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  1. Happy Birthday Joan

    Happy Birthday Joan lots of love X Baz
  2. Female soul 45 on Aquarius label pat ?

    Only 3 females cut on this small logo Candace Love Pam Bowie and Soulful Mary the logo only had 7 releases al shared by these 3! Hope this helps ! Ah there you go someone beat me to it !
  3. the legends fear not (Help)

    It was not booted but the gotta let you go side was also issued on the Red Ballon logo with the incredibly soulful "something to remember you by" on the flip !
  4. Paul Smith - I'll Run/Ain't That Something Bootleg

    In short mate the original has the crossed out 738 matrix the other look out for NSLAR 52710 in the matrix ! It got me again after many years till I checked!
  5. Your top 10 45's bought in 2016

    Great year for purchases and a few long time wants funded by sales ! A Tint of Darkness -I'm leaving -xclusive Carol Anderson - we got enough -Soul O Sonic Calif Malibus -love in my life - I'm leaving - M and M The Congenial 4 -you pl...
  6. Features: The Post Wigan Years - Northern Soul

    Great article Chalky "it's like a roadmap of mischief" lol , well researched and getting the dates right etc is no mean feat ! Bishop Auckland Rugby Club would be wort a mention mate. It's good to see a lot of that commitment put down in print ! Outstanding m...
  7. Prostate cancer

    Jaco your a good man and diet exercise and rest are the key to life, well done for putting this up and best wishes for the future ! Baz
  8. Linda Jones

    That's a superb review just ordered mine so looking forward to the early stuff in particular got most of the others on Turbo and Loma etc but you can never get enough Linda Jones! Her Neptune cuts are breathtaking imho, Awesome again Kent !
  9. Diabolics on Togetherness black & yellow Q?

    I'd love to hear the other tracks must be tough to get a hold of I was convinced their only cut the one on Sundance, Bob was the man but so he would know !
  10. Funk Forums

    Heavyweight Funk and Raw Soul on Facebook is pretty good ,others worth a browse are the sure funk .com and check out the black music forum good for advertising etc !
  11. Paul Thrower, sad news

    Very sad news wonderful man, true soul gent loved our conversations across the pond in Austen,wicked sense of humour RIP Paul x
  12. Diabolics on Togetherness black & yellow Q?

    Here's their offering on Sundance really lovely sweet soul cut imho ! I do like this outfit a lot this cut is from 76 San Fran area ! Baz
  13. Living with Asthma

    I've had it pretty bad since 1997 I am on the strongest inhaler and occasional steroids when it gets out of control. Exercise is fantastic for it I hit the gym 3 days a week and walk a couple of miles twice a week. In the summer I swim also swapping it for th...
  14. News: Double Exposure's Jimmy Williams RIP

    Incredible outfit one of Philly's finest imho loved there 3 albums and the stuff United Image done on Hit Pack etc ! There strong links with Norman Harris led them to Salsoul! Very big loss indeed !
  15. Dynamics

    Eddie was one of the first pioneers of R/B radio in the USA its likely a good smattering of records had that signature on ! He had shows on WWLR and WLIB he died in 1998.

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