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  1. Thank you mate - got one just before you messaged.
  2. I'm probably leaning towards the Expansion release but will consider any format. UK seller preferred.
  3. Making My Daydream real. UK seller preferred. EU at a push
  4. Silk "Midnight Dancer" album wanted. Preferably from a UK seller.
  5. Hi mate, I sent you a message
  6. Trying again.. Willie Daniels - Let Me Get Close To You / I've Been Searching on Don-Lo 12". Cash waiting!!
  7. Can anyone help me out with a VP96 audio technica/Vacuum Records portable? Cash waiting!
  8. Not sure how many people on here bought one, but thanks to anyone who did - we didn't set the world on fire but the T shirts have gone to print and there's a bit of cash going to Show racism The Red Card.
  9. There's less than 24 hours left on this campaign and I'm happy to say that we sold enough to go into production, but it would be nice to sell just a few more to raise a decent amount for Show Racism the Red Card. If you're tempted now is the time to buy before it's too late!

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