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  1. John Muir

    Dark Horses

    Leave the sporran ootside pal "the evil sassenach's" will charge ye entrance fee fur the wee beestie.
  2. John Muir

    Dark Horses

    I can see that the "trolls" are still on here (it's a bit like brexit but without the media attention) what a bunch of tossers we have "skulking" within the human race.
  3. John Muir

    Dark Horses

    P.S. I think it's the "bees knees" for an all nighter & never miss one
  4. John Muir

    Dark Horses

    Just taking the mickey mate (see last dark horses comments Nov 2019)
  5. John Muir

    Dark Horses

    Am I allowed to comment (as I haven't had clearance by the soul police to allow my feelings be known)
  6. John Muir

    Dark Horses

    "Ding Dong there's that bell again"
  7. John Muir

    Dark Horses

    Before "jumping on your high horse" I wasn't doing down Marcelle or Chris (& yes I do know them) or any of their events I was merely praising the event which I never miss. I could of course spit a load of venom back, but far more important events are awaiting me (ooh there's the doorbell political canvassers need my attention).

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