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    Collector of USA original Northern Soul 45's only. "Hunting the rare stuff"
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    Court Davis / Try To Think What You're Doing

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  1. 1000+ Northern Soul / Soul 45's For Sale.

    Hi Roger, please forward your list to - cb.fixing@gmail.com regards, charlie
  2. Venetia Wilson This time I'm loving you TOP TOP

    Yes please if it's still available. please email me with PayPal address and total cost. cb.fixing@gmail.com cheers Charlie
  3. Mixed Lot

    Hi, can you please email me pics of the George Freeman cb.fixing@gmail.com cheers.
  4. a few sunday sales

    Please hold the Gerri Granger and email me to chat - cb.fixing@gmail.com cheers
  5. 20 nice sales for the weekend

    Ok Dave, thanks for letting me know, cheers.
  6. 20 nice sales for the weekend

    I fancy the Betty Llyod, could you please email me a full description and more photos. cb.fixing@gmail.com cheers.

    Hi Harry, please hold the Tommy Neal, could you please email me a picture - cb.fixing@gmail.com cheers, charlie
  8. Crackle on records

    I use the wood glue method for cleaning my new purchases, check out YouTube tutorials on how to this, I find it works. Give the record a clean first with a damp lint free soft cloth, let it dry and then apply the glue. Top tip - practice first on a sacrificia...
  9. ivorys-paris-sam ward and more!

    Just emailed you mate
  10. Some nice sales: Cody Black, Sidney Barnes etc.

    Payment sent and I've emailed you, cheers
  11. Some nice sales: Cody Black, Sidney Barnes etc.

    Sorry mate, I'm bloody useless at this. I would like the Justin track please. please go old school and just email me - cb.fixing@gmail.com cheers
  12. Some nice sales: Cody Black, Sidney Barnes etc.

    Pm'd you (I think)
  13. Hi, sorry don't know how to PM. If 072 / Soul Brother Six is the Atlantic red & black label original, I'll like to get it please. Can pay via PayPal FF. Please email me - cb.fixing@gmail.com cheers, charlie.
  14. Scratched name in dead wax ???

    Hi Dave, thanks for the reply mate. I would PM you but I don't know how, so if ya can email me, we can have a chat. cb.fixing@gmail.com cheers buddy, Charlie.
  15. Scratched name in dead wax ???

    Hi all, just picked up a copy of The Stemmons Express / Woman Love Thief on Karma. In the dead wax is a scratched in name - Dave Rowell how I guess is from Southport as he scratched that in as well. My question - does anyone how who he is. I'm just curious. ...