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  1. hi thanks for this , think it was your post i saw on Discogs , thanks David.
  2. Try this https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/9999549?ev=rb
  3. Hi thanks Tempest that what i thought but was not sure
  4. Hi just heard this to day for first time is it LP track only Ripple Blast Singers And Band Sadie, Sadie thanks
  5. no i was sure it was boot when i got it , just that it was in a box , and i thought why not , thanks david.
  6. Hi Woodbutcher just played other side and belive it or not it played . the key to my happines , by charades , but this is the other side picture david.
  7. hi thanks for getting back to me , like i said would say boot all day , but the buddah logos , make me think other wise, , david.
  8. Hi Any help with this Eloise Laws / Love Factory, i say boot all day long, but was told that some done in later 70 , others 90 , the matrix , is Law001A , i have looked on others sites but cant find this Matrix, thanks for any help . Dvaid
  9. how many copies of Pabst have you got, LOL have to say got me , i had to read the list two times befor i got it ,thought i was missing out of a great record ,lol
  10. Thanks, will look later, as in work, thanks David.
  11. hi yes thats the one thanks wii look it up , thanks
  12. Hi can any one give me idea on price for copy of , one nighter by The Dynamic Superiors , thank s
  13. Hi would like list if that's OK Thanks David. Email napp55@hotmail.co.uk
  14. If not gone will have Ace spectrum, thanks david

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