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  1. “Philadelphia Routes’ - the history of Philly music - on BBC iPlayer radio. 6 x 30 min episodes - from Cameo Parkway to PIR & TSOP. Be quick - first episode times out in 3 days.
  2. Thanks - quite prolific and some great less obvious left field soul releases!! How could I forget - have that Turner Bros 45 s well!!
  3. All, Over the years I’ve seen dozens of 45s with the same distinctive symmetric pastel coloured background. Does anyone know the reason for this? Same pressing plant maybe? AND Lets see how many of them are out there - post your pictures. Here are three of the top of my head:-
  4. Paul Capon

    Records that never quite made it....

    Strangely enough I played love Potion No.9 when I last dj’d at Filthy Soul in London about 18 months ago
  5. Paul Capon

    Value please, Ivorys on Despenza

    No sorry. I found out about the reissue (boot?) on another thread (can’t find) and found one sold on eBay for £21 last year
  6. Paul Capon

    Value please, Ivorys on Despenza

    I think this one is the reissue
  7. Paul Capon

    Value please, Ivorys on Despenza

    A mint original is £1200-£1500 so a VG+ would be £800-£1200 depending on how ‘VG+’ it is!!! KIV it’s been booted with the capital letter label design
  8. Paul Capon

    ivorys please stay

    Wand & two Dispensa
  9. Paul Capon

    Record Mailers

    I cut my own inserts." - bought ones are too flimsy. I got a 7.50" x 7.25" & a 12.50" x 12.25" thick glass plate made up as my templates and after trying multiple methods found the best way to cut card is an electric bread knife!!!
  10. Paul Capon

    Record Mailers

    http://soundswholesaleltd.co.uk/ Just looked around and these are the still the cheapest. Used them before. Good quality
  11. Paul Capon

    ernie and ed indication

    PMd you
  12. Paul Capon


    Yep - I think it was £500 which at the time I thought was a good price.
  13. Paul Capon

    Gene Townsel-im Walkin Away

    Years ago I heard the Andy Davies had the Dobre 45??


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