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  1. Hi mods i hope this is the correct forum there is a soulnight on the calendar that is completely wrong, it is for pure soul at hartshill sports club, it is dated for the 7/3/2020, I don’t know how it got there, because, the DJ who originally posted it, hasn’t been part of our DJ rosta team for at least 2 years, we have a night still to be posted, on the 14/3/2020, so can you please delete the posting for the 7/3/2020 thanks. Paul shaw. At pure soul
  2. Hi simon i make these record boxes, but they are not cheap, I sell them for £150 I use dovetail joints to make the box, and they are a well made sturdy record box
  3. I know the feeling, but you have to keep asking every now and again atb
  4. Hi all looking for Sidney Barnes- I hurt on the other side-blue cat i know it’s a hard one, but if you don’t ask!! please pm me if you have one, you are prepared to let go atb. Paul
  5. Hi raym have you any of the record spindle adapters left atb. Paul
  6. Is there anyone on here still doing the record adapters please atb. Paul
  7. Hi clive the cash is in your account my address is mr paul shaw 236 greenmoor rd nuneaton warwickshire cv107ep thanks Clive and atb
  8. Ok clive i will take that please mate paypal f&f ok. ??
  9. I will have to check with him mark, I don’t know how much he is prepared to pay atb
  10. A friend of mine has started collecting a few records, orig, pressings boots, he is not bothered what format, just wants the tune, can anyone help with these lavern baker-wrapped ties and tangled fred Hughes- baby boy len Barry-when you call me baby daryl banks-somebody somewhere pal rakes-can’t deny the hurt thanks in advance atb. Paul
  11. Who was Paris, who sang sleepless nights ??

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