinyl – LIMITED EDITION – IN STOCK NOW !! https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product/j-p-robinson-keep-me-satisfied-our-day-is-here-7-vinyl-pre-order-in-stock-24-4-20/ ALL NEW 7" VINYL RELEASES - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-singles/vinyl-singles-soul-rb-jazz-house-7-singles/ ALL NEW SINGLE VINYL RELEASES - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-singles/ ALL NEW LP VINYL RELEASES - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-lps/new-release-vinyl-lps/ A beautiful slice of deep soul right here from the environs of Miami’s Blue Candle label. Cut in 1974, ‘Keep Me Satisfied / Our Day Is Here’ by J.P. Robinson is a truly rare piece, often appearing in Discogs’ ‘Most expensive items sold’ lists year after year. This one is for fans of that real deal, ‘Keep Me Satisfied’ is a solid dancer, a tight arrangement and backing drenched in strings with Robinson’s exuberant and confident performance warning his girl that she needs to attend to his needs – before it’s too late! On the flip is the more midtempo ‘Our Day Is Here’, again featuring a lovelorn Robinson baring his heart and soul over the brilliant arrangements and top class musicianship from the legendary partnership of Miami stalwarts Clarence Reid and Willie Clarke, the musical muscle behind this wondrous and exceedingly rare 45. An essential addition to any soul fans collection, and definitely a record you don’t see everyday! 100% legit repress, and remaster from the Henry Stone Music Group and Above Board distribution. SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER - ESSENTIAL SOULFUL GROOVES !!
  8. SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER - MASSIVE MAY 2020 SALE !! Grab yourself a bargain on some fantastic discounted - SOUL, JAZZ and HOUSE - CD Album + LP + 12" + 7" vinyl - only while stocks last !! ALL IN STOCK NOW. SOUND BITES AND FULL INFO - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/ ALL NEW SALE 7" VINYL RELEASES - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-singles/vinyl-singles-soul-rb-jazz-house-7-singles/ ALL NEW SALE 12" SOUL / JAZZ / R&B VINYL RELEASES - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-singles/vinyl-singles-soul-rb-sale-items-12-singles/ ALL NEW SALE 12" HOUSE RELEASES - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-singles/vinyl-singles-house-sale-items-12-singles/ ALL NEW SALE LP VINYL RELEASES - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-lps/vinyl-lps-new-release-sale-items/ ALL NEW SALE CD ALBUM RELEASES - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/cd-albums/cd-albums-sale-items/ SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER - ESSENTIAL SOULFUL GROOVES !!
  9. SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER. In these unprecedented, and uncertain times and with many musical events cancelled in the immediate / near future (sadly including many we were planning to be selling at) : – (( It has to be remembered that at the end of the day - your health and safety is the most important thing to be considered over everything else. So it’s assuring to know you can still buy all your new release soulful goodies on - 7”, 12”, LP Vinyl and CD Album @ SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER from the relative comfort of your own home. We’re open for business – 24 HOURS A DAY @ www.firstexperiencerecords.com - (with full listings and sound bites available to everything) – and with generally next day delivery on most in stock titles – there’s absolutely no reason to be without those must have tunes for more than a few days !! : – )) For those that still don’t like using the web for purchases, we can also take your orders by telephone – (Monday to Friday 9.00am – 6.00pm) on – 0116 2375461. SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER – ESSENTIAL SOULFUL GROOVES !!
  11. Frederick – Real Love / I Can’t Help But Love You – 7″ Vinyl (Picture Sleeve) – LIMITED EDITION – what a great way to start the New Year – TOTALLY ESSENTIAL – DON’T MISS THIS !! - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product/frederick-real-love-i-cant-help-but-love-you-7-vinyl-pre-order-in-stock-3-1-20/ FREDERICK (The Renaissance Man of Soul and Jazz Music) and IZIPHO SOUL RECORDS are proud to be working together again to bring you the highly anticipated new single REAL LOVE – a sumptuous blend of real soul and jazz vibes. To compliment REAL LOVE, we are thrilled that Frederick agreed to include the 2017 hit single, I CAN’T HELP BUT LOVE YOU on the flip. This is IZIPHO SOUL’s 40th 45! We celebrate this milestone in style with a limited edition collectors’ piece, beautifully presented in a high quality picture sleeve! 250 copies only. SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER – ESSENTIAL SOUL GROOVES !! ALL SOUND BITES AND FULL INFO - http://www.firstexperiencerecords.com Tel. – 0116 2375461
  12. SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER – CHARTS – DECEMBER 2019 TOP 10 – CD ALBUMS - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/cd-albums/ 1. Luxury Soul 2020 – Various Artists (Expansion) – Pre-Order 2. Joey Negro’s 2019 Essentials – Various Artists (Z Rrecords) 3. Incognito – Tomorrow’s New Dream (Bluey’s Music) 4. Cornell C.C. Carter – Absoulutely (Izipho) 5. Soul Togetherness 2019 – Various Artists (Expansion) 6. Al Hudson And The Soul Partners – Spreading Love / Happy Feet (Expansion) 7. Brandon Williams – The Love Factor (Soulasis Music Group) 8. Disco With A Feeling – Various Artists (AOTN) 9. The Terri Green Project – What A Feeling (Euro Musik) 10. Soulutions – Fate (Festival Park) TOP 10 – LP’S VINYL - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-lps/new-release-vinyl-lps/ 1. Soul Togetherness 2019 – Various Artists (Expansion) 2. Change – Paradise – The Ultimate Collection 1980 – 2019 (Demon) 3. The Pendletons – 2 Steps Away (Bastard Jazz) 4. Cornell C.C. Carter – Absoulutely (Izipho Soul) 5. Jazzanova – Of All The Things (Deluxe Edition) (Sonar Kollektiv) 6. The Brand New Heavies – TBNH (Acid Jazz) 7. Angie Stone – Full Circle (Cleopatra) 8. The APX – Amplified Experiment (The Apx) 9. Gabriele Poso – Batik (Soundway) 10. Leon Ware – Rainbow Deux (Be With Records) TOP 10 – 12” VINYL - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-singles/vinyl-singles-soul-rb-jazz-12-singles/ 1. Attack The Dancefloor – Volume Fifteen – Various Artists (Z Records) 2. Ukokos & Jabco – Keep Rising All Night Long (The Sunday Service Mix) (Gamm) 3. Saskia – We Found Love / Just One Dance / Secret Lover (DD LaHouve) 4. Jan Leslie Holmes – I’m Your Superman – 12″ Vinyl (Original + Dj Spinna Refreak) (Groovin’) 5. Ashford & Simpson – Found A Cure / Love Don’t Make It Right (Remixed With Love By Joey Negro) (High Fashion) 6. Saint Paul & Ethyène – Saint Etienne EP (Better Listen) 7. Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit – Remix (White) 8. Alton Miller & Amp Fiddler – When The Morning Comes (Noble Square) 9. Bobby & Steve feat. Byron Stingily – They Can’t Understand It (Groove Odyssey) 10. Pauline Henry – Heaven (Louie Vega / Dj Spen & Reelsoul Remixes) (Groove Odyssey) TOP 30 – 7” VINYL - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-singles/vinyl-singles-soul-rb-jazz-house-7-singles/ 1. Garfield Fleming – Don’t Send Me Away / You Got Dat Right (Becket) 2. Bastards Of Soul – The Waiting Time / The Way It Should Be (Eastwood) – Limited Edition 3. The Staple Singers – Trippin’ On Your Love / The Temprees – That’s Why I Love You (Kent Select) 4. Laville – This City (Ashley Beedle Remix) / Thirty One (Acid Jazz) – Limited Edition 5. W.T. Williams feat. Pat Lewis – Let’s Dance (T-Groove UK Street Team Remix) / Go Away (Six Nine) – Limited Edition 6. Jay Nemor And Electrified – Break Free (Tesla Groove) 7. Calvin Richardson – I´ll Take Her / Looks Like (You´ve Been Crying) (Soul 4 Real) – Limited Edition – Pre-Order 8. Menahan Street Band – There’s A New Day / Tommy Don’t (Dunham) 9. Darrow Fletcher – (Love Is My) Secret Weapon / It’s No Mistake (Long Version) (Kent Soul) 10. Amaj – I Know (Green / Black Vinyl) (Tesla Groove) 11. Unique Blend – Gonna Spread The News / A.C. Tilmon & The Detroit Emeralds – That’s All I Got (Kent Select) 12. Jason Anthoney Wright – Reset To Zero / Looking Through The Window (White / Black Vinyl) (Izipho Soul) – Limited Edition 13. Stone Paxton – Feel The Groove / I Don’t Think She’s Gone (UK Club Mix / T-Groove Remix) (Six Nine) – Limited Edition 14. The Woodward Avenue Players – Fire Him Hire Me (Cannonball Detroit) – Limited Edition 15. Pleasure – One More Time / For Your Love (Six Nine) - Limited Edition 16. Shirley Jones – I Won’t Tell / Totally Confused (SJ Records) – Limited Edition 17. Grand Marquis – I Can’t Put You Down / I’ll Never Be Satisfied (Teenage Heart) 18. Jimmy Sterling – If You Were Me, What Would You Do? (T-Groove Remix) / I Believe In Love (Six Nine) – Limited Edition 19. Joe Graham – I’m A Happy Man / Bill Brandon – Whatever I Am, I’m Yours (Kent Select) 20. Junior McCants – She Wrote It, I Read It / Fall In These Arms Of Mine (Deep Soul) 21. Jesse Graham – (When I) Think Of My Baby / Love Talk – Yellow Vinyl (Izipho Soul) 22. Kejam – Creating Majek – Doublepack (Izipho Soul) 23. Cornell C.C. Carter – Say Yes / I Could Never (Izipho Soul) 24. The Groove Association featuring Georgie B – Fly Away / Dancing In Heaven (Classic Soul Mix) (GAB) 25. Young Divines – Ain’t That Sharp / Sharen Clark & The Product Of Time – That’s A Good Reason (Sundae Soul) 26. The Family Daptone – Hey Brother (Do Unto Others) (Daptone) 27. Doug Shorts – Get With The Program / Heads Or Tails (Daptone) 28. Cool Million featuring Glenn Jones – Tonight – T-Groove Remix / Cool Million featuring Laura Jackson – Leave Me (Six Nine) – Limited Edition 29. Cornell C.C. Carter – I See Love (Metlife Remix) / Earn It (Extended Version) (Izipho Soul) 30. Louie Vega presents Leroy Burgess & The Universal Robot Band feat. Patrick Adams – Barely Breaking Even (BBE) SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER – ESSENTIAL SOUL GROOVES !! ALL SOUND BITES AND FULL INFO - http://www.firstexperiencerecords.com Tel. – 0116 2375461
  13. Fantastic new 7"s NOW IN STOCK from - BASTARDS OF SOUL, THE STAPLE SINGERS / THE TEMPREES, UNIQUE BLEND / A.C TILMON & THE DETROIT EMERALDS, GRAND MARQUIS, JASON ANTHONEY WRIGHT, SHIRLEY JONES, JOE GRAHAM / BILL BRANDON, JUNIOR McCANTS, ERNEST ERNIE, LAVILLE etc etc to name a few - full listings and soundbites here - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-singles/vinyl-singles-soul-rb-jazz-house-7-singles/
  14. We have a scary amount of new 7"s for sale - just in time for Halloween !! Check them out - soundbites and full info here - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product-category/vinyl-singles/vinyl-singles-soul-rb-jazz-house-7-singles/ SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER - ESSENTIAL SOULFUL GROOVES !!
  15. NOW IN STOCK - Amaj - I Know – 7″ Vinyl (Green Crystal or Black) Sound bites and full in here - Green Crystal (LIMITED EDITION) - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product/amaj-i-know-7″-green-crystal-vinyl-pre-order-in-stock-late-october-2019/ Black - https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product/amaj-i-know-7-black-vinyl-pre-order-in-stock-late-october-2019/ SIMPLY SOUL MAIL ORDER - ESSENTIAL SOULFUL GROOVES !!

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