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  1. How many miles do these things travel? A recent upgrade of a favourite, showing a Soul Bowl price sticker all the way from Portland. This 45 must have travelled over the Atlantic at least 3 times
  2. Butch, Just Brothers, "Go on and laugh" Floored me then, floors me now. Incredible piece of music.
  3. Gentlemen Four. You cant keep a good man down.
  4. I looked after Keith on the day of his admission at UHNM, and he had a very rough ride that day, but he pulled through with grumpy cheer. Hes at peace now. RIP to a Northern Soul legend. Jim.
  5. Hi all. After a copy of "Say that you love me boy" on Prodigal, in pretty good nic if poss. ATB Jim.
  6. Have always been partial to "My brother" by Frankie Gaye and "Its all over the grapevine" by Steve Mancha....never owned either but nice songs, from the Levine Motor City period late 80s or early 90s. ATB Jim.
  7. Hi all. Im after one of these in good nic if poss. No idea where my old copy has gone! Ta Jim.
  8. Horace.....bring Patrice Holloway (Romance) with you will you? TIA Jim.
  9. Hi all. After an original demo or issue of The Remarkables "I cant give up" in pretty good nic if possible. TIA Jim.
  10. Jim Elliott

    100 Club 6TS

    Is Ady on?
  11. Essential reading in the 80s and beyond. The best fanzine bar none.
  12. To my ears it sounds like it may have been cut for the "Here I am" lp on Ember. Bloody tremendous anywho. Regards Jim.
  13. I was barely 15 the first time I went, I was one of the kids who found the scene in the early 80s, when places like the Casino, Mecca and Torch were just mystical places from long ago that had little relevance to me at that time. The 'old guard' in the queue outside making it clear we werent welcome. From the word go it was clear to me even then the place was something special though. It was my first nighter proper, and what a place to start?! The 100 club has (by some) been rather inaccurately labelled the home of the beat ballad retrospectively......those who were there of course k

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