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  3. POSTAGE FREE IN THE UK. PAYPAL ACCEPTED. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE IMPERIALS/Go And Get Your Heart Broken - Newtime DJ VG+ 60 (Rare demo copy) BILLY BUTLER/Lady Love - Okeh WDJ swol VG++ 80 FIVE DU-TONES/Nobody But (My Baby) - One-Derful EX 30 BEVERLY SHAFFER/I Simply Love Him One-Derful MT- 40 LOIS BLAINE/Here Am I - Open-G-Records VG++ 70 (As above, massive RnB) LITTLE TONY & THE HAWKS/Cry Cry Cry - Original Sound WDJ swol EX 20 GAYLORD & HOLIDAY/Love (Where Have You Gone) - Palmer MT- 20 JOHNNY MAESTRO & THE CRESTS/Heartburn - Parkway wol EX 15 JAXON REESE/Hurry Sundown - Parkway DJ MT- 20 (Superb beat ballad, great ender) MIA LEWIS/Wish I Didn't Love Him - Parrot DJ VG+ 20 (Highly recommended. A hard one on UK Decca) JOE STAMPLEY & THE UNIQUES/Not Too Long Ago - Paula MT- 15 THE UNIQUES/I'll Do Anything - Paula MT- 25 RICHARD BERRY/Give It Up - Paxley WDJ swol EX 50 (Recommended RnB dancer) MITTY COLLIER/I Can't Lose - Peachtree EX 10 (A lot of RnB for a £10 purchase) TONY WASHINGTON/Forever More - Peacock WDJ EX 20 EMORISE KELLEY/The Biggest Fool - Peacock WDJ MT- 20 OLLIE JACKSON/Just A Little While - Pepper EX 30 SHORT KUTS/Broken Down Piece Of Man - Pepper EX 10 GEORGE & TEDDY/So I Cry - Philips (black label) PS EX 25 (Comes with a picture sleeve in vg+ condition) FLAMINGOS/Since My Baby Put Me Down - Philips (black label) EX 30 RUTH BROWN/Mama (He Treats Your Daughter Mean) - Philips WDJ swol EX 30 FRONTIERS/I Just Want You - Philips WDJ VG++ 30 SOUL SEEKERS/Let's Go To That Lovin' Place - Pilot Records VG++ 150 TIM JARRETT/I Ain't Nothing But A Fool - Poncello MT- 25 LEEVERT ALLISON/I Want To Give You My Heart - Poncello EX 40 (Small piece missing from around the centre hole, nap) LEO MCCORKLE/On Top Of The World - Popside WDJ MT- 80 (Slight storage edge lift) ELAINE BROWN/If There's A Chance - Ray Star WDJ VG+ 20 DELLA REESE/Blow Out The Sun - RCA Victor EX 15 BROOK BENTON/Too Much Good Lovin' - RCA Victor (Issue) MT- 20 BROOK BENTON/Where Does A Man Go To Cry - RCA Victor (Issue) MT- 30 AZIE MORTIMER/Little Miss Everyting - RCA Victor (Issue) EX 30 VINNIE MONTE/I Don't Have The Heart To Tell Her - RCA Victor WDJ EX 40 (Very in demand) DENNY BELLINE & THE DWELLERS/It Happens That Way - RCA Victor WDJ wol VG++ 25 (Small pressing bump, nap) JOE WILLIAMS/Lonely Man - RCA Victor WDJ MT- 20 FRANKIE FANELLI/I'm Not The Marrying Kind - RCA Victor WDJ EX 30 (Very in demand 45) LEE ANDREWS & THE HEARTS/Quiet As It's Kept - RCA Victor WDJ slw VG+ 20 DENNY BELLINE/Outside The City - RCA Victor WDJ Xol VG++ 20 (An excellent version of The Willows 45 on MGM) NICK PALMER/On Saturday Night - RCA Victor WDJ MT- 20 (Wigan track popular in the late 70's) FREDDIE PARIS/Face It, Boy, It's Over - RCA Victor WDJ EX 20 RHONDA & REBA/Go Live Your Life - RCA Victor YDJ swol MT- 20 (Backed with "School Of Fools". Two good sides) FREDDIE PARIS/There She Goes - RCA Victor YDJ EX 25 THE EXCITERS/If You Want My Love - RCA Victor YDJ swol MT- 15 SAM WAYMON/Hey Love - RCA YDJ swol MT- 25 RODDIE JOY/Come Back Baby - Red Bird sol VG++ 20 (Same as The Stoppers on Jubilee) THE POETS/I'm Stuck On You - Red Bird sol VG++ 25 BOBBY MOORE/Girl You Do Something To Me - Red Bird EX 20 TONY WILLIAMS/That's More Like It - Reprise WDJ EX 40 (Unknown! Former lead singer of The Platters with a midtempo RnB number) REV-LONS/I Can't Forget About You - Reprise WDJ VG+ 20 (Slight sorage edge lift, nap) BILLY FORD/My Girl - Reprise WDJ EX 40 (Superb track!) MIKE ST.SHAW/From The Bottom Of My Heart - Reprise WDJ EX 25 (Slight storage edge lift, nap) BENNY CURTIS/Precious One - Resist EX 100 (1st label backed with "That's All Right") TERRY FELTON/You're Welcome Back - Revilot VG++ 30 (Pink label, vinyl press. Has a few pressing bumps, nap) THE TEMPOS/Don't Leave Me - Riley's EX 30 LITTLE NATALIE/Teardrops Are Falling - Roulette MT- 25 TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS/Run Run Baby Run - Roulette PS MT- 20 (With picture sleeve in vg++ condition with slight writing) ILA VANN/Your Love - Roulette WDJ EX 25 WALKIN' WILLIE/If You Just Woulda Said Goodbye - RSVP swol EX 20 THE DAWN/Baby I Love You - Rust WDJ MT- 25
  4. POSTAGE FREE IN THE UK. PAYPAL ACCEPTED. ------------------------------- ADAM WADE/She Don't Want Anything-Dayla VG++ 25 (Excellent Crossover) BEN E. KING/Hermit Of Misty Mountain-Arco WDJ VG++ 20 (Great oldie) BISHOPS/Out Of Sight-Capitol swol VG++ 20 BOBBY & EDDIE UNLIMITED/Please Mr. Gurie-Dore DJ VG++ 125 (Title mis print copy. Rare RnB demo backed with "The Girl That I Loved") CLARENCE PAUL/I Need Your Lovin'-Hanover WDJ swol VG++ 25 (Original version later covered by Roy Hamilton) EARL PARADISE/Don't Pass Me By-Atco EX 25 ENTERTAINERS 1111/People Don't Look No More-Dore VG+ 20 (Complete title) FRANKIE KARL/Don't Sleep Too Long-Liberty DJ VG+ 25 FRED CARTER JR./Not I Pretty Baby-Monument DJ EX 50 GAMMA GOOCHEE/Booga-Looa-MGM DJ VG++ 20 (Great Boogaloo dance track) GENE CARTER/Ring Around My Rosie-Jocoy VG++ 100 (Barry White and a great track) JERRY BUTLER/You Won't Be Sorry-Vee Jay EX 10 JIMMY BURNS/Give Her To Me-Tip Top WDJ VG++ 100 (Superb record) JIMMY OUTLER/It's All Over-Duke PDJ EX 25 (Classic RnB oldie) JOE TEX/I've Got A Song-Michelle EX 60 (Excellent record) JOYCE KENNEDY/Misunderstood-Ran-Dee EX 40 (Excellent record!) JUNIOR PARKER/Gues You Don't Know-Duke PDJ EX 20 (Great RnB double sider) KIP ANDERSON/I Get Carried Away-Tomorrow EX 75 (Red issue) LONNIE BROOKS/I'm Not Going Home-USA Records VG+ 20 (Excellent dance track) MARVA WHITNEY/Ball Of Fire-King VG++ 25 (1st issue vinyl press) MISS ELSIE SMITH/Watermelon Man-Open Records Xol EX 20 (Superb version) MITTY COLLIER/Don't Let Her Take My Baby-Chess DJ VG++ 60 (Her rarest and best 45) NATURA'ELLES/Show Me The Way-Venture EX 20 ROY HAMILTON/Don't Come Cryin' To Me-Epic WDJ sol EX 25 (Backed with "If Only I Had Known") SAPPHIRES/Let's Break Up For Awhile-ABC Paramont WDJ 40 (One that is overlooked) SHANG/There She Goes-Soulville WDJ VG++ 40 (Rare WDJ. Former big cover up) SHANI WALLIS/Let Your Love Come Through-Kapp WDJ EX 25 (Asked about this a lot) SHARON SOUL/How Can I Get To You-Wild Deuce EX 50 (Classic oldie, 1st blue issue) SMOKY & THE BEARS/We Together Baby-Dore X's on label EX 50 (Stamped 1st issue) SPONGY AND THE DOLLS/It Looks Like Love-Brideview WDJ MT- 150 SUGAR & SWEET/You Are The Only One-SSJ EX 50 (1st press with a black label) UNIFICS/It's All Over-Kapp EX 15 VIBRATIONS/Finding Out The Hard Way-Okeh EX 20 (Superb mid tempo, one of their best tracks) YVONNE GOMEZ/My Man A-Go-Go-Hawaii MT- 75 (Will be a very big record someday)
  5. PM'd you.
  6. Dore 729 first issue wanted?
  7. I have a white demo copy of Barbara Brown and a green issue Sherm Nesbary available.
  8. The Tiares flip track is "I'll Never Let You Go"
  9. POSTAGE FREE IN THE UK.PAYPAL ACCEPTED.-------------------------------------------- ARTIE LEWIS/Ain't No Good-Loma WDJ (swol) VG++ 25BARABARA MCNAIR/It Was Never Like This-Warner Bros. WDJ xol VG+ 80(Big in demand oldie)BETTY LAVETT/My Man - He's A Lovin' Man-Atlantic VG++ 20(Excellent RnB)BETTY O'BRIEN/The Way You Planned It-ABC Paramount WDJ xol MT-100BILLY BUTLER & 4 Enchanters/Found True Love-Okeh WDJ xol VG++ 100(A classic on a white demo. Two superb sides)BILLY WATSON/Get Myself Together-Barracuda EX 50BOB WILSON/Suzy's Serenade-Sound Stage 7 EX 30(Classic on a rare black issue copy)BOBBY SANSOM/Don't Just Sit There-Acta WDJ EX 20CAROL MORGAN/The Man Is Dangerous-Sock Records VG++70(Rare RnB track)CHARLES IV/We Can Do Some Business-Smash WDJ EX 100(Flipside is getting lots of play)CHUCK EDWARDS/I Don't Want No Company-Rene swol VG++ 50(RnB track)CLAUDINE CLARK/Walking Through The Cemetery-Chancellor EX 30(In denad RnB)DELORES HILL/True Confession-Companion WDJ EX 60DONALD JENKINS/Somebody Help Me-Cortland EX 70(Stafford monster)EARL PARADISE/Don't Pass Me By-Atco EX 20FASHIONS/When Love Slips Away-20th Century WDJ EX 25FENTON ROBINSON/You're Cracking Me Up-Giant (swol) EX 40FRED CARTER JR./Not I Pretty Baby-Monument DJ EX 50GEARLENE DUCKETT/Please Don't Make Me Cry-Carrie EX 50(Superb semi-known)GERALDINE HUNT/I Let Myself Go-Katron VG++ 40(1st label before the Checker release)HARRY BETTS/Theme From "The Fantastic Plastic Machine"-Epic EX 60(Rare issue copy. Former Wigan instrumental biggie, Sticker on flip label)JACKIE WILSON/Somebody Up There Likes You-Coral VG+ 70(Mexican EP with picture sleeve (vg+, slight writing)JAMES DUNCAN/Too Hot To Hold-King VG++ 25(Two great RnB sides)JANICE CHRISTAIN/Just A Bad Thing-Swan WDJ VG++ 150(Two highly recommended sides)JEAN BROOKS/Tomorrow May Never Come-G.Note DJ swol EX 100(Orange demo copy)JOANIE SOMMERS/Why Don't You Do Right-Warner Brothers EX 50(Very in demand)JIMMY BURNS/Give Her To Me-Tip Top WDJ EX 150JOHNNY DAYE/I'll Keep On Loving You-Blue Star EX 60JOHNNY DURAIN/Someday I'll Get Over You-Big City VG++ 40JOYCE BENNETT/The New Boy-Jaguar EX 30(Black 2:14 issue)JOYCE KENNEDY/Misunderstood-Ran Dee MT- 40(B4 her recordings with Blue Rock. Brilliant track)JUNIOR PARKER/Guess You Don't Know-Duke PDJ EX 20(Two great RnB sides)KENNY CAIN/Practice Makes Perfect-Hi WDJ EX 30(Excellent record)LEROY and THE DRIVERS/You Picked The Wrong Time-Coral DJ EX 50LEROY BRITTON/You're Never Too Young-Sound Records EX 40LITTLE EDDIE WOODS/Is It So Wrong-Comet WDJ VG+ 100(Long time since I've seen one of these)LITTLE JIMMY DEE/You're The One For Me-Infinity WDJ swol EX 30LOIS BLAINE/Here Am I (Try Me)-Open G Records VG++ 75(Superb RnB)MAGNIFICENT MEN/Forever Together-Captol GDJ MT- 30MAXINE BROWN/If I Only Knew Then-ABC Paramount EX 30MISS LAVELL/Tide Of Love-Duke VG++ 30MITTY COLLIER/Don't Let Her Take My Baby-Chess DJ swol VG++ 70(Rare one by Collier)MOMENTS/Happiest Man In The World-Hit Production WDJ EX 40NATE HOLMES/You're Still On My Mind-ABC WDJ swol MT- 50(Massive oldie!)PEPSI TONES/Keep On Walking-BK Record Co swol VG+ 60RODGER COLLINS/She's A Good Woman-Galaxy WDJ EX 40(Classic on a rare white promo. Flip is also an excellent track)SHANG/There She Goes-Soulville WDJ VG++ 50(Rare white demo of an ex Stafford biggie)SHARON SOUL/How Can I Get To You-Wild Deuce EX 50(1st blue issue copy)SOUL SEEKERS/Let's Go To That Lovin' Place-Pilot WDJ VG++ 100SUGAR & SWEET/You Are The Only One-S.S.J. Records EX 50(1st press, black label 102)TECHNICS/Cause I Really Love You-Chex xol VG+ 100TINA ROBIN/Billy's Gone Away-Mercury WDJ swol EX 25(Ex Wigan play)TOMMY STARR/Love Wheel-Loma VG++ 25(Green issue copy)UNIFICS/It's All Over-Kapp EX 15(Recommended)UNIT PLUS/What's The Price Of Hapiness-Verve DJ EX 40(Tipped to go)VANGUARDS/I Can't Use You Girl-Whix EX 20
  10. POSTAGE FREE IN THE UK. PAYPAL ACCEPTED. ------------------------------- SAMANTHA JONES/Surrounded By A Ray Of Sunshine-United Artists VG++ OFFERS (An all time classic on a UK original. The vinyl and labels are in vg++ condition with few minor surface marks)
  11. POSTAGE FREE IN THE UK.PAYPAL ACCEPTED.--------------------------------------- THE SOUNDS FOUR/A Memory Best Forgotten - Saintmo MT 25 EDDIE GRIFFIN/One More Tear San-Ray WDJ EX 100 DIAMOND JOE/Hurry Back To Me - Sansu EX 15(Great oldie) BRONSETTS/You Don't Want My Love - Satan EX 150 FAYE ADAMS/Step Up And Rescue Me - Savoy YDJ VG+ 30 JOE BUCKMAN/Till The End Of Time - Sepia VG++ 25 GERRI REID/No Fool No More - Sla-Mon VG++ 75CHARLIE GRACIE/Walk With Me Girl - Sock & Soul (green issue) EX 20TED TAYLOR/I Lost The Best Thing I Ever Had - Soncraft VG++ 30(Label before the Dade release) BILLIE WARFIELD/That's What They Said - Soul Merging VG++ 40 MCKINLEY TRAVIS/Get Yourself Together - Soultown EX 20RICK NICHOLS/I Know The Feeling - Sound VG+ 80LEROY BRITTON/You're Never Too Young - Sound Records VG++ 40SOUL AMBASSADORS/I've Got The Feeling - Sound Stage 7 EX 15(Recommended track)ELLA WASHINGTON/Stop Giving Your Man Away - Sound Stage 7 EX 15ROSCOE SHELTON/Who Walks In (When I Walk Out) - Sound Stage 7 EX 30ELLA WASHINGTON/Fragile (Handle With Care) - Sound Stage 7 WDJ MT- 20ARLENE SMITH/Good Girls - Spectorious WDJ VG+ 100(Incredible record)LILLIE FIELDS/I've Been Discovered - Spectrum Records EX 30RICHARD BARBARY/When Johnny Comes Marching Home - Spring VG+ 10AMANDA LOVE/You Keep Calling Me By Her Name - Starville (wol) VG++ 70(1st label release before Chess)LOU D. WASHINGTON/Stay Of Execution - Steeltown MT- 30BARBARA GEORGE/The Recipe (For Perfect Fools) - Sue WDJ EX 40(Awesome record)JANICE CHRISTIAN/Just A Bad Thing - Swan WDJ VG++ 150(Awesome record!)JIMMY HELMS/You're Mine You - Symbol DJ VG+ 40(West Coast black dj label)TOM JONES/Trying To Get To My Grits - Symbol (test press) MT- 25(Hand written credits on this test press)GAINORS/This Perfect Moment - Talley Ho WDJ EX 75(Rare white demo. Van McCoy composition)CHUCK & THE DAYLIGHTERS/I Can't Stop Crying - Tip Top WDJ EX 50(Ex Stafford biggie! Has a storage warp, nap. Half price)JOE HENDERSON/Three Steps - Todd MT- 10(Recommended)LARRY (CHUBBY) REYNOLDS/Please Don't Leave Me - Tri-Spin xol EX 40THE PREMIERS/If Your Love Was True - Troy 1002 (1st release) VG++ 250(Excellent record)JESSE JAMES/If You're Lonely (Take My Hand) - 20th Century MT- 20(A brilliant record)JOAN MOODY/Music To My Ears - 20th Century WDJ VG++ 20BENNY TROY & THE MAZE/Don't Know You Anymore - 20th Century WDJ swol EX 30 (All time favorite)MARV JOHNSON/Let Yourself Go - United Artists WDJ swol VG+ 15(Recent play for RnB dj's)DAWN/Love Is A Magic Word - United Artists WDJ sol EX 20(Ex Wigan biggie)LONNIE BROOKS/I'm Not Coming Home - U.S.A. Records VG+ 25(Recommended)MIKE TOMASETTI/Come See What I Got - U.S.A. Records EX 100FRANK DELL/Baby You've Got It - Valise (wol) EX 50JACKIE WASHINGTON/Why Won't They Let Me Be - Vanguard WDJ PS EX 40(White demo press with a picture sleeve in excellent condition)JOHNNY NOBLE/You're So Smooth - Veep WDJ VG++ 30TOMMY YATES/Darling Something's Gotta Give - Verve (swol) VG+ 40(Class record)BILLY PRINCE/Say It Again - Verve DJ MT- 40(Recommended)UNIT PLUS/What's The Price Of Happiness - Verve DJ EX 40(As above)JACKIE FOLLETT/There's A Moment - Verve Folkways DJ VG++ 30(Ex Wigan play)TROY KEYES/If I Had My Way - VMP EX 15(45 with a promotional picture sleeve. All time classic)BIG BOY MYLES/She's So Fine - V.Tone VG++ 40(RnB class)THE FIVE STAIRSTEPS/You Can See - Windy C WDJ MT 25THE FRANCETTES/I'm Leaving You - Wolfie WDJ MT- 50(Great RnB double sider)ADA RAY/Give Our Love A Chance - Zell's Records EX 20CALVIN HARRIS/My Love Is Real - Zorro EX 40
  12. OFFERS INVITED FOR THE 2 45'S. WILLING TO SELL AS A PAIR OR INDIVIDUALLY. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE MIRACLES/Shop Around-Tamla 54034 VG++ (This 45 is the H55518-A1 take released in the Detroit area only. The 45 has these numbers in run out groove. The labels are clean, the vinyl is VG++ condition with very few minor surface marks.) THE Miracles/Shop Around-Tamla 54034 WDJ VG+ (Version 1 of the L1 take on a white DJ copy. The labels are clean, the vinyl VG+ with some surface marks.)
  13. PM'd you.
  14. POSTAGE FREE IN THE UK. PAYPAL ACCEPTED. ------------------------------ 1960'S UK NORTHERN & RNB ORIGINALS ------------------------------------------------- JEANETTE WHITE/Music-A&M VG+ 60 (Rare UK issue) SISTERS LOVE/Forget It, I've Got It-A&M VG++ 15 ERNIE K. DOE/Gotta Pack My Bag-Action (swol) VG+ 20 BARBARA LEWIS/Pushin' A Good Thing-Atlantic EX 20 (Black issue) MARY WELLS/Can't You See-Atlantic VG+ 20 (Black issue) CAPITOLS/Cool Jerk-Atlantic (swol) EX 20 (Brilliant flip, a version of "Hello Stranger") MARY WELLS/Such A Sweet Thing-Atlantic EX 20 JIMMY HUGHES/Time Will Bring You Back-Atlantic EX 25 YOUNG RASCALS/Of Course-Atlantic VG++ 10 BEN E. KING/Tears Tears Tears-Atlantic EX- 15 ARETHEA FRANKLIN/Don't Let Me Lose This Dream-Atlantic EX 20 (Superb record) BOBBY WELLS/Let's Copp A Groove-Beacon VG++ 25 (Yellow issue) SHOW STOPPERS/Heartbreaker-Beacon VG++ 25 (Yellow issue) CHI-LITES/Pretty Girl-Beacon (white label, sold in UK) VG+ 70 (Backed with "Love Bandit". Two great sides) BOB BRADY/Everybody's Goin' To The Love In-Bell VG+ 20 (1st issue, blue label with silver bells, sold in the UK) SHIRLEY & SHIRELLES/Look What You've Done-Bell EX 20 (1st issue, blue label with silver bells, sold in the UK) CHUCK WOOD/Seven Days Is Too Long-Big T (swol) VG+ 20 ROYALETTES/River Of Tears-Big T EX- 25 ARTHUR K. ADAMS/Gimme Some-Blue Horizon DJ VG++ 25 BRENDA LEE/Time And Time Again-Brunswick EX 25 LEE DORSEY & BETTY HARRIS/Love Lots Of Lovin'-Buffalo EX 15 CHUBBY CHECKER/Something To Shout About-C.Parkway EX 10 (Stormer) NAT KING COLE/Who's Next In Line-Capitol VG++ 15 (1st press purple label) BOBBY DARIN/Not For Me-Capitol EX 15 (Ist press purple label) NAT KING COLE/Mr. Wishing Well-Capitol EX 10 (1st press purple label. An excellent version of Cleveland Robinson) DARLENE PAUL/Act Like Nothing Happened-Capitol EX 50 (Small flip label tear. All credits complete) ERNIE ANDREWS/Where Were You-Capitol EX 30 VERDELLE SMITH/Like A Man-Capitol EX 20 SCOTT MCKENZIE/Look In Your Eyes-Capitol DJ VG+ 30 (Very popular 45. Green & white demo) BARBARA STREISAND/Our Corner Of The Night-CBS WDJ (swol) EX 30 BILLY JOE ROYAL/Yo-Yo-CBS EX 30 (Superb version) GENE LATTER/Ways-CBS WDJ VG++ 100 (Very in demand) EXECUTIVES/I'll Always Love You-CBS WDJ EX 40 (UK cover of the Spinners Motown track) PEACHES & HERB/We're In This Thing Together-CBS VG+ 20 (Classic) BILLY JOE ROYAL/Yo Yo-CBS EX 30 LITTLE MILTON/Who Cheatin' Who-Chess EX 25 (1st press, black label with gold text) RAMSEY LEWIS/Wade In The Water-Chess EX 25 (1st press, black label with gold text) VONTASTICS/My Baby-Chess EX 40 (Hard one on British) RADIANTS/Hold On-Chess EX 20 ADAM WADE/Rain From The Skies-Columbia VG++ 70 (Superb track) HELEN SHAPIRO/Look Over Your Shoulder-Columbia VG+ 20 (Helen does Chuck Jackson, A great version!) THREE BELLS/Over And Over Again-Columbia WDJ VG++ 50 GRAHAM BONNEY/Mixed Up Baby Girl-Columbia WDJ EX 25 EXCITERS/Just Not Ready-Columbia EX 50 (Difficult to find on a UK label) JUDITH DURHAM/Again And Again-Columbia EX 25 (Ex big Wigan cover up as Nita Rossi) JACKIE WILSON & LINDA HOPKINS/Say I Do-Coral EX 25 (Monster RnB) JACKIE WILSON/Whispers-Coral EX 30 JACKIE WILSON/The Who Who Song-Coral EX 40 (Classic on British) ARTISTICS/Girl I Need You-Coral EX 40 (Monster oldie. Not seen on British too often) GOLDIE & GINGERBREADS/The Skip-Decca (swol) VG+ 25 (Hammond instrumental) TOM JONES/Key To My Heart-Decca DJ EX 20 PHILLIPPA LEWIS/Just Like In The Movies-Decca DJ VG++ 50 (Superb unknown track. Slight edge lift, nap) JANIE MARDEN/This Empty Place-Decca EX 40 (A British issue! Superb version) JUDY KAY & ERROL DIXON/What Ya' Gonna Do-Decca DJ EX 40 JEAN STANBACK/If I Ever Needed Love-Deep Soul (swol) EX 100 (Very in demand) AD LIBS/Appreciation-Deep Soul EX- 20 BARRY YOUNG/Show Me The Way-Dot VG++ 10 (Ex cover up) TIMEBOX/Girl Don't Make Me Wait-Deram VG++ 40 TAM WHITE/Don't Make Promises-Deram DJ VG++ 25 (Original version) INEZ & CHARLIE FOXX/Baby Drop A Dime-Direction DJ EX 40 (Rare British demo) INEZ & CHARLIE FOXX/You Fixed My Heartache EX 50 BROTHERS GRIMM/Looky Looky-Ember (swol) EX 75 CASINO'S/That's The Way-Ember EX 40 BETTY EVRETT/Getting Mighty Crowded-Fontana VG+ 15 NITE PEOPLE/Nobody But You-Fontana EX 100 (Real stomper! Once covered as The Jewels) KIKI DEE/We've Got Everything Going For Us-Fontana EX- 20 (Excellent version of Dee Dee Warwick) CARL DOUGLAS & BIG STAMPEDE/Crazy Feeling-Go EX- 40 PHIL UPCHRURCH COMBO/You Can't Sit Down-HMV VG++ 25 (1st blue label press) HANK LEVINE/Image-HMV (swol) EX 15 (1st 1961 blue label press) KENNY LYNCH/Puff (Up In Smoke)-HMV VG++ 25 DEL VIKINGS/Confession Of Love-HMV EX 70 (Rare UK) TAMS/You Lied To Your Daddy-HMV EX 30 FATS DOMINO/If You Don't Know What Love Is-HMV EX 60 RAY CHARLES/You're Just About To Lose Your Clown-HMV EX- 25 (Storming record!) RAY CHARLES/Something's Got To Change-HMV EX 20 JOE HAYWOOD/I Would If I Could-Island EX 40 (Rare UK RnB 45. USA Enjoy release) JACKIE EDWARDS/If This Is Heaven-Island EX 25 SONNY HINES/Nothing Like Your Love-King EX 30 (Ex Stafford) JUNE ADAMS/River Keep Movin'-King EX 30 GENE MCDANIELS/Somebody's Waiting-Liberty EX 15 BOBBY VEE/Keep On Trying-Liberty EX 25 (Great oldie! Written by Van McCoy) HOMER BANKS/60 Minutes Of Your Love-Liberty VG++ 50 ERNIE K-DOE/Wanted $10,000 Reward-London VG+ 15 (Classic with "Mother In Law on flip) LOU JOHNSON/Magic Potion-London EX 100 RUBY & THE ROMATICS/Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore-London VG++ 40 (UK issue!) CHARLIE RICH/Love Is After Me-London EX 50 (Silver top label design) IKE & TINA TURNER with IKETTES/So Blue-London DJ EX 15 (Great RnB) PAUL NEWMAN/Ain't You Got A Heart-Mercury EX 100 (Ex Mickey Moonshine cover at Wigan. Difficult one on British) PRINCE HAROLD/Baby You've Got Me-Mercury EX 30 CONNIE FRANCIS/Fallin'-MGM VG+ 10 (Recent play) KIM WESTON/I Got What You Need-MGM VG++ 40 MADELINE BELL/Picture Me Gone-Philips EX 25 (Classic!) NORMIE ROWE/Ain't Nobody Home-Polydor MT- 15 (Excellent version of the Howard Tate classic) EDWIN STARR/SOS b/w I Have Faith In You-Polydor (swol) VG++ 25 VIOLA WILLS/I Got Love-President EX 50 (1st press with horizontal artist credit) VIOLA WILLS/You're Out Of My Mind-President ssm EX 40 CASINOS/I Still Love You-President EX 15 (1st press with horizontal credits) MARTHA SMITH/As I Watch You Walk Away-Pye WDJ EX 40 ETTA JAMES/Something's Got A Hold On Me-Pye Int VG++ 40 (Superb RnB) RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS/Bring Your Love To Me-Pye Int VG+ 10 (Ex Stafford track) SAMMY DAVIS JR/In The Shelter Of Your Arms-Reprise VG++ 15 (Original version) KETTY LESTER/Please Don't Cry Anymore-RCA EX 100 (Rare UK black issue) GALE GARNETT/I'll Cry Alone-RCA EX 100 (Rare UK) BILLY BUTLER/The Right Track-Soul City VG++ 40 TOYS/On Backstreet-Stateside EX 20 JOHNNY THUNDER/Everybody Likes To Dance With Johnny-Stateside 229 EX 50 (1st press) LITTLE RICHARD/Baby Don't You Want A Man-Stateside VG++ 25 BETTY HARRIS/12 Red Roses EX 50 (Huge RnB) BETTY EVERETT/You're The Good-Stateside EX 25 (The best version) LEE DORSEY/Ride Your Pony-Stateside EX 25 OSCAR TONEY JR./Ain't That True Love-Stateside EX 25 DEAN PARRISH/Tell Her-Stateside EX 70 (Massive oldie) JUDY CLAY/It Takes A Lotta Good Love-Stax EX 20 (Superb oldie) DEREK MARTIN/Sly Girl-Stax EX 30 BILLY ECKSTINE/Stormy-Stax EX 25 (Superb version) MARTHA & VANDELLAS/One Way Out-Tamla Motown VG++ 20 (Sold in the UK credit) CHUCK JACKSON/The Breaking Point-Top Rank VG++ 40 SAMANTHA JONES/Somebody Else's Baby-United Artists EX 50 SHIRLEY BASSEY/Give Him Your Love-United Artists EX 20 (Great Northern track) JAY & THE AMERICANS/Got Hung Up Along The Way-U.Artists EX- 60 AL "TNT" BRAGGS/How Long (Do You Hold On)-Vocalion DJ EX 50 (Slight writing on the flip side centre)