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  1. floyd


    Hi After the follwing, tried before but someone must have one a nice clean copy EX or better Machine -little girl- Astro please PM me with price and condition (no offers please) ATB Floyd
  2. floyd

    just the one

    Hi After a clean copy . EX or better of the following Justis brothers-count on me/ i`d do it for you -Paris Tower PM me with price and condition (no offers please) ATB Floyd
  3. floyd

    current prices please

    Hi anybody know what the current prices are for the following Clay Brown discs in EX or better condition Clay Brown -why you want to change-florentine Clay Brown- every bodys talking-florentine Any help much apprecciated ATB Floyd
  4. floyd

    Rodge Martin, Avons, Jackie Beavers etc

    Hi Sandra King is a great record , never seen a mint one they all seem to be well played when they come up for sale, decent price Good luck with your sales ATB Floyd
  5. floyd

    just the one

    Hi After a clean copy (at least vg++) of the following Machine - Little girl - Astro PM me if you can help ATB Floyd
  6. floyd

    Technics SL 2000 Lid

    Cheers Kev been in touch with one of the sellers on ebay who sells the deck saver multi lids and he says it wont fit the SL 2000 series , bloody typical!!! ATB Floyd
  7. floyd

    Technics SL 2000 Lid

    Still Looking been on ebay unfortunately they all seem to fit the SL 1200 or 1210 series i need a lid to fit SL 2000 series if you can help or see one on ebay please PM me Thanks for looking ATB Floyd
  8. floyd

    Technics SL 2000 Lid

    Cheers Mate will have a look ATB Floyd
  9. floyd

    Technics SL 2000 Lid

    Thanks had a look on ebay but couldnt find one, have you got any links for ebay i could use ATB Floyd
  10. floyd

    Admirations (Aspirations)

    Hi Ian Clark played you left me at Yate C/U as Timothy Wilson (was a very popular sound at Yate) ATB Floyd
  11. HI After a second hand Lid for a Technics SL 2000 Turntable no damage chips / cracks/splits ect Pleae PM me if you can help ATB Floyd
  12. Hi Have the following for sale All EX/M- unless stated P+P £8 Extra (special delivery over £40) £3 Recorded delivery (up to £40) Paypal as gift or add 4 percent fees Roscoe thomas -American girl -world record NOW £200 (was £250) Holidays -this is love -Rob Ron £75 David Carboni-Magic Lady- Doit Box £75 Dennis jones-is there a reason -Plug £40 George Franklin-thats how it is -Faces £40 Revealers-they had a party at water gate - Patramount £40 Denise Chandler-im walking away-Lock £25 nancy fame-nothings too good for you-sounpatterns- £60 john washinton-daddy teddybear -sandwash £40 united voice-make it last-united voice -£50 lynn august-one way ticket -preview -£40 ujima- im getting hip- Epic Demo £40 SOLD black and blue-of all the hearts to beark- Game (test pressing) £35 martha branch -you -solid soul £30 michael cloud - check your direction-Homark £25 Dee wonder-what youve done-Ware (Demo) £50 Delcounts- with another guy-soma £50 johnny sayles- Lilliy Mae-D.H.C £50 frank furter-imitation-uptown (rarer issue) £60 barbara jean-while you were out -Odex £60 ($350 0n craig moorers site) Sheer coincidence- i didnt lie- wright £90 seventh of may-boy am i happy-pennycliff £90 firebolts -everybody party-greenback £40 greg helig-with your love- pentagon £40 charades-you better believe it-harlem hit parade £50 SOLD marty thompson -whirlpool -sirben £75 (old stafford sound) Thanks for looking PM me in interested ATB Floyd
  13. floyd

    indemand 70s dancer

    Hi have the following for sale to fund a want P+P £8 extra (special delivery) Paypal as gift or add 4 percent fees Roscoe Thomas-American Girl- World record EX £250 PM me if interested Thanks for looking ATB Floyd
  14. floyd


    Hi Still looking for a copy anyone has one to sell Please PM me ATB Floyd
  15. floyd


    Cheers will try to find it if seller still has it please contact me ASAP ATB Floyd


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