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    Impressions. My decieving heart.

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  1. Great write up...bloody great record.
  2. Jim Elliott

    take a look inside-The Supremes

    Fantastic track...even the cd goes for daft money these days.. Fingers crossed for a release of some sort!
  3. Jim Elliott

    Cajun Hart IS The Pink Panther

    Great read.
  4. Jim Elliott

    those "sad" records you play late at night

    My deceiving heart...The Impressions.
  5. Jim Elliott

    Jackie Wilsons Rip off and Demise

  6. Jim Elliott

    News: 6TS 100 Club 2018 Events Heads Up

    All a bit ironic really as the acetates and discoveries aired now are some of the best Ive heard in the 30plus years Ive been going. Always worth the walk past the Kings Hall and onto a train at Stoke station. If we dont use it we lose it.
  7. Jim Elliott

    Jim Elliott

  8. Jim Elliott

    Jim smirk

    Gutted. Had so many great times with Jim. We were only in fits of laughter at Cleethorpes the other week. He always made a point of asking after my boys too. It was a privilege to have known you. Rest in peace my friend. Jim.
  9. Jim Elliott

    Arthur K Adams 'Let Me Love You Tonight'

    Great great record. I know Bob Hinsley used to occasionally spin it but its still either forgotten or unknown to many. The rest of the cd is pretty good too ATB Jim.
  10. Jim Elliott

    McCarthur 'Its so real'

    If you dont ask...!? Anyone have a copy of 'Its so real' on Brown Dog? Regards Jim.
  11. That looks like a helluva track listin' Sunshine too! On the birthday list.
  12. Jim Elliott

    Lenny Welch 100 pounds of...

    Sorted now, thanks. Jim.
  13. Jim Elliott

    Lenny Welch 100 pounds of...

    Hi all. Looking for a copy of 100 pounds of pain by Lenny Welch, pretty good nick if poss. TIA Jim.
  14. Jim Elliott

    Records That Will Always Remind You Of A Venue

    Bogarts, Strood..Millie Jackson 'My man.. 100 Club, Willie & The Handjives 'Gotta find... Allanton, Hesitations ' Thats what love is' & Doni Burdick 'Candle' Kettering Leisure Village, Gladys Knight ' No one could..' Bretby, Brenda 'Reconsider' Ritz, (90s) Ruby Andrews ' Wonderful night' Just Soul, Freddie Hughes ' I just found out' Orwell, Dottie Pearson ' Bring it over baby'
  15. Jim Elliott

    Marke Jackson__ Since Youve Been My Girl

    I was just about to write the same thing Tony. That was where I first heard it and got one shortly after. Val was a great dj.


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