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  1. Hi got mine off Adey Pierce years ago when he visited Chicago a lot also got the Conquistadors -just cant stop loving you Act IV at the same time, great records at reasonable prices in those days ATB Floyd
  2. Hi Total Fake i have a real one, colour of label and writing way to dull rip off merchants like this should be banned from ebay and prosecuted ATB Floyd
  3. Hi I agree with Tiscapital, i still think L.Allen is the first press, most copies of it are worn including my own the Larry Allens only emerged after it was big at yate and most copies are Ex / M- which to me is a bit suspicious the Larry Allens look to new compared to L.Allen but hey thats just my opinion ATB Floyd
  4. Hi I thought L.Allen was the first issue not Larry Allen which was pressed after L.Allen this was massive at Yate Allnighters and i believe this is where it was first made big if memory serves me right probably for Ian clark great record , great Allnighter ATB Floyd
  5. Hi Simon PMD you re Apocryphals ATB Floyd
  6. Happy Birthday Ted Have a great day mate ATB Floyd
  7. Hi Colin PMD you re Bellboys ATB Floyd
  8. Hi After the following, must be at least vg++ with clean labels and no warps Phil Gentry - outside world - Sierra PM me with price and condition ATB floyd
  9. Hi Also after the following must be strict EX /M_ condition Ascots -another day-miradon Chuck Flamingo-whats my chances-Rojac Paulette- love you baby- Contact Johnnie mae matthews- i have no choice - big hit PM me if you can help ATB Floyd
  10. Hi I have an EX/M- copy of the following Creations - i wanna walk with you- Paul Winley looking to trade for any of the following Blue jays point of view - jay Ron Baxter - this is it Ole-9 Perfections - so lonely - Big B the above must be in EX/M- condition PM me if you can help ATB Floyd
  11. Goodluck, great record took me years to find a copy genuinely rare ATB Floyd
  12. Decided to give Wolfies ago as it had changed to a saturday ideal venue and good to meet up with some old faces Woody,Andy Dyson ,Kitch all did great spots (proper northen soul) and what made it even better not a handbag or pair of baggies in sight will deffo be back ATB Floyd and Jane
  13. Hi i`m after a nice clean copy of the following must play flat and be in at least vg++ condition James Kelly- this i offer you - Esteem PM me with price and condition ATB Floyd
  14. Hi the other side jive talk was big at Yate allnighters for Ian Clark the W/D is a lot rarer ATB Floyd

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