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  1. Hi, I am looking for the 7 inch copy from 1979. Thanks
  2. HI People, I am not really one to be controversial but I went to the Twisted Wheel in Manchester on Sunday for the first time for a while and after an hour was wondering what had happened to this once great Sunday afternoon day out. A very safe play list with no modern , up-tempo or anything left field and whats with the suits and hats guys - Looked like a bad wake. Is it me or is this what we are now reduced to ? J.
  3. Hi People, I have tried everywhere and hope somebody can help. I am looking for the following two modern records to purchase - 1. Curtis Anderson - How can I tell her = on Charm Records 1979 or 2015 bootleg re-issue. 2. LJ Johnson - You keep my temperature rising (Ian Levine penned). Help would be appreciated. Thanks Johnny
  4. Hi people, I am looking for a copy of the following if any body has them for sale (please PM me). 1. Curtis - How can I tell her 2. Serenade - Maybe this time. Thanks Johnny.
  5. I was at the Twisted Wheel yesterday and what a great day it was !! Just wanted to ask if anybody knows the guy who was dancing in the white three quarter mac and blue suede cubans because he was the best dancer I have seen in the last 25 years - bloody magic mate !!
  6. Hxtfc1


  7. Young Brothers - Whats Your Game = 100 MPH Stomper Brought to the Wheel by Ian Levine circa 1974 ! Getting off the train at Manchester Victoria from Halifax in Blue Suede Cubans , tight jeans and a Prince of Wales Mac - Priceless !!!
  8. Jumped onto this topic late but having read through the posts I am now spitting feathers !! As a regular attendee at various venues (The Wheel , Brighouse etc etc) in Yorks and Lancs for many years I am growing increasingly fed up with what I call the 60s and 70s crowd looking down their noses at the younger Soulies (and by the way I am from the 60s and 70s era !). I personally don't want to see the younger people driven out of venues by the constant playing of the top 500 usual suspects. Bring on the modern soul and new stompers for me and lets Keep the Faith long into the future. Without the younger generation the scene will be confined to history under the same chapter as the Dodo !
  9. Sorry people I was not aware the Levine was a no go subject !! Getting back on track Joey - yes Halifax - The legendary Plebs club circa 68 (now revived by Francis OBrien) was allways a wicked night out. The Wheel was different not only because of its never heard before playlists with tracks like The Young Brothers - Whats Your Game but also for the fashion. The train from Halifax into Victoria was a magic site, when in those days of six button flairs many of the FAX soulies were wearing tight jeans , suede overshirts and coloured suede Cubans !!! The meeting point was the Crown and Anchor on the end of Deansgate before the walk to the Wheel - should have seen the looks from your everyday punters on the way down-happy days !! There is still a guy who goes to the Wheel now who still dances in the Blue Cubans - watch this guy move. Yes the Wheel was different. Jonny.
  10. Hi Joey, Just wanted to throw my two pennies into the ring regarding Levine. It does not matter to me if he will be remembered as a saint or a sinner the fact of the matter is that the tunes he was playing in the Mecca (collected on his US trips) are still the mainstay of the up-tempo soul scene all these years later. I was at the wheel a couple of weeks ago and John Kane played a couple of what I call Levine classics and the floor erupted !!! God save Levine. Jonny.
  11. I cant vouch for everyone but the best dancer I have ever seem was at the Twisted Wheel and he was wearing Cuban heels. Not see him for a while but watch this guy move !!
    Great Music, Good Venue , Great Turnout !! One Negative the service at the bar was horrendous . 30 minutes to get a drink !!
  12. The Halifax Soul Crew stopping at the Townhouse - cant wait for Friday. Keep the Faith !!
    Twisted Wheel - Keep the Faith ! We travel over form Halifax for our regular slice of the Twisted Wheel and find the smaller second rooms across the board music and up-tempo beat more to our liking (could I dare to say that it attracts a slightly younger crowd onto the floor) ! Some tracks I have heard recently played in the second room by Ginger, John and Jock have included classic up-tempo greats from Cliff Nobles the Young Brothers and Maurice Williams !! Now where else can you hear these classics other than the Twisted Wheel ? Pete, please do not change the great format !!!

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