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    Fluorescent Smogg - all my life

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  1. Paul Capon

    Sound issue on PC

    All I have an old Pioneer amp plugged into my sound card on my PC. My previous PC was great with excellent sound and I could record / play anything I played via my deck attached to the amp in very high quality .WAV files. Playback, Youtube was great. After a recent rebuild and motherboard replacement I’m getting a buzz through my amp when I play anything through the PC - my recordings, YouTube - everything. I have good quality speaker cables, Mordant Short speakers so that’s all good Any ideas?
  2. Paul Capon

    A few sales from Paul Capon

    Some sales today:- Carletta Sue ‎– You Keep Holding Back On Love STRING VG £15 Great stepper (not the sales copy) https://youtu.be/xklLq0n1eXI Jay Poole - I Love You NE-BO M- £40 Excellent modern soul mid-pacer https://youtu.be/4Pw_TvRgPQU Linda Perry - It's All In The Back Of Me Now MAINSTREAM M- £40 Top class swinging dancer https://youtu.be/dMdXKGDuZMs Reggie Sadler Revue ‎– Just Wait And See DELITE VG+ £40 stunning pleading soul vocals on their great mid-pacer from ‘71 Sly, Slick & Wicked ‎– It's Not Easy PARAMOUNT wdj M- £22 fine sweet soul. Lovely M- copy https://youtu.be/vwbArb-4pw4 Jeb Stuart - Baby Let's Get Together Tonight / You Better Believe It Baby ESQUIRE INTL. M- £35 Another quality mid-tempo https://youtu.be/PAMZsDeUnEg Barbara Jean English - Your're Gonna Need Somebody To Love You ALITHIA dj EX £25 SOLD Tremendous slab of soul. Superb vocals by Barb. Take a listen. Rare on a dj copy too. https://youtu.be/70fsld4HdSE Bobby Wade – I'm In Love With You WAY OUT MINT £55 superb crossover soul! Perfect mint copy. https://youtu.be/CZkt3X4KHA8 Jean Wells – What Have I Got To Lose CALLA MINT £40 One of the best crossover dancers you’ll ever hear - period!!! Perfect Mint copy https://youtu.be/9gmGR_XRqGw Reggie Walker - So Glad I Found You SIROCCO M- £30 Top draw sweet stepper. Rarer of the two labels this was released on https://youtu.be/we6MBoZQGJE Johnny Wyatt ‎– This Thing Called Love PRESIDENT (UK) VG £65 Northern soul stormer https://youtu.be/JQxuEzzyC9Y Ken Williams ‎– Sweet Music, Soft Lights And You CREAM wdj VG+ £25 Moody Hudson-esque ‘rare groove’. https://youtu.be/8supjGrXWzw The Contours – It's So Hard Being A Loser EX £12 (drill hole) Classic Motown dancer. Their final release for the label. Found this great clip of the group on the Tube. Take a look. https://youtu.be/jc-7a4HBRQA Michael Henderson – Take Me I'm Yours BUDDAH M- £12 & an EX @ £10 with marks on the B side Just an out an out classic 70’s dancer. Both in their birth sleeve. Don’t know why Rena Scott doesn’t get billed on the label as this a deffo a duet! https://youtu.be/xh7qo0cTs-g Phil Hurtt ‎– Giving It Back FANTASY EX £3 Dirt cheap classic boogie Albert Jones ‎– Unity KAPP wdj M- £40 Punchy crossover. Lovely original sleeve https://youtu.be/lKoAcd4z6wc Ann Peebles (feat. Don Bryant) - Mon Belle Amour HI RECORDS EX £22 High class stepper. https://youtu.be/ufPKi9anJco The Ballads ‎– I Love You, Yeah VENTURE M- £20 Super soulful mid-pacer https://youtu.be/N17IounXipU
  3. Paul Capon

    SORTED Edee - Make it last

    I have this - light green ICA label. Looking for £85. Should me M- or EX. Let me know and I’ll confirm
  4. Thanks - new one on me Added to the Discog list - 27 entries on the Discogs list so far. Any more? https://www.discogs.com/lists/Stock-Image-Label-Same-symmetric-pastel-coloured-background/433809
  5. Strange - label says it’s out of South Carolina rather then Ohio. Added to the list anyway.
  6. Funnily enough I’ve recently looked thro the QCA related stuff on Discogs. I found just one 45 Teri Butler ( see below). Couldn’t be bothered to check the LPs tho’ 25 entries on the Discogs list do far. Any more? https://www.discogs.com/lists/Stock-Image-Label-Same-symmetric-pastel-coloured-background/433809
  7. Paul Capon

    A few for sale

    C.B. Overton - if I can’t stop you (stereo/ mono) £40 SHOCK promo Perfect Mint copy with clean date stamp Jan 12 1978 Great 70’s groove. great production. Ann Peebles - Mon Belle Amour - HI EX (has a couple of stress lines very light. £20 ace stepper - take a listen if you don’t know it Ron Preyer - if you don’t want my love SHOCK. Another classy stepper EX £12 SOLD The Charmells - sea shell/ lovin feeling VOLT DJ CG £20. Great girl group SOLD
  8. Hi - sorry but the Quotations has sold
  9. Paul Capon

    A few for sale

    A few for sale:- Danny Hunt - What's Happening To Our Love Affair Dynamite Records 8663 EX £60.00 Uplifting soul. Big production. Has a 70's Stevie Wonder feel Epicenter Featuring Sandra Feva - You Can't Come Up In Here No More - Krisma KR 1001 M- £40 Big 80's soulful stepper Faith Evans - Ain't Nobody / Kissing You Bad Boy EX £8 90's soulful stepper Frank & James - How Long Is Forever / You Got The Love I Need White Enterprises Records J.W. 109. M- £35 Great double header. 70's dancer with a great mid-paced stepper The Gambrells - Love Is In The Air Cub EX £20 Femme dancer. Lovelites style Heaven & Earth - I Can't Seem To Forget You GEC EX £12 Left field sweet 70s. Great group harmonies and production Hot Ice - First Class HOT ICE EX (couple of light scuffs otherwise M-). £40.00 Rare 80's boogie Sandra Feva - Tell 'Em I Heard It Venture Records during V-138 VG+ (a few light marks and stress lines) £5 Swinging soul. Great soulful vocal from Sandra! A Jerry Butler - Make It Easy On Yourself Vee Jay promo VG £6 Classic Randy Brown (2) - We Ought To Be Doin' It Chocolate City VG+ £8 Swinging soul mid-pacer Luckey Davis - It's Not Where You Start (It's Where You Finish Highland Records (orange label) M- £65 Outstanding modern soul dancer The Esquires - What Good Is Music? Cigar Man Music Uptempo sweet dancer from 1980 EX £8 Karl Evans - Oo Wee Let It Be Me Babe Skyway SKY 1000 (yellow label) EX £12 Big production northern dancer Sam Dees - Just Out Of My Reach Atlantic promo 45-2937 EX £20 UBER SOUFUL from the man!!!!! Every soul fan should have one of these. Nice promo with date stamp Jun 4th 1973 - 45 years ago!!!!! Donnie Elbert - Can't Get Over Losing You / Sweet Baby All Platinum AP 2333 M- £7 Another super soulful side backed with a finger snapping dancer Myra Barnes - Super Good King 6344 M- £15 Mega funk. Hard to find in Mint- condition. Most are trashed! Tyrone Mack - Maybe we EXPRESS Records EX £20 - modern soul pacer Ike Noble - Shake It Loose CONNOWILL M- £12 80s modern soul Can’t find the 7” on YouTube but here’s the 12” to listen Joe Johnson & the Olympic Serenaders - Can I Change My Mind SYLA M- £55 Great modern soul version on Tyrone Davis Patti Jo - Ain’t No Love Lost - SCEPTER EX £70 Punchy 70’s soul. A kind of female Leroy Hutson feel
  10. Paul Capon

    Luckey Davis - It’s not where you start.

    It looks pretty red!
  11. Funnily enough I’ve recently looked thro the QCA related stuff on Discogs. I found just one 45 Teri Butler ( see below). Couldn’t be bothered to check the LPs tho’
  12. Both added to https://www.discogs.com/lists/Stock-Image-Label-Same-symmetric-pastel-coloured-background/433809
  13. The Anderson Brothers has been added to the Discogs list. This lead to the following (also added)
  14. And another for the original topic:- Double O’s - Colour One Tear Black - SPLIT RECORDS
  15. I’ve created a new Discogs list and added all of the above. It’s open for anyone to add to. 16 entries so far. https://www.discogs.com/lists/Stock-Image-Label-Same-symmetric-pastel-coloured-background/433809 Over the years I’ve seen dozens of 45s with the same distinctive symmetric pastel coloured background. These 45s are pressed by QCA (Queen City Album) in Cincinnati Ohio.This list is to catalog these records.


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