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  1. The U.K. Northern Soul Scene is in its last throws in respect of what the scene should be ie Nighter Led . Age and saturation have screwed it along with the numerous host of so called Coll’s tor’s who lack taste and innovation buying over the hill records for daft money because most don’t know otherwise ? Also the current nighter scene use the same DJs regularly and that to me as a paying punter is a huge turn off . I would rather do a local soul night that features Collectors playing interesting records that’s what I do these days . If young people are visiting venues on mass I have not seen them saying that I understand good scenes exist in other countries with a younger crowd and that’s great ! I love the fact that the scene has had longevity but hand on heart wide trousers shit playlists promoters using the same DJs and Johnny come latelys have killed it for me . It does not surprise me that some of the real big names of the scene from when it was exciting rarely bother now in many respects it’s an absolute embarrassment!
  2. I did chuckle when I read this because the same has been done with other scenes ie Punk Rock and Roll etc both of which have the durability of the northern scene . Every thing about the scene is subjective anyway and a very strong argument could be formulated re the cultural significance “ although I do understand that a fish shop in Grimsby has just just opened called Northern Sole “. Lol . This is supported by mugs a northern soul vibrator with Donald Trump wearing baggies and lovey fashion parade outside a certain shopping centre which culminated in many Greg’s pasties been eaten ! Sadly most of the hardcore people that really should of been talked to re the research have sadly passed now and the scene has become a total sanitised charade with the last commercial drop been rung out of it ! Saying that I like the idea of a pool party but it’s minus 4 in the north east today .
  3. Todays Sales -PayPal as a gift £2.70 UK Recorded World £9 to sign for £5 Standard.Special on request. Henry Richardson-dancing girl/she loves to party-Eloise ex fab 2 sider picking up spins now quite elusive fab £125 Lee Williams -its every thing about you/please say-Carnival ex 2 incredible sides nice knick in demand £150 Louis Curry -captivated/sweeter than -MS ex lovely £40 Lou Courtney-you can give your love to me -Verve ex wol absolute time is right for this killa northern soul cut £50 The Vanquards-The thought of losing your love-its to late for love-Lamp first rare issue 2 brilliant sides ex £60 Dynamics-aint no sun-Cotillion ex great dancer £20 Lilly Fields-how you give me love-Spectrum demo ex £25 The Apollos-when you love somebody-Colossus ex £15 Five Stairstpes -Playgirls love -Windy C ex £10
  4. Rhythm Rascals Superlatives Esquires sold , taking offers on others now !
  5. SALES-PayPal as a gift £2.70 UK Recorded -World £9 to sign £5 Standard -Have a listen. The Rhythm Rascals-why she have to go-Roulette Demo ex seems to have all but gone great cut nice knick £50 Four Tempos-this is the way I feel/I had a strange dream-Rampart killer 2 northern sweet double hard strong vg+ £80 Bobby Mc Clure-loves coming down on me-Klondike demo incredible cut ,lovely demo in ex condition £40 The Esquires-how could it be -Bunky demo ex tremendous demo fab knick a absolute bargain at £40 Odds +Ends -let me try-Today vg my old play copy listen to the clip from my channel plays fine few clicks £15 The Superlatives-I dont know how/lonely in a crowd-Westbound ex Archer stamp double bubble lovely -£20 Elliot Small -stay in my heart/girls are made for loving ex 2 utterly great cuts on a lovely demo a snip at £20 Hesitations -no brag just facts -Gwp vg listen to the clip from my channel record worm label £12.50 James Carr-poring water -Gold Wax ex £20
  6. The next Little Walter and his DJS at Bishop Auckland Snooker Club is 15th Feb 2020 from 7.00 pm to "2 am. Playing Rare and not so Rare but underplayed soul with the usual new releases from some of the more respected unissued labels from the last 10 years onwards. Spinning a few on the night are Phil and Leanne -Steve Wilson- Al Coney -Micheal Mc Shane + Dale Little Walter + Baz Atkinson. Admission is a £3 .
  7. SALES -Few Bargains here folks-PayPal as a gift £2.70 UK Recorded -World £9 to track £5 Standard LISTEN Richard Lanham -Hey little girl-Josie Demo vg+ plays ace cracking tour de force Northern Banger Spare copy £25 The Decisions-stop playing around -Sussex strong vg+ absolute killa double sider absolute bargain £35 The Superlatives-I dont know how/lonely in a crowd-Westbound ex Archer stamp double bubble lovely -£25 Four Mints-your my desire/you want to come back-Cap Soul ex 2 cracking sides dance and sweet killa ex £15 TNT Band-the Meditation-Cotique WOL vg+plays fine a fab cut marks etc like a lot but plays incredible £20 Philly Devotions-ill never colour you -Bry walk ex fab double sided sweet soul lovely record £15 Kitty Montgomery -Hey Boy -Sannsu ex £15 Love -The only way/thats the way it is RRG demo ex 2 killas northern dancer and sweet heaven Bargain £40 Mystic 5 -Girls get out the way-Unity ex £15 The next 3 are £25 quid for the 3 of them all ex BARGAIN Salem Travellers/Dynamics/ Vanquards .
  8. I’d say the last 6 to 8 years this has happened more and more particularly on Facebook where every man / women and dog played discovered and then sold it for £££££££ is rife ! This is definitely the new Information Age and happens a lot to records that we’re first broke on the more upfront scene a word I’m reluctant to use anymore as it’s definitely imho “lost its clout”. It’s similar practice to the gate crashing of advertising on other sites which is always disrespectful. The only plus you can take from this scenario is been at the events to validate records been broke and this in the past was easy because it was mainly venue led ie casino Stafford etc . Putting DJs names to discoveries is part of the fabric of the scene and part of the magic imho and why not challenge it, the slog put in to turning up the discoveries justifies it !
  9. Here is Glen Waltons Playlist Valdons - Stop Wait A Minute Girl - Secret Stash Myron E & Soul Investigators- Cold Game - Timinon Unsung Wonders - The Hurting Is Over - Sonic Wax Xiantoni Ari - What's It Gonna Be - Angel City Records Accidentals- These Days - Harbour Bernard Smith - Gotta Be A Reason- Groove Iceman- Its Time You Knew - Ole 9 Phil Dowling - Cry No Tears - Paisano Baltimore Eagles - Not So Tough Girl - Mr Genius c/u Shells - Whiplash - Conlo Edward St Ann - More Luck To You Dear - USA Intentions - She Needs Somebody- USA Caressors - I Cant Stay Away - Ru Jac Cliffhangers- Since Yiu Went Away - Kaycee Ray & Blue Satins - She Doesnt Love Me - ARV International Avengers- No Wonder - Mr Genius Fantastic Mainstream - Let's Be Friends - Las Vegas Retha Reese - Only Lies - Dot Mods - Dry Your Eyes - Fona Chick Carlton - You're Love Keeps Haunting Me - Arla Lloyd Nolan - I Don't Know About You - King Lydia Pense & Invaders - I'll Forgive You and Forget You - Invader Joe & George - No One Loves You - Now Aromatics- Suagr Pie Honey - JoJo Groovers- Just Go For Me - Teri Dee Curtis Kinght - Voodoo Woman - Gulf Dolly Parton - Control Yourself - Monument Bobby Reno & Infurios- Just Like A Fool - Pitassy Mickey Champion - What Good Am I - Musette Mark Loyd - When I'm Gonna Find Her- Parlophone Pamela Beaty - Ralking Etes - Tip San Francisco TKOs - Make Up Your Mind - Kent Reggie Sadler Combo - Hear My Song - Leopard Rocky Gil & Bishops- Its Not The End - Tear Drop
  10. Yes tis a great double sider still a bit mileage in that one
  11. Fab spots for all DJs a right mixture of quality soul music can all Djs please post playlists up when you get the time -might be a few hangovers etc. Here is my contribution.Next Night is Feb 22nd 2020 . 21st Generations -Hey James -Tri City (demo} Barbara Mason-you better stop it -Arctic Pychodelic Frankie -Putting you out of my life-Hi Speed John Edwards -The little things you do-Bell (demo) Milton Wright -like a rolling stone-Satrion William Bell -The man in the street -Stax Esther Phillips -Home is where the hatred is -Kudu Love Peace +Happiness -strip me naked- RCA Judy Clay -Since you came along -Kent 20th Bernard Smith -Never gonna let you go-Spectrum Unique Blend -Yes im in love -Eastbound (demo) Voltaires -My baby -Bacone (long version) Andy Fisher -Hearts a beating stronger- Fat Fish Lee Williams -Its everything about you - Carnival The Composers -Chances going round -Complex 3 Living Colour -Strange Feeling -Mad Hatter Tony Ashley -I cant put you down-Decca - Leroy Taylor-Marrying Kind -FG (black) Harvey Scales -Trying to survive-Magic Touch Fun +The Funk Factory-shouldnt have said - MB Bill Brown+ Soul Injection-making love (apple tree)-Brownstone Tommie Young-All a part of loving Him-Soul Power

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