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  1. Full title: "Hello Heartbreaker: Uptown Soul from Scepter, Musicor and Wand". At the heart of New York's 1960s music scene were the Scepter/Wand and Musicor labels, revered for their dramatic, lavishly-produced Big City brand of Soul Music. Here are 28 of their finest recordings, spanning chart hits to rarities, with 14 songs new to CD. 1.Jack Montgomery - Dearly Beloved 2.Dean Parrish - Bricks Broken Bottles And Sticks 3.The Demotrons - Brother, Where Are You? 4.Marie Knight - Cry Me A River 5.Bobby Hebb - I Love Mary 6.Lenny Miles - In Between Tears 7.The Tabs - Two Stupid Feet (Alternate) 8
  2. any one know about places in fort lauderdale/miami area
  3. can any of those nice people who run theseoldshoes tell me if tickets for this weeks sess. are avlb.on the door? thanks

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