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  1. I see them online from the states, but would prefer UK postage, if anyone can help??
  2. bagasulph


  3. The Pretenders "Just Be Yourself" (Carnival)Strong Ex condition£200 + post
  4. Pretty please?
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  5. Please
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  6. aarrgghh - was going to buy the copy on Discogs from Germany but it's gone. Only a couple in the States now!! Somebody help me out here
  7. If it was for me I'd choose Tammi every time, but she prefers Brenda!
  8. Thanks mate.. it's in the US though. Would rather be sure it'll be here in plenty of time for xmas!
  9. Tammi Terrell / Brenda Holloway ‎– All I Do Is Think About You - came out as I guess a bootleg. Need one for my daughter's christmas. Would prefer to buy in UK and not pay a silly price!
  10. Anyone got a Sound Burger or Mister Disc they don't need? Even if it's buggered. In fact, especially if it's buggered. Just need a few spare parts.
  11. Anyone got a Sound Burger or Mister Disco they don't need? Even if it's buggered. In fact, especially if it's buggered. Just need a few spare parts.
  12. Yeah
  13. Philip & Lloyd - You’ve Got To Keep On Moving SOLD Fabulous Five Inc. - Disco Pot Pt1/2 Melrose 7” Ex £15 Jackey Beavers – Mr. Bump Man Part II / Somebody Help The Beggar Man SOLD Al Tanner – Let's Boogie, Freak n Rock / Doing Our Own Thang Tymo 7” Ex £70 Marc LaRoi Cummings – Lots Of Love / Struggling Together Setting Sun 7” Ex £30 Jewel Bass – Let Your Love Rain Down On Me / I Don't Trust Myself SOLD Perfect Match – I'll Smile Again / The Weights On You Philly Town 7” NM £60 Curtis Green – I Just Gotta Get Down Pt1/2 Bold 7” NM £20 Bill Avery And Love Co. – Disco Fever Pt1/2 Big Dee 7” Ex £80 Haywood Tucker – I'm Yours / I Got My (Eyes On You) Haywood’s 7” VG+ (some 80s thing I have no interest in - only price I can see anywhere is $150 from 2012 on popsike) £30
  14. Wanted!
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  15. Can anyone help?

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