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  1. Given that it just went for over $2,000 U.S., do you think 22ndSoul should wait for a NM copy?
  2. You know a copy is being auctioned on eBay right?
  3. “Miss Lulu’s Wig” by Leonard Lee. Got the green Trumpet label. Pink label’s on eBay now. It’s one of my favorite records. Great and weird.
  4. If I have a fairly nice copy of a rare record, which I paid a lot of money for, is it...problematic if I pay a lot of money for the same record on a different-looking version of the same label (equally valued by collectors)?
  5. I've grown tired of waiting. Porgy Jones "Dap Part 1/Part 2" Guitar Ray "True Love of a Man/Ain't that Soul"
  6. If you still have this what is the condition?
  7. Please sell me your copy.
  8. on Great Southern. Wanted.
  9. on Great Southern
  10. If you still have it and will ship to US, I'll take it.
  11. Happy with lesser condition: Marilyn Barbarin “Reborn” Leonard Lee “Miss Lulu’s Wig” Guitar Ray “Ain’t That Soul” Smokey Johnson “Whip It” Senator Jones “Do You Love Me” Robert Parker “Soul Sister” Robert Parker “Boss Lovin’”
  12. Don't know if you heard but someone found a huge number of Guitar Ray on Shagg, and that will drive the price down to nothing. (See news article below.) Because I feel sorry for you guys who overpaid, I am willing to give 200 pounds to the first person who sells me their record. Don't say I didn't warn you. breaking-news-Guitar-Ray-records-worthless.pdf breaking-news-Guitar-Ray-records-worthless.pdf

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