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  1. This is the best thread Ive ever seen on here. Superb.
  2. That is absolute class. What an unsung hero ( altho a God to us). Thanks Tim.
  3. Scorching guitar solo .....great record.
  4. I remember being at the front of the stage when Gene Chandler came on, in Duke of Earl costume...he noticed all the punters tape recorders running on the stage and he deftly switched them off with his feet
  5. I seem to remember reading IOICBS was a pretty seller in the States when released...
  6. Mid nineties at the Ritz in Manchester and Bretby dos...doubtless elsewhere as well....it got hammered though and as with so many records on the scene, familiarity breeds contempt ....overplayed but still a great record
  7. Glenn Hunter did a great article on these guys some years ago in Soul Up North...Ill try and dig it out. ATB Jim.
  8. That thread is wonderful.....A great end to a (really shitty week), lovely pic too eh? Thanks Tim.☆☆☆☆☆ Jim in Penkhull.
  9. Jim Elliott

    100 Club

    Train from the Potteries booked
  10. Fantastic track...even the cd goes for daft money these days.. Fingers crossed for a release of some sort!

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