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  1. Hi Looking to upgrade my current copy of Lou Gossett- red rosy bush -Powertree must have clean labels and be at least a clean vg++ please PM me with price /condition NO OFFERS ATB Floyd
  2. Hi then i`m still confused can somebody definately say whether vat and import duty are the same thing and will you still get stung by the post office and the tax man if you dont ask for low value declaration ATB Floyd
  3. Hi thanks for clearing that up, so if vat has been paid does this mean theres no reason for post office to demand handling fee as all fees have been paid and there just trying it on ATB Floyd
  4. Hi thanks for reply, but if youve already paid vat on item and postage you shouldnt need to pay a handling fee as well? if you owe tax and have to pay at post office then i see how you need to pay handling fee, but if these fees have already been paid in advance surely there is no handling fee to pay, can some body clarify this ATB Floyd
  5. Hi won a record from the states last night and paid vat had already asked seller to send as gift low value just incase i got stung again this end seller has now got got cold feet and sent me a refund refusing to declare low value can somebody clarify this for me so it doesnt happen again, if i pay vat on item at ebays end do i pay more tax this end? i dont want to put sellers off by asking to declare as gift if theres no need once ive paid the vat on my winnings ATB Floyd
  6. Hi im looking for a copy of the vows -lost in the city - big three for a friend, please PM me price and condition and i will pass details on to him ATB Floyd
  7. Hi after the following must be in VG++ with clean labels Machine - Little Girl - Astro please PM me with condition and price NO OFFERS please ATB Floyd
  8. Hi After the following must be at least VG++ with clean labels V.I.P.S - why dont you straighten on up - Sands please PM me with price and condition No Offers please ATB Floyd
  9. Hi just bought a cheapie off Carolina soul $8 to see what happens $1.60 tax automatically added to bill before i could contact them and ask for gift ect. looks like were all fucked unless you know some one with a USA address who can send to you as a gift thats my record collecting nipped in the bud, may as well sell up, and thats on the cheapies, i usually go for the more high end items but with obscene prices and taxes on top you need to be a millionaire to collect these days. wish it was the good old days of paper lists and the seller personally known to you and would happily de
  10. Hi Im after a vg++ copy or better with clean labels of the following Bill Freeman - im not gonna lose -Soland just missed out on Manships auction , was out bid at the last minute went to work and forgot to increase my bid winning bid was £154 if you can help pm me ATB Floyd
  11. Top Bloke , always had time to speak First met him when he was Djing at Yate over 40 years ago RIP Jerry
  12. Hi i tried to sell a m- creations on here less than 8 months ago top offer i got was £1000 so i traded for a top want of mine although its a good record its not £2000 worth of record and one of those records you either love or hate personally i got bored of it and was more than happy with the trade i ended up with more money than sense comes to mind ATB Floyd
  13. Hi got mine off Adey Pierce years ago when he visited Chicago a lot also got the Conquistadors -just cant stop loving you Act IV at the same time, great records at reasonable prices in those days ATB Floyd
  14. Hi Total Fake i have a real one, colour of label and writing way to dull rip off merchants like this should be banned from ebay and prosecuted ATB Floyd
  15. Hi i have a copy of the inspirations, tell daddy , i would love to hear it played out loud at an all nighter i bet it would sound great, didnt realise it was that rare, glad i kept it ATB Floyd

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