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    rare soul music - computers - aikido
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    cecil washington - i dont like to lose

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  1. Eddie Williams - you left your happiness - Coronado records vg- £80 angels - (the la niers) more than ever now - river city records vg++ £100 leah Dawson - you got to change - Okeh. Demo. Vg++ £130 two tons of love - what good am I - paramount. Vg+. £100 Sold george Cameron - my heart tells me so - portrait. Demo. Vg+ £320 ronnie love - Detroit michigan- d-town slt lblt vg+ £100 don and Juan - all that’s missing is you - Amy Mala promo. Vg++ £280 johnny mae Mathews - two sided thing - big hit. Vg. £70 wooden nickels - nobody but you - omen promo.
  2. Rita lee, cheaper than a Robert Thomas, not a cressa Watson but good price
  3. A mate of mine is after these 3 records Please pm me if you can help bill Lucas - cause I know your mine barbara west - congratulations baby betty Swann - make me yours originals only thanks atb. Paul
  4. Wanted. Willie tee - first taste of hurt - blue label gatur Please pm me if you have one to sell atb. Paul
  5. Please pm me if you have one for sale atb. Paul
  6. Wanted for a mate the tropics-hey you little girl - topic original only pm me if you have one to sell no offers thanks atb. Paul
  7. Not too sure really, would £60 get it off you Atb. Paul
  8. Wanted for a mate Salvadores - stick by me baby 70s reissue please pm me if you have one to sell Atb. Paul
  9. Hi mate Its been a month since your last post, but just wondered if you still have the cautions for sale atb. Paul
  10. I thought the sophisticates was dirt cheap, quality record that you never see for sale, I definitely wouldn’t let my copy go that cheap, give it a spin and listen to a special record
  11. Wanted pearl jones- give me another chance - sidra please pm me if you have one to go atb. Paul
  12. Ok mate no worries 

  13. Hi Ian sorted it earlier on thanks atb. Paul

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