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  1. I have an excellent copy of Ray Gant on Jay Walking 014. The 45 has slight label writing on one label.
  2. POSTAGE FREE IN THE UK. PAYPAL ACCEPTED. --------------------------------- LA BRENDA BEN/THE CHAPERONE - GORDY VG++ 75 (Small label tear, see scan below)
  3. POSTAGE FREE IN THE UK. PAYPAL ACCEPTED. --------------------------------------- RARE DETROIT/NORTHERN TRACK --------------------------------------- ANTHONY RAYE/Give Me One More Chance b/w On The Edge Of Sorrow - Impact 1009 WDJ EX £150 1st press of the massive Northern oldie backed with another great Northern track not available on the Impact 1030 re-release. Labels have slight writing, 2 x's, the release date and vocal details.
  4. An original pressing of Marv Johnson "You Got What It Takes" on United Artists 185. Issue or white demo. Large print as shown in scan below with the delta numbers ^31364/^31365 shown in the run out grooves.
  5. A RARE TAMLA 45. ---------------------- The vocal on this 45 is clear on both sides and play through without jumping. There are a few more clicks on the B side than the A side hence the difference in the play grade. The labels (see scans) are washed out with enough detail to show the artist and label credits. Cash is not wanted and would accept offers of another 45/45's in trade. Northern 60's, 70's, RnB, Crossover considered. With such a rare 45, better to have a lesser conditioned copy than not have a copy at all. CHICO LEVERETT - TAMLA 54024 Solid Sender (visual grade g+, play grade vg++) b/w I'll Never Love Again (visual grade g+, play grade vg)
  6. I have a Swan white demo, it has "I Got Mine" on both sides of the 45.
  7. WANTED - BLUE ISSUE with the label design shown below. ------------------------------------------------------------------- FREDDIE GORMAN - Take Me Back/Can't Get It Out Of My Mind - Ric Tic 102
  8. Stamps, ARP, Bell Sound, Audio Matrix etc...…
  9. Does the Satintones 45 have any stamps in the run out groove?
  10. POSTAGE FREE IN THE UK. PAYPAL ACCEPTED. ------------------------------ sol = stamp on label xol = cross on label wol = writing on label swol = slight writing on label ------------------------------ AL BUNKY/Home Work-Exodus Records EX 10 ARTIE LEWIS/Ain't No Good-Loma WDJ (swol) VG+ 25 (Backed with " Falling In Love With You") BARBARA LEWIS/Fool Fool Fool-Atlantic EX 15 (Best version! Covered by Peggy March and Barbara Acklin) BARBARA McNAIR/It Was Never Like This-Warner Brothers WDJ VG 50 (Plays well! Ok for dj-ing) BARBARA STREISAND/Our Corner Of The Night-Columbia WDJ (slight label stain) VG++ 20 (Ex Wigan play) BEN E. KING/The Hermit Of Misty Mountain-Atco WDJ (small sticker stain) EX 20 BILLY ECKSTINE/Stormy-Enterprise EX 15 BOBBY BLAND/Yum Yum Tree-Duke VG+ 15 BOBBY MANN/Heart Of Town-Kama Sutra (swol) EX 15 (Popular oldie) BOBBY VEE/Keep On Trying-Liberty VG++ 15 (Written by Van McCoy. This the original version, later covered by The Satisfactions on Smash) BRENDA LEE/He's Sure To Remember-Decca PDJ VG+ 10 BROOK BENTON/Where Does A Man Go To Cry-RCA WDJ VG++ 30 (All time fav! A superb mid tempo vocal) C.O.D.'s/Michael VG++ 10 CASH McCALL/Let's Try It Over-Thomas Records EX 15 (Available on the Thomas issue only) CASH McCALL/Let's Get A Thing Going On-Thomas Records EX 15 (Available on the Thomas issue only) CHUCK BERNARD/Indian Giver-Satellite WDJ (small label stain) EX 20 CHUCK JACKSON/I've Got To Be Strong-Wand VG+ 15 CICERO BLAKE/Shing-A-Ling-Brainstorm WDJ MT- 15 CLARENCE PAUL/I Need Your Lovin'-Hanover WDJ (xol) VG++ 25 (Original version, later covered by Roy Hamilton on Epic Records) CLAUDINE CLARK/Walk Me Home-Chancellor WDJ (swol) VG++ 25 CLEFTONES/There She Goes-Gee Records (sol) VG++ 15 CURTIS SMITH/I like Everything-Doma VG++ 15 (Slight storage edge lift) DANNY WILLIAMS/The Stranger-United Artists WDJ EX 25 DEBANAIRS/Feel All Right-W BS (orange issue) EX 10 DEE CLARK/Don't Walk Away From Me-Vee Jay WDJ EX 15 DEE CLARK/Warm Summer Breezes-Constellation WDJ (swol) EX 15 DOLLS/This Is Our Day-Maltese WDJ (wol) VG+ 25 (Very rare white demo) EXCITERS/If You Want My Love-RCA YDJ (swol) EX 15 FLEETWOODS/Lovers By Night, Strangers By Day-Dolton YDJ (wol) EX 25 GAYLORD & HOLIDAY/Love (Where Have You Gone)-Palmer EX 15 GENE CHANDLER/You Threw A Lucky Punch-Vee Jay VG++ 10 GEORGE TERRY/Write Me-Sphere Sound DJ EX 40 GERALDINE HUNT/I Let Myself Go-Katron (1st label) VG+ 25 IRENE REID/The Funny Thing About It-Verve EX 15 JACKIE WILSON/Lonely Life-Brunswick EX 10 (Overlooked!) JEAN WELLS/Can You Feel It-Calla VG+ 15 (Brilliant! A faultless track) JIMMY ELLEDGE/Let Me Love You A Little-Hickory WDJ (swol) (West Coast) EX 50 JOAN MOODY/Music To My Ears-20th Century WDJ VG++ 20 JOE HENDERSON/Three Steps-Todd EX 10 JOE HINTON/You Gotta Have Love-Back Beat VG++ 10 JOHN GARY & THE CASUALS ON THE SQUARE/End Of Time-RCA YDJ VG+ 20 (Same track as on LSP Records) JOHNNY MATHIS/Come Back-Mercury VG+ 15 (With picture sleeve in vg++ condition) JOHNNY NASH/Big City-Atlantic WDJ VG++ 10 JOHNNY NOBLE/You're So Smooth-Veep WDJ VG++ 20 KELLY BROTHERS/Hanging In Here-Sims WDJ EX 15 KENNY LYNCH/Poof!-Bigtop WDJ VG++ 20 (Recent play! Popular with the Popcorn/Northern collectors) LEE SHOT WILLIAMS/I Hurt Myself-Shama Records MT 10 (Two excellent sides) LENNY MILES/In Between Tears-Scepter (small label scuff) VG++ 25 LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS/Never Again-DCP International WDJ (West Coast) EX 15 LITTLE CARL CARLTON/Don't You Need A Boy Like Me-Lando EX 20 LLOYD PRICE/Wont'cha Come Home-ABC Paramount WDJ EX 10 (Excellent early dance track, recommended) MARGE DODSON/Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be)-Decca (black issue) VG++ 40 MARY LOU COLLINS/I've Got An Awful Lot Of Losing To Do-Kapp WDJ EX 20 (Catchy unknown) MIKE & MICHAEL/My Neighborhood-Constellation WDJ EX 30 NATURA'ELLES/Show Me The Way-Venture MT 20 NICK PALMER/On Saturday Night-RCA WDJ VG+ 10 (Ex Wigan play) O'JAYS/The Choice-Bell DJ EX 15 P.J.PROBY/You Can't Come Home Again-Liberty EX 10 (Ex Wigan biggie! Flip a version of Jock Mitchell "Work With Me Annie") RICKY ALLEN/I'm A Real Thankful Man-4 Brothers EX 10 ROMANCE WATSON/Come A Little Closer-Coral DJ VG++ 25 ROSCOE SHELTON/Who Walks In (When I Walk Out) VG++ 30 (Great RnB) ROY HAMILTON/Don't Come Cryin' To Me-Epic WDJ VG++ 25 (Backed with "If Only I Had Known") SANDRA LYNN/I Can't Escape-Lemay WDJ VG++ 15 SHARPEES/Tired Of Being Lonely-Onederful VG++ 20 SHORT CUTS/One Way Street-Pepper VG++ 20 (Highly recommend!) SPIRAL STARECASE/Judas To The Love We Knew-Columbia WDJ EX 20 STEELERS/Get It From The Bottom-Date VG++ 15 (Flip track "I'm Sorry" is superb) TED TAYLOR/I Lost The Best Thing I Ever Had-Soncraft WDJ VG++ 40 TENISON STEPHENS/Where Would You Be-Chess DJ (wol) EX 15 TIMI YURO/Insult To Injury-Imperial DJ (label stamp) EX 25 TINA ROBIN/Billy's Gone Away-Mercury WDJ (xol) VG++ 20 (Slight storage lift)

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