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  1. Sigend
  2. ok thanks
  3. Hi wicked , can i ask what shop in colwyn bay ? , llandudno here , thanks
  4. New to dj,ing have only done three spots, but have played these three washington smith , fat cat little johnny blair, mommas gone marion black , more love (is all we need ) not sure if they are new to all but are to me .
  5. Ok no porbs , thanks
  6. Hi can i ask will you put tyrone barkley "man of value" on hold , as try to phone a mate as he wants one, thanks david
  7. hi can i have JOHNNY WELLS-LONELY MOON-ASTOR EX £25 thanks david
  8. thanks northern soul uk i think its awesome too .
  9. thanks all for your thoughts . david
  10. sorry one
  11. onwe on e bay now http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Northern-Soul-R-B-Mike-McDonald-God-Knows-/371882627972?hash=item5695ee9384:g:cJkAAOSw2gxYuuqY
  12. thanks nitran, like it diddy lol
  13. Hi was just thinking , any thoughts on mike mcdonald , God knows good or bad ? thanks
  14. thanks woodbutcher now i know lol . thanks
  15. what happend to play list as can not see it thanks david