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  1. Records that never quite made it....

    Strangely enough I played love Potion No.9 when I last dj’d at Filthy Soul in London about 18 months ago
  2. Value please, Ivorys on Despenza

    No sorry. I found out about the reissue (boot?) on another thread (can’t find) and found one sold on eBay for £21 last year
  3. Value please, Ivorys on Despenza

    I think this one is the reissue
  4. Value please, Ivorys on Despenza

    A mint original is £1200-£1500 so a VG+ would be £800-£1200 depending on how ‘VG+’ it is!!! KIV it’s been booted with the capital letter label design
  5. ivorys please stay

    Wand & two Dispensa
  6. Record Mailers

    I cut my own inserts." - bought ones are too flimsy. I got a 7.50" x 7.25" & a 12.50" x 12.25" thick glass plate made up as my templates and after trying multiple methods found the best way to cut card is an electric bread knife!!!
  7. Record Mailers

    http://soundswholesaleltd.co.uk/ Just looked around and these are the still the cheapest. Used them before. Good quality
  8. ernie and ed indication

    PMd you
  9. Daybreak

    Yep - I think it was £500 which at the time I thought was a good price.
  10. Gene Townsel-im Walkin Away

    Years ago I heard the Andy Davies had the Dobre 45??
  11. (Sorted) Willie Tee - Concentrate

    PMd you
  12. Vinyl in 'The World of Coca-Cola'

    Couldn't really tell - don't think it was 18". Looked about 15"
  13. Mickie Champion - What Good Am I

    Or better still snap them both - terrible stompy record that isn't soul at all.