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  1. Excellent record! One for the Motown collectors.
  2. itsthebeat

    Billy Stewart - Summertime US single.

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  3. itsthebeat


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  4. itsthebeat


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  5. itsthebeat

    9-----70'S GRAPEVINE WANTS

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  6. itsthebeat


    POSTAGE FREE IN THE UK. PAYPAL ACCEPTED. ------------------------------ THE MONZAS/Try To Understand A La Carte EX 50 (Flipside instrumental "Soft Soul" highly recommended) THE DEL VIKINGS/Bring Back Your Heart ABC Paramount VG++ 25 THE DEL VIKINGS/Confession Of Love ABC Paramount EX 25 MAXINE BROWN/If I Knew Then (What I Know Now) ABC Paramount EX 30 JIMMY WILLIAMS/I'm Strung Out Over You Baby ABC Paramount MT- 25 KIP ANDERSON/I Done You Wrong ABC Paramount VG+ 10 BETTY O'BRIEN/Is That The Way You Planned It ABC Paramount WDJ swol MT- 80 ELITES/You'll Break Two Hearts ABC Paramount WDJ VG+ 25 TOMMY VANN/I'll Forget Her Tomorrow Academy WDJ VG++ 15 (Hard to find on a white demo) ALVIN CHRISTY/Lover Action WDJ MT- 20 PRISCILLA PAGE/My Letter Alcor EX 40 (Co-written by Popcorn Wylie. Excellent mid-tempo track) TINE FLORENCE/Too Much For Me Baby Apt WDJ VG++ 30 LITTLE RAY/I Been Trying Atco WDJ EX 20 MARY WELLS/Fancy Free Atco WDJ MT- 10 (Backed with "Me And My Baby". Two great sides) SOLOMON BURKE/Won't You Give Him (One More Chance) Atlantic EX 10 (My favorite by Solomon unknown to most) BETTY LAVETT/My Man - He's A Lovin' Man Atlantic WDJ MT- 20 PAUL FLAGG/What Did I Do Wrong Atlantic WDJ EX 25 (Backed with a superb RnB version of "Love Get Off My Shoulders") JOHNNY COPELAND/I Ain't Gonna Take It Atlantic WDJ EX 30 REMARKABLES/Easily Misled Audio Arts VG++ 20 INCREDIBLES/I Found Another Love Audio Arts EX 10 (Great track) INCREDIBLES/I Can't Get Over Losing Your Love Audio Arts MT- 20 AL WAPLES & THE INCREDIBLES/Moving On Audio Arts xol EX 25 KELLY GARRETT/Baby It Hurts Ava WDJ MT 20 BILLY WATSON/Get Myself Together Barracuda VG++ 30 (Highly recommended) ROSCOE SHELTON/My Best Friend Battle WDJ swol EX 20 EDDIE HOLMAN/I'll Cry 1,000 Tears Bell DJ MT- 25 JOHNNY DURAIN/Someday I'll Get Over You Big City VG++ 30 SONNY FULTON/Sugar Woogah Big Daddy EX 15 (Crazy title! Excellent RnB mover) BOBBIE SMITH/Wanted Bigtop EX 25 (Backed with the great "Mr Fine") V.I.P.'s/You Pulled A Fast One Bigtop VG++ 15 LIZA SMITH/I Wanna Love You Bigtop WDJ VG+ 15 KENNY MARTIN/Heart Storm Bigtop WDJ MT- 30 KENNY LYNCH/Puff (Up In Smoke) Bigtop WDJ VG++ 15 (Receiving plays. One that was overlooked) BOUQUETS/Welcome To My Heart Blue Cat WDJ swol EX 60 (Classic oldie on a white demo. Flip should be played "Ain't That Love") CICERO BLAKE/Shing-A-Ling Brainstrom WDJ MT 10 ROBERT CROCKHAM/You're My Number One Bluesbag EX 25 JOHNNY DAYE/I'll Keep On Loving You Blue Star EX 60 POSSESSIONS/You And Your Lies Britton EX 20 (1st press before the Parkway release) FATS DOMINO/Work My Way Up Steady Broadmoor WDJ swol EX 15 FOUR PENNIES/You're A Gas With Your Trash Brunswick VG++ 15 DEMETRISS TAPP/Let Go Of My Heart Brunswick YDJ VG+ 20 THE LOST GENERATION/You're So Young But So True Brunswick BDJ EX 20 5 STAIRSTEPS & CUBIE/Tell Me Who Buddah DJ EX 15 (Superb record) MILLIONAIRES/I Thought About You Bunny MT- 20 (Flip to "Cherry Baby" and 10 times the track) WILDWEEDS/Can't You See That I'm Lonely Cadet EX 15 CONNIE MCGILL & VISIONS/I'm So Glad I Found You Camille EX 15 UNIQUES/Blue Skies Capitol slw EX 25 (Their best!) JILL HARRIS/His Kiss Capitol VG++ 20 MARIAN LOVE/No Advice Capitol EX 20 MAGNIFICENT MEN/Much Much More Of Your Love Capitol GDJ VG++ 15 MAGNIFICENT MEN/Tired Of Pushing Capitol GDJ EX 15 (All their tracks are really good) MARIAN LOVE/Walk Proud And Pretty Capitol GDJ EX 15 GEARLENE DUCKETT/Please Don't Make Me Cry Carrie EX 30 MIGHTY JOE YOUNG/Henpecked Celtex EX 25 LARRY BIRDSONG/Every Day Of The Week Champion sol VG++ 15 CLAUDINE CLARK/Party Lights Chancellor VG++ 8 (1st press black label, silver print) CLAUDINE CLARK/The Telephone Game Chancellor EX 25 (Flip "Walkin' Through A Cemetery" a recent RnB play) FABLULOUS FOUR/I'm Comin' Home Chancellor WDJ MT- 50 ROYALETTES/No Big Thing Chancellor WDJ EX 20 (White demo copy signed by Jack ?) RANDOLPH WALKER/Shindy Butterfly Chant EX 30 (1st label before the Black Prince release) MIKE & THE JOKERS/There's Got To Be A Girl Chase VG++ 30 Jo ANN GARRETT & THE DELLS/I'm So Afraid Chess VG++ 30 (Available on the Chess issue only. Superb record) DONALD RICHARDS/I Cried For Your Love Chex MT- 20 THE TECHNICS/Cause I Really Love You Chex swol VG+ 75 (Both Chex 45's have the checkerboard label design) FREDDIE SCOTT/Where Does Love Go Colpix MT- 8 (Crackin' record) EDDIE SHAW & BAND/Riding High Colt EX 8 (Unknown RnB instrumental on same label as Bobby Guitar Wood) JERRY JACKSON/Are You Glad When We're Apart Columbia VG++ 15 SANDY & THE SOPHOMORES/Walk Away Girl Columbia WDJ EX 40 JIMMY INTERVAL/Somebody To Love Columbia WDJ EX 15 (Ex Pat Brady cover up. Needs playing again) SPIRAL STARECASE/Judas To The Love We Knew Columbia WDJ EX 15 (By far their best record) DELORES HILL/True Confession Companion WDJ VG++ 40 GENE CHANDLER/Think Nothing About It Constellation EX 20 THE DYNETTES/New Guy Constellation WDJ swol EX 15 MIKE & MICHAEL/My Neighborhood Constellation WDJ swol MT- 20 (Hards white Constellation demo to find) ESCORTS/I Can't Be Free Coral YDJ VG+ 30 (One that would double in price if played) LEROY & THE DRIVERS/You Picked The Wrong Time Coral YDJ EX 40 LILLIAN DORR/The Thrill Is Gone Correc-Tone swol EX 40 DONALD JENKINS & DAYLIGHTERS/Somebody Help Me Cortland DJ VG++ 60 (Massive in the day at Stafford) ELMORE MORRIS/Before I Turned My Back On You Crackerjack EX 20 (Great 45! Backed with "It Seemed Like Heaven To Me") CHUCK LEONARD/Doodley Doo Crackerjack EX 15 BRENDA LEE/He's Sure To Remember Me Decca VG++ 20 (Comes with a vg++ picture sleeve) JAMES GRESHAM/What Did I Do Decca EX 40 (Black issue copy) JIMMY LOVEMAKER/Foxy Devil Decca PDJ EX 25 ANNA CRAIG/Shout And Tell The World Decca PDJ swol VG++ 40 RAY POLLARD/Lie Lips Lie Decca PDJ swol EX 40 GENE VITO/Undiscovered Country Decca PDJ MT- 100 LEON HAYWOOD/You Don't Have To See Me Cry Decca PDJ VG++ 25 MAURICE WILIAMS/Don't Be Half Safe Deesu MT 20 MEASURES/Girls Are Evil Despenza EX 75 DAYDREAMS/The Lovin' Side Dial WDJ sol MT 20 MARIE KNIGHT/I Don't Wanna Walk Alone Diamond VG+ 15 MARIE KNIGHT/Make Yourself At Home Diamond VG++ 15 LINNEAS/It's A Good Kind Of Hurt Diamond DJ EX 20 THE ECHOS/Nobody's Home Dode MT- 20 ART WHEELER/Coming Atractions Dot WDJ EX 40 GEORGE JACKSON/That Lonely Night Double R EX 30 JOE VALENTINE/Better Than Sugar (And Twice As Nice) Doug MT 50 DEE EDWARDS/Too Careless With My Love D Town swol VG++ 25 PRESCISIONS/You're Sweet D Town VG+ 25 MISS LAVELL/Tide Of Love Duke VG++ 30 GEORGE TORRENCE & THE DIPPER'S/Fine Foxey Frame Duo Disc WDJ EX 20 JAMIE COE & THE GIGOLO'S/The Dealer Enterprise EX 30 (1st label release before reprise) JAMIE COE/I Was The One Enterprise swol VG++ 25 SHIRLEY WALTON/The One You Can't Have All By Yourself Enterprise WDJ MT- 30 CHUCK BORIS/You'll Wake Up Wiser Enterprise WDJ EX 20 ERMA FRANKLIN/What Kind Of Girl Epic VG++ 20 HARRY BETTS/Theme From "The Fantastic Plastic Machine" Epic EX 60 (Sticker on flipside label) MAJESTIC/Send My Baby Back To Me Equador MT 25 ELITES/Sir Galahad Era DJ EX 30 AL & BUNKY/Home Work Exodus MT- 10 JUNE CONQUEST/Almost Persuaded Fame WDJ VG++ 20 JIMMY HUGHES/The Loving Physician Fame WDJ swol EX 15 LEON HAYWOOD/The Truth About Money Fantasy EX 40 SYL JOHNSON/I'm Looking For My Baby Federal VG+ 20 BOBBY BYRD/I Found Out Federal EX 40 (1st release and recording before the King 45 press) LYNN DAVIS/My New Love Federal EX 25 (Superb track) RICHIE WALLACE/Darling, You Done Me Wrong Federal WDJ EX 50 FREDDY KING/You're Barkin' Up The Wrong Tree Federal WDJ VG+ 20 BILLY CONN/I Promise You (I Won't Mention Your Name) Federal WDJ MT- 60 LINDA MARTELL & THE ANGLOS/The Things I Do For You Fire EX 25 BOBBY MARCHAN/What You Don't Know Don't Hurt You Fire WDJ MT- 25 (His best on Fire. One for the RnB dj's) PALLBEARERS/Music With Soul Fontana EX 40 BILLY WASHINGTON/Later For Romance Fox Family DJ EX 15 (Backed with "I Wanna Come In". Two great sides) LITTLE JOHNNY TAYLOR/What You Need Is A Ball Galaxy WDJ swol MT- 20 RODGER COLLINS/She's A Good Woman Galaxy WDJ EX 30 (Nice white demo backed with the great "Ain't Going To Forget It") U.S. STAMPS/We'll Find A Way Galiko EX 50 THE DAWN/In Love Again Gamble PS MT- 30 (Comes with a picture sleeve in excellent condition) FENTON ROBINSON/You're Cracking Me Up Giant swol EX 50 CLEFTONES/Some Kinda Blue Gee WDJ VG++ 30 AVONS/Push A Little Harder Groove EX 25 CHARLIE RICH/Nice And Easy Groove WDJ EX 30 (1st label release before RCA) SHELLEY SHOOP & THE SHAKERS/Fair Shake Groove WDJ VG++ 30 JOHNNY SEVILLE/Make Up Your Mind Groovy WDJ EX 40 MYLESTONES/Sexy Lady Hawk Sound VG++ 15 EARL GAINES/It's Worth Anything HBR WDJ VG++ 20 JOE ANDERSON/So Glad Heidi WDJ EX 60 CHARLIE ROMANS/Twenty Four Hour Service Hickory EX 20 THE NEWBEATS/Don't Turn Me Loose Hickory EX 15 GAIL WYNTERS/You've Got The Power Hickory WDJ EX 25 SMILEY LEWIS/Oh Red! Imperial VG++ 40 (Unknown uptempo dancer. One for the RnB collectors and dj's) THE MAJORS/She's A Troublemaker Imperial VG++ 15 TIMMY BROWN/Silly Rumours Imperial VG++ 20 THE O'JAYS/It Won't Hurt Imperial VG++ 25 (Earlier label, black, white and pink) THE O'JAYS/Lonely Drifter Imperial WDJ swol EX 25 THE O'JAYS/My Dearest Beloved Imperial WDJ MT- 20 LITTLE JIMMY DEE/I Went On Infinity WDJ EX 50 (Superb RnB 45 with two great sides) ROBBY TAYLOR/A Stop Along The Way Integra DJ EX 50 (Rare demo copy with an 8" x 10" promotional poster) JOYCE BENNETT/The New Boy Jaguar EX 40 (Black label with Jaguar logo) BURT JACKSON/Mr.Everything Jamie WDJ EX 25 LITTLE CHARLES/Guess I'll Have To Take What's Left Jewel WDJ MT- 25 LOU JORDAN/Just To Look At You Josie WDJ swol VG++ 40 THE NOMADS/Tell It Like It Is Josie WDJ MT- 40 THE ORIGINAL CADILLACS/I'll Never Let You Go Josie WDJ EX 40 LINDA ELLIOT/Fell In Love With You Baby Josie WDJ EX 50 (The flip "A Little Girl Grew Up" has had a lot of play recently)
  7. itsthebeat

    Gloria Gaynor 'This Love Affair'

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  8. itsthebeat

    Joe simon

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  9. itsthebeat

    Gene faith wanted

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  10. itsthebeat

    A few wants

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  11. itsthebeat

    Joe Simon, drowning in a sea of love

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  12. itsthebeat

    Brenda Holloway/Donna 45's

    Looking for the 3 45's on USA Donna Records released by Brenda Holloway in 1962. Also wanted is the Watesians 45 on Donna. Any condition considered if the price reflects this.
  13. itsthebeat

    3 wants

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  14. itsthebeat


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  15. itsthebeat

    Billy butler right track okeh.

    I have an original UK copy of Billy Butler on Soul City if the US issue is not offered.


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