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  1. davidc

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    Am not to sure for all but Joe Tex, old time lover does it for me.
  2. davidc

    Carl Carlton ‎– So What

    Thanks spook
  3. davidc

    Carl Carlton ‎– So What

    Thanks all for your comments.
  4. davidc

    Carl Carlton ‎– So What

    Thanks Dazz , am with you i think its good too , but as sill bit new to DJ ing would not now how it would go down.
  5. Hi any tell me if this gets played out any where, and any idea of price . Thanks DAVID.
  6. Hi looking for a mate , looking for black issue of Mary Ann Fisher - It's A Man's World , if any can help let me now price , and i will let him know . thanks David.
  7. davidc

    White label

    Thanks Steve.
  8. davidc

    White label

    Hi can any one tell me any thing about this , i have picked up this white label12 inc it has no writi or marks , but the song are .drizabone pressure sidey joe quails i dont do this nolan porter if i could be sure terry callier ordinary joe plus one more but i don t know what the song . what like to now what year and why was it done , thanks David.
  9. davidc

    Joanne got married- Garry garnet- capilano

    right i did not know that , that s why can not find it on discogs . thanks david.
  10. davidc

    Joanne got married- Garry garnet- capilano

    Hi Mick have a look at this i think this is what hes looking for
  11. Hi sorry just seen , i will have a look at that onw , and let him know , thanks David.
  12. HI thanks for getting back to me not that i know i will call him later , can you let me know full price wiith post , thanks david. Hi i have call him , yes sill looking , thanks
  13. Yes he did say but not sure why, he just wants it on Red Tangerine. Thanks Neal.
  14. Bobby Joy Letter From A Soldier / You Sweet Devil You . Hi can any one help with this, looking for a mate. has to be on Red Tangerine records . best price with post . thanks David.
  15. davidc


    can I have Jackie Wilson,gene chandler if not gone, thanks David an out in pub now but will pay you in morning.


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