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  1. Gatur label listing

    And the top offer was?
  2. Gatur label listing

    Nice to have Steve even though it isnt his best IMHO. Just listened to 'hole card' again on YouTube and it sounds a bit disjointed to my ears - a bit messy.
  3. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    He's saying next day delivery so I guess he means special delivery which would be the £8
  4. Comedy Sale Of The Day

  5. Gatur label listing

    Got the LP and all the Gatur 45s bar 'hole card'.
  6. Gatur label listing

    I'm not a boot/ reissue fan/owner but I want one!!!
  7. Gatur label listing

    They even chose 507 as the number to fill a fictitious gap
  8. Gatur label listing

    Hmmmmm - the plot thickens.....
  9. Gatur label listing

    The reason I asked is that a friend has Willie Tee - Take your time / Bring in the heartaches GATUR 507 i didnt know it existed!! I have 'first taste' on blue and green, 'first taste' with 'I'm having so much fun' on the B side, 'teasing you a...
  10. Gatur label listing

    Does anyone have a label listing for the Gatur label please?
  11. Gloria Lynne "Kickin Life (Like An Old Tin Can"

    I should have an Ex/m- copy in my sales for £25. Let me know. And a DJ copy of the 7" @£70
  12. Crazy northern Instrumentals; Your Fave?

    I'm glad the subject line for this topic says 'northern instrumentals' and omits the word 'soul' as as much as I don't mind the odd instrumental I can't see that a tune can be soulful without a vocal. My opinion....
  13. Yep - I've have yellow and used to own the green label copy as well. The green label copy doesn't have the 'bing badda bing bing bing' vibes which is a key hook In the tune.
  14. I think i have a copy as well I've anybody needs it
  15. Barbara Brown, Enchantment, Florence Miller

    Pretty sure I have the Babs Brown. Will need to confirm grade and research price