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  1. Made up for you , and all your family ,sister too all the best
  2. Sill new to buying soul records, about 5 years now but got one of these on D Town records, about 3 years back, good record , both sides
  3. Hi Halogen , thanks for help. David.
  4. Thank you Kirsty,will have look now.
  5. Bobby Jason Wall to wall heartaches matrix Ranwood M-1038-REPL MR stamp97689-xboot or org ?, thanks for any help.
  6. Ben E. King – I can`t break the news to myself , please
  7. Had chat with the man on phone , have to say, sounds top man , hoping to sent one over to him soon
  8. hi thanks for this , think it was your post i saw on Discogs , thanks David.
  9. Try this https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/9999549?ev=rb
  10. Hi thanks Tempest that what i thought but was not sure
  11. Hi just heard this to day for first time is it LP track only Ripple Blast Singers And Band Sadie, Sadie thanks

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