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  1. Haha. Got it. Now.. anyone got a photo of a covered up label for me?
  2. Na, that’s not the plan! I probably worded the post badly - I’m looking for photos of records *with the labels covered up* as I’m designing something to look like an old cover up but want to make sure it looks authentic! so I’m not looking to uncover anything or find any secrets, just needing pics of covered labels from back in the day for reference.
  3. I'm looking for some pics of covered up records - surprised I can't find anything anywhere! It's for a design project. Just need to see a few authentic pics to take inspiration from. can anyone help??
  4. Even Tom Moulton doesn't know anything about it and he mixed it! Does anyone have audio of it? I'm really curious to hear it!
  5. Yeah, I've seen that pic, saw Tom Moulton's name and looked for more info. But found very little.
  6. I'm really intrigued by this record - seems incredibly obscure. Is it valuable? Any good even?
  7. Willie Daniels "Let Me Get Close To You" on Don-Lo 12". Anybody help?
  8. I see them online from the states, but would prefer UK postage, if anyone can help??
  9. The Pretenders "Just Be Yourself" (Carnival)Strong Ex condition£200 + post
  10. aarrgghh - was going to buy the copy on Discogs from Germany but it's gone. Only a couple in the States now!! Somebody help me out here
  11. If it was for me I'd choose Tammi every time, but she prefers Brenda!
  12. Thanks mate.. it's in the US though. Would rather be sure it'll be here in plenty of time for xmas!

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