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  1. no i was sure it was boot when i got it , just that it was in a box , and i thought why not , thanks david.
  2. Hi Woodbutcher just played other side and belive it or not it played . the key to my happines , by charades , but this is the other side picture david.
  3. hi thanks for getting back to me , like i said would say boot all day , but the buddah logos , make me think other wise, , david.
  4. Hi Any help with this Eloise Laws / Love Factory, i say boot all day long, but was told that some done in later 70 , others 90 , the matrix , is Law001A , i have looked on others sites but cant find this Matrix, thanks for any help . Dvaid
  5. how many copies of Pabst have you got, LOL have to say got me , i had to read the list two times befor i got it ,thought i was missing out of a great record ,lol
  6. Thanks, will look later, as in work, thanks David.
  7. hi yes thats the one thanks wii look it up , thanks
  8. Hi can any one give me idea on price for copy of , one nighter by The Dynamic Superiors , thank s
  9. Hi would like list if that's OK Thanks David. Email napp55@hotmail.co.uk
  10. If not gone will have Ace spectrum, thanks david
  11. Hi, Bobby womack Daylight, can I have, will pay you later as am not home right now. Thanks David.
  12. Hi will take Harold Melvin, in work now pay you later
  13. Hi Des, if you sill have beggin I will have thanks, I will pay you later when I get home from work.
  14. hi hope this helps you one on discogs . seller name is ruffneckindian, he asking 129 , have to say great record but out of my price lol ,like all the good suff.

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