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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for a copy of Jim & Lee- Let Go Baby on Smash in reasonable condition. I'm interested in a stock copy or promo. Please PM me with price and condition if you can help Many thanks
  2. Looking for decent quality copy of the following: Emmitt Long - Call Me - Donoyia Norris Vines - Give In - 77 Dynamite If you can help please pm me with condition and price Many thanks
  3. I'm now sorted on both of these thanks
  4. I'm looking for a nice original copy of the following records: Sharon Ridley - Scandal In Bedrock/ Where Did You Learn - Sussex Bobby Taylor - There are roses/ It was a Good Time - Sunflower If you can help please PM me with price and condition Many thanks
  5. I'm looking for a clean copy of The Fabulous Jades - Come on and Live - Rika If you can help please PM me. Thanks for any help
  6. Still looking for a copy if anyone can help. Thanks
  7. I'm looking for a nice clean copy of The DeVons - Groovin With My Thing - Mr G records. If you can help please pm me. Thanks
  8. I love this venue, theres a great wooden dancefloor and always a good vibe. Lots of classic tunes but always some unexpected interesting crackers for good measure. I'm really looking forward to Saturday
  9. I'm looking for a nice condition copy of The Temptones - Girl I Love You - Arctic If you can help please pm me with condition and price. Many thanks
  10. mojo2506

    Derby Polish Club

    This is a terrific venue and the last few nights have been really good. I've not heard Mort for some time and I'm looking forward to hearing what he plays. Glyn Sissons always plays a good set with lots of classic monsters. See you on Saturday
  11. Great night last time, hope this ones as good.
  12. Hi, still looking for these if anyone can help. The Tempos - I'll Never Forget You - Diamond Jim Bonnie Blanchard & Andy Aaron - You're The Only One - CRS Montclairs - Hung Up On Your Love - Paula Please PM me with condition and price if you can help Immediate payment by Paypal or bank transfer available. Thanks
  13. Lots of interest in this and looking like another very good night. Mark
  14. Also added The Tempos on Diamond Jim to my wants

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