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    Collector of USA original Northern Soul 45's only. "Hunting the rare stuff"
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    Court Davis / Try To Think What You're Doing

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  1. I use the wood glue method for cleaning my new purchases, check out YouTube tutorials on how to this, I find it works. Give the record a clean first with a damp lint free soft cloth, let it dry and then apply the glue. Top tip - practice first on a sacrificial record so you can master the method before using it on a prised record. Obviously if the crackle & pops are due to superficial damage to the playing surface this method won't cure that but it will remove the minute dust particles from the grooves.
  2. Just emailed you mate
  3. Payment sent and I've emailed you, cheers
  4. Sorry mate, I'm bloody useless at this. I would like the Justin track please. please go old school and just email me - cheers
  5. Pm'd you (I think)
  6. Hi, sorry don't know how to PM. If 072 / Soul Brother Six is the Atlantic red & black label original, I'll like to get it please. Can pay via PayPal FF. Please email me - cheers, charlie.
  7. Hi Dave, thanks for the reply mate. I would PM you but I don't know how, so if ya can email me, we can have a chat. cheers buddy, Charlie.
  8. Hi all, just picked up a copy of The Stemmons Express / Woman Love Thief on Karma. In the dead wax is a scratched in name - Dave Rowell how I guess is from Southport as he scratched that in as well. My question - does anyone how who he is. I'm just curious. cheers
  9. Hi, have you got a direct email contact address I can send you my want's ? cheers
  10. Can I have the Bobby Hebb / Love Love Love @ £8 Please email me with your PayPal and I'll zap a payment as FF and give you my address, Cheers Charlie
  11. Hi all, I'm looking for this on the MMC label, which I believe is the original issue (please let me know if I'm wrong), gotta be a decent copy, got the dosh ready and can pay via PayPal. Please email me with pics and dead wax information, cheers email - Charlie
  12. Thanks all, I figured the Swan sleeve I saw was a DIY, but just wanted to make sure. thanks for the offer Dave but if it's not real I prefer to leave it. Cheers Charlie.
  13. Hi all, To compliment my records I like to get authentic and year appropriate record company sleeves. I appreciate that some record labels didn't have dedicated designed sleeves or they came wrapped in the distribution company sleeves. Some sleeves are more elusive to hunt down than others but one sleeve is a mystery to me. What I'm asking is, does the Swan label have a dedicated sleeve (for my Tony Galla and others). I've seen a picture of one (brown paper with the Swan logo in black at the top and at the 11 o'clock position the 'don't drop out' tag line, also in black). Does or did this actually exist or is the picture I've seen a 'mock-up' ? appreciate any information, cheers. charlie.
  14. Thanks Rick, that is exactly what I thought. I've heard other theories but they didn't seem logical to me and the 'unsold stock' was the true explanation. Cheers Charlie.
  15. Hi all, this question has probably been raised before, but can anyone please tell me definitely 'why do some records have drill holes through the label' I've heard a number of theories, some more plausible than others. Your explanation would be appreciated. cheers