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  1. Hi Rena whats the Dj times and line up ATB Floyd
  2. Hi Have the following soul packs for sale payment by paypal F+F or you pay 4% fees can only post on Saturdays PACK ONE £60 + £7.50 signed for post BACK UP FOR SALE DUE TO TIME WASTER superbs goddess of love Dore EX entertainers people dont look no more Dore EX entertainers temptation walk Dore EX Gene middleton you need love D+B M- little tony my little girl Renfro M- otis brown will you wait lujuna M- beau dollar +coins any day now Prime M- maxine brown my time for crying ABC W/D VG++ jean dushon it wont stop hurting Lennox EX checkmates Ltd sexy ways Rustic EX Harriet blake tonight tomorrow Vincent EX PACK TWO £25 + £5 signed for post SOLD ALL DISC EX /M- Lee rodgers doggin myself around DTOWN Lee Rodgers Boss love DTOWN LEE Rodgers your the cream of the crop DTOWN Lee Rodgers my one and only DTOWN Lee Rodgers i want you to have every thing DTOWN THANKS FOR LOOKING PM ME TO RESERVE ATB FLOYD
  3. Hi Have the following for sale Postage by special delivery £8.50 Payment by paypal F+F or you pay4% fees posting only to UK King George - im through losing you - midtown M- £300 Faye crawford - what have i done wrong rca w/d EX £90 stkrm no damage to label gene+ teenbeats- let nothing seperate us-Raven VG++ £80 Billy Storm its whats happening bay blue star m- £75 Bob Dorman - the only one - Reef vg+/+ £85 phyllis brown- ive got some thing on my mind- Le cam vg++£75 Alexander technique - lets talk LU JUN vg++ £80 spongy and the dolls-it looks like love Bridgeview EX £80 Sinamon leaf be no fool for you - revelation VG++ £100 The mainmen -Relections - old coach EX £85 johnny neel-n talkin bout people -Richie EX £75 maxine womack -tweet tweet tweet -Tack EX £100 Mariane -Motivation Abet Demo EX £100 Buster jones=down silent streets -phila of soul w/d EX £85 facts of life-loving you is easy fmdc EX £100 the hustlers - goodbye -fascination VG++ £150 Betty Williams- baby dont you know-Rollins EX £100 Evon jones - this fool is in love -Daniels EX £60 magnetics -goodbye to love-sounddtrap EX £100 SOLD low hifi as are all copies john stanbery jr -step by step -jayville VG++ £150 flesh and blood - natural man UA M- £150 frankie cherval - to see a big man cry - nola EX £200 marquee review what good tomorrow - pacific ave M- £150 ed simpson - pinch hitter - gold future vg+ £75 lots of tiny pressing bubbles DNAP intimate cyrcle- some day chetwyd w/d vg+/+ £250 plays with one low tick derek david - 9100 - pagan m-£200 nancy lee - no words for love - modo EX £100 vic lance - secrets - geneni vg+ £85 deans no not now - panic vg+ £65 freddie houston - soft walking - toto vg++ £100 misery loves company - thank you baby - Dante EX £70 egde lift DNAP wilma scott - mean old world - verdy EX £100 Danny Wyant- i want you - Love M- £200 Recent C/U Please pm me if interested in any thing thanks for looking ATB Floyd
  4. REDUCED TO £50 PM if interested ATB Floyd
  5. Hi Have the following soul pack for sale £55 + £8.50 signed for P+P Lee Rodgers my one and only D Town EX Lee Rodgers- i want you to have every thing D Town EX Lee Rodgers your the cream of the crop D Town Lee Rodgers Boss love D Town EX Lee Rodgers doggin myself around D Town EX clean labels no damage PM me if interested ATB Floyd
  6. Thanks for reply but as stated in post i dont do offers , but feel free to send set sale prices by pm ATB Floyd
  7. Cheers , i dont do face book but thanks for the heads up ATB Floyd
  8. Hi after copies of the following Brice Coefield -aint that right -omen - issue or demo fluffy Fallana- my little cottage - Alpha both disc must be in clean vg++ condition or better with clean labels and play flat (no warps) please pm me with price (to include paypal fees) no offers please thanks for looking ATB Floyd
  9. Janice christian SOLD ready willing able SOLD Danny Wyant HOLD ATB Floyd
  10. Hi have the following for sale payment by paypal F+F or you pay fees4% all records sent by special delivery £8.50 Masters -darling i made a mistake -Dellwood M- 250 SOLD Wilma Scott - mean old world Verdy EX £100 Janice Christian - just a bad thing Swan w/d VG++ £185 SOLD john stanberry jr- through life step by step-jayville VG++ £150 Franki Cherval- to make a big man cry- nola - EX RARE £200 flesh and blood- natural man -UA recordings EX £150 RARE garage northern intimate cyrcle-some day -chetwyd w/d vg+/++ £250 nancy lee -no words for love -modo =m-£100 Danny Wyant- i want you -Love M- £200 SOLD recent c/u garage northern texas Derrick David + barons -9100 -Pagan M- £200 Funky Northern ready,willing,able - trouble -Bennett M- £150 SOLD Funky northern marquee review-what good tomorrow -pacific ave -M- £150 magnetics- good by my love- sound trap -m- £100 low hi fi recording all copies are like this PM me if interested trades of similar value welcome thanks for looking ATB Floyd
  11. Cheers Chalky got a mint one from the states some years back paid $15 not that keen on it to be honest but nice to see it fetched a nice price ATB Floyd
  12. Hi anyone know what Wayne Boling girl i want to dance with you fetched on Manships auction recently ATB Floyd
  13. Cheers Guys thanks for all your help problem now sorted ATB Floyd
  14. Hi thanks for the info, i know about the obvious boots , what i need to know is if the red and white issues with out the raised lettering are boots or originals ATB Floyd

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