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  1. Sultans - I wanna know

    Hi corbett had one for sale on here recently , good price and condition hope this helps ATB Floyd
  2. The Four Chevelles - I Know (HOLD)

    pmd you ATB Floyd
  3. Hi cant find scottys phone number and need to contact him scotty if you read this PM mate ATB Floyd
  4. John Farrell - Worcester Area

    Hi this is a message from Floyd i also would like to speak to you about francics records before they all go you have my number 01905 748696 or PM Floyd
  5. still need this

    Cheers soul slider thought john had sold this as it used to be in his obscure section on his website was going to trade with him but he wanted somet thing silly like £200+ in trades plus hes got it down as m- i, if the labels are anything to go...
  6. still need this

    HI still looking for a copy of the following unbelievable uglies-keep her satisfied -soma must be at least EX with clean labels please pm me me with price and condition , no offers please but willing to trade if i have something you want...
  7. Mary Hunt 'I want to love and be loved'

    Hard record at that price and condition old jim wensoria alice clark c/u good buy for some one ATB Floyd
  8. long time want

    Hi im after a copy of the following must be in at least EX condition southern sounds of soul - i really love you-- custom soul PM me with price and condition ,NO OFFERS PLEASE ATB Floyd
  9. Nice find, let me know if it goes up for sale, not interested in to getting into a bidding war but if you come up with a price you happy with or trades of a similar value let me know ASAP ATB Floyd
  10. Rita Doryse - Wait til then (ru-jac)

    Hi good luck in finding one its a great record, but very rare been after one for years, Lee Fisher sold one recently, unfortunately skint at the time , sold straight away ATB Floyd
  11. little jewel

    Thanks to everyone for the info, out of interest how do i tell an original from the boot if there identical ATB Floyd
  12. little jewel

    Hi after a copy of little jewel- i want to -tayster must play flat (no warps )with clean labels and be in a strict EX condition if youhave one lease pm with price and condition (NO OFFERS PLEASE) ATB Floyd
  13. Sad news. Francis Terry Thomas- RIP

    A true Gentleman R.I.P Francis God Bless Floyd
  14. couple sunday sales

    Hi Phil hope your well somebody buy bobby cash a bargain way to cheap, quite a rare record and better than most of the crap played out every week, come on Dj`s grow a pair and play something different ATB Floyd
  15. lyrics

    Hi after the following must be at least EX with clean labels PM me with price and condition, no silly prices or Offers please The Lyrics - pick of the week--Crackerjack ATB Floyd