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  1. Remember hearing it on my first ever visit to the casino I was gobsmacked how good I thought it actually was, then on the train home some one had taped the night and it came blasting out again. But my favourite ever Wigan instrumental had to be Harley Hatcher soul hustler ( al de lory discotheque alibi) sounded awesome blasting out of those speakers
  2. The local park by me today they decided to go for a stroll
  3. Another shite tune , that’s worshipped for it rarity and loads of people get the mindset it’s ace cos it’s dog rare
  4. This is old English bulldog pablo Emilio he’s 5 months old and 30 kg , here are some of the renovations he’s made to my grey gloss kitchen doors
  5. Seen one on Facebook rare soul sales tonight for £180 lol
  6. Bobby Hutton lend a hand , every time I’ve heard it over 40 years it still makes me well up , so much emotion put into it
  7. This was a thread I started years ago might be some help
  8. Just noticed a beat up copy on USA eBay at $438 with one day to go is it really that rare , think I see one for sale every week
  9. Not trying to poo poo this thread but aren’t 50% of soul/ ns songs about lost love or misery the list is endless

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