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    Upminster, Essex
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    Fluorescent Smogg - all my life

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  1. Paul Capon

    Paul Capon Soul Sales Feb 14th

    Paul Capon Soul Sales Feb 14th Mail me on xoversoul@ntlworld.com if interested Calvin Arnold - satisfy my woman IX CHAINS M- £12 In the vein as ‘Color him father’ by The Winstons https://youtu.be/WFi8uAfY0EY Barbara and Brenda-if I’m hurt you’ll feel the pain DYNAMO M- £30 R&B northern https://youtu.be/hXNpxsEiUco JJ Barnes - baby please come back home / chains of love GROOVESVILLE VG+ to EX £20 Classic Big production Detroit northern soul double header https://youtu.be/6n82CFE7Fdc https://youtu.be/lRUpmrPcgWY Big John Hamilton space-space take this hurt off me MINARET M- £65 Super soulful atmospheric soul. Great vocal. This one is starting to pick up! https://youtu.be/7hXgYs11G5I Bill Brandon - (take another little) piece of my heart MERCURY VG £6 Big vocal dramatic version https://youtu.be/a88J3f32xOU Brothers of Soul - try it babe / candy SHOCK VG+ to EX (small sticker mark) £30 Two great sides https://youtu.be/a8xqiDclrNQ https://youtu.be/eor_3cUUZMM Bobby Boyd - whatcha gonna do about it BANG DJ M- ‘x’ on one side £40 Horn driven northern soul https://youtu.be/TZ5fFcYq_sE Cory (Braverman) - Take it or leave it PHANTOM M- £25 Punchy crossover dancer https://youtu.be/QdsPaCq8amY
  2. Paul Capon

    Paul Capon Soul Sales Feb 13th

    Paul Capon Soul Sales Feb 13th Mail me on xoversoul@ntlworld.com if interested Clyde Brown who am I / call me back ATLANTIC M- orig sleeve £35 Two great soulful sides - superb soulful vocals ‘Who am I’ is a great classy soulful stepper. ‘Call’ is a big production early 70’s dancer https://youtu.be/DVmUuD3iCKs https://youtu.be/4Y9QpC2ZeRo Ruby Andrews - I got a bone to pick with you ABC M- orig sleeve £22 Classy swinging 70s dancer https://youtu.be/CKTLwYZPJHk Harold Andrews - Since I talked to my baby HLS M- £18 Uptempo northern - all the strings and things!! https://youtu.be/o0fVz1wKZUg Brown Sugar - Lonliness / Don’t hold back BULLET EX £7 Clydie King on vocals Two crossover / northern dancers https://youtu.be/UyUkZJYR6Fg https://youtu.be/TqHmX-wyxIs
  3. Paul Capon

    Paul Capon Soul Sales part 2

    Paul Capon Soul Sales Feb 10th pt2 Mail me on xoversoul@ntlworld.com if interested Veda Brown - shoutin’ our love / brand new tomorrow RAKEN M-£25 Nice double header ‘shoutin’ is a smooth soulful mid-tempo dancer. ‘Brand new’ is a great crossover dancer https://youtu.be/79lOd-xTrig https://youtu.be/xhDvQ4Pn-5o James Bloom - I like your lovin’ 20th CENTURY M- £18 Swinging 70s dancer with all the horns and strings and things!! https://youtu.be/TPMnMqihufk Lee Charles - standing on the outside REVUE EX £16 Superb record!!! Crossover soul at its best https://youtu.be/rnjcLDp3JRM
  4. Paul Capon

    Paul Capon soul Sales Feb 10th

    Couple of bits Paul Capon Soul Sales Feb 10th Mail me on xoversoul@ntlworld.com if interested Marye Bourgeois & Earl Adams - I love you more today DJO M- £12 https://youtu.be/MB79L_GeCdw Deep soul Banks & Hamilton - I’m gonna have to tell her WB dj M- £12 Deep soul https://youtu.be/4QXTxZ170MQ Chamber of Commerce - I’m free to live DCA M- £16 Sounding very like the 4 tops https://youtu.be/HFtY_Fwzwv8 Johnny Davis - the love I see now BANDIT M- £25 Deep soul https://youtu.be/ER_s5O7Rmmk PS join me! https://www.facebook.com/groups/842121225833084 or https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/PaulCaponSoulSales/info
  5. Paul Capon

    Show us your great photos (2019)

    RV trip to Monument Valley, Utah
  6. Paul Capon

    Show us your great photos (2019)

    Front seat of my cab in Havana,Cuba
  7. Paul Capon

    Show us your great photos (2019)

    Same day in Marrakech souk
  8. Paul Capon

    Show us your great photos (2019)

    A pic I took in the Marrakech souk
  9. Paul Capon

    Show us your great photos (2019)

    My ex dog looking into your soul... I have a canvas print of this on my wall to remind me of my old faithful 9 stone bear ‘Tig’.
  10. Paul Capon

    Paul Capon Soul Sales Feb 4th

    Paul Paul Capon Soul Sales Mail me on xoversoul@ntlworld.com if interested Dynamic Upsetters - I want a man to shag with me - CPI M- £70 Great finger snapping beach dancer https://youtu.be/3-Ux7mDDhPU Patti Drew - He’s the one CAPITOL M- £40 Absolutely fantastic crossover dancer. Take a listen https://youtu.be/k1JOT9cx0xY Ronnie Dyson - we can make it last forever COLUMBIA M- £15 Soulful intro which turns into an uptempo driving 70s dancer https://youtu.be/9pOlxjsVUYU Ella Washington - it must be love SOUND STAGE7 VG+ £18 Super soulful 60s https://youtu.be/lJFIJcaODQc Betty Everett - My love to lean on - SS7 M- £50 Super soulful 70’s dancer (tiny bump in run in edge of B side - DNAP) https://youtu.be/vnSreSekKp8 The Earles Inc. - Let’s try again What would your daddy say-TEE-TI M- £45 Two Quality group sound mid- tempos https://youtu.be/z286JJRnchI https://youtu.be/MGykLRxELRA Fire and Rain - Hello stranger - MERCURY M- £25 Great early 70’s version of this Babs Lewis classic Tony Fox - give it all up tonight - EMERALD CITY M- iss £10 M- dj £12 Early uptempo 80s dancer https://youtu.be/POPDjd1qc9I The Gents - love’s such a beautiful thing - PARAMOUNT dj M- £60 Top class 70’s dancer in the same vein as Brothers Guiding Light etc https://youtu.be/50iB30UYl28Paul
  11. Paul Capon

    Paul Capon Soul Sales

    Paul Capon Soul Sales Mail me on xoversoul@ntlworld.com if interested James Taylor - Love with hope / I love everything about you OVIDE MINT £250 ovno Stunning MINT condition of this great Northern Soul dancer backed with a great mid-paced/deep soul track https://youtu.be/6K28l6wVjGo https://youtu.be/0FS-UOYtSEs MODERN SOUL Stanley Ivory & His Omnificent ORCHESTRA Got a lot of living to do / give me the real thing OPTIMIST M- £45 Sophisticated jazzy soul https://youtu.be/WI0XD9PmE7w NORTHERN SOUL stormer Chuck Bernard - My baby / She's Already married SATELLITE issue M- £50 Or Great WDJ EX TO VG+ £40 TWO GREAT SIDES My baby is a storming northern dancer. Married side is a great super soulful 60s beat ballad with great production, all the horns and things and great vocals. https://youtu.be/SkkhLHXapwc https://youtu.be/6uOTwfWgo0o NORTHERN SOUL/ BEAT BALLAD Danny Belline - Outside the city / Grey city day RCA WDJ M- £15 Big production northern soul https://youtu.be/FOYrSruBzjE CROSSOVER SOUL George Benson - My woman’s good to me / Jackie All - A&M M- £50 Great mid-tempo last 60s soul. Nothing like what he went on to do. CROSSOVER SOUL Arlene Bailey - Ain’t that something / I had a love COBRA M- (light label discolouration) £45 Great crossover soul from ‘74 https://youtu.be/Kpb-tWH0rlk NORTHERN SOUL The Avons - Since i met you / He’s my hero EXCELLO M- £25 Two great sides. ‘Since’ is finger snapping northern soul and ‘Hero’ is a great big production beat ballad https://youtu.be/-rRq_q7z2sM https://youtu.be/_X02BigD3A8 60s NORTHERN SOUL GROUP SOUND - The Marvels - Mr Soft Touch / same MERCURY wdj M- £80 Cool 60 soul. Great mid-tempo group sound. Here on a great wdj MODERN SOUL - Kenny Hamber -Never found a girl PES 102 EX £45 Great version of this great modern soul track https://youtu.be/gWn6H3dw620 MODERN SOUL Marcelle Joseph - long distance love affair - DSR Intl. M- £125 Punchy modern soul dancer https://youtu.be/SixKdt4QTGM CROSSOVER SOUL Johnson,Hawkins, Tatum & Durr - Your love keeps drawing me closer / you can't blame me CAPSOUL M- £65 ‘Drawing’ Is a snappy crossover dancer. “Blame” is a superb atmospheric 60s group sound mid-tempo. Mega soulful https://youtu.be/pemDu2VeO0w https://youtu.be/2YPehAj8JJU MODERN SOUL Mike Jemison - you’ll never get my love LAKE EX £25 Great modern soul dancer backed with a great deep soul track https://youtu.be/NC5Tab3rjgY NORTHERN SOUL / mega DEEP SOUL - The Emotions - Brushfire / Somebody New TWIN STACKS M- £25 Uptempo northern soul backed with one of my all time favourite deep soul tracks. https://youtu.be/T_qZSKfUi2E https://youtu.be/7dxASXDjGYc Top class FUNK / SOUL - Frankie Beverly’s Raw Soul - Colour Blind GREGAR dj EX £65 Funky soul with all the horns and things. https://youtu.be/OlLKvw8LIBc CROSSOVER SOUL Beverly and Duane - We got to stick together FEE DETRIOT M- £35 Crossover dancer https://youtu.be/x9msR-unEJE NORTHERN SOUL Barbara Lewis - Don’t forget about me ATLANTIC UK dj VG+ £25 Great looking rare U.K. Northern Soul. Classic soul voice. https://youtu.be/3gRIbjWp4PA 60s NORTHERN SOUL GROUP SOUND - The Millionaires - Ain’t no achievement SPECIALITY M- £25 Cool 60 soul. Great mid-tempo group sound. https://youtu.be/TVejKCPjhC4 60s GIRL GROUP NORTHERN SOUL The Cooperettes - Goodbye school BRUNSWICK dj M- £22 https://youtu.be/UwFP20Q9_lw MODERN SOUL Roy Dawson - Over the top COEMANDS M- £70 Uptempo modern soul dancer NORTHERN SOUL Peggy March - If you loved me (Soul coaxing) RCA dj M- £90 Despite the 1968 release date this is early sounding northern soul. https://youtu.be/OC8Whj16_3c NORTHERN SOUL / DEEP Marvin L Sims - Now I’m in love with you MELLOW M- £60 Storming northern backed with deep soul https://youtu.be/VyH1xQ5yiRg Mable John - mable john who wouldn't love a man like that TAMLA (lines) VG+ £40 RnB / NORTHERN SOUL - Ted Taylor - i lost the best thing - SONCRAFT EX £25 Early RnB/Northern https://youtu.be/VpzudrkrS6I
  12. What’s the going rate for New Way - Holding On - PRESTIGE in M- ? Last copy on Discogs was VG+ @£399
  13. Paul Capon

    Future 2000 ‎– She Loves Me / Good Things

    I have this. PMd you
  14. Paul Capon

    Fresh Band ‎– Come Back Lover

    I have one. PMd you
  15. Thanks We have 30 entries in the Discogs list now https://www.discogs.com/lists/Stock-Image-Label-Same-symmetric-pastel-coloured-background/433809


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