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    I focus only on New Orleans soul collecting, because I can barely afford that (time/money)! Love NOLA music, food, and place.

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    Mike Bailey
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    road cycling, researching human sexuality, statistics
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    Evanston, Illinois, USA
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    New Orleans (NOLA)

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    773 469-7429

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  1. original only, any condition
  2. The "Q" on Hound Records Inell Young "What Do You See in Her?" Gene Thompson and the Counts "You Don't Love Me" Myles & Dupont "Loud Mouth Annie" Guitar Ray "You're Gonna Wreck My Life" (Shagg) The Blenders "It Takes Time/Graveyard" (AFO)
  3. I'm curious what you got it for, if you'll tell me.

    1. Mrtall


      What do you mean?


    2. Michael Bailey

      Michael Bailey

      Willie Knows How. Sorry

  4. I am able to communicate with Guitar Ray from beyond, and he requests of you in the UK that you send his Shagg release back across the Atlantic. Says he'd always wanted to visit Chicago, near where I live. I'll pay shipping and more.
  5. Thanks and congratulations Jaco! I also have PC, sounds like not quite as dire a case as yours was (Mine was Gleason 4+3, caught before spread, though serious enough for surgery and, after a recurrence, radiation). I didn't have any symptoms though. I wish you continued health and a soulful life.
  6. if you get more than one response from someone who does, send the one you don't buy my way.
  7. I look forward to hearing from you.

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