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  1. I have just received an e-mail from secret stash records , which i assume is about that missing CD from the set they released years ago ie The Toddlin town one, however it came with an attachment so havnt opened it, just wonderd if anyone else has had one. Martin
  3. A few artists have made great records that get played on both scenes , by that i mean different records ie, Charlie Rich, Narvel Felts, Mickey Lee Lane, to name a few but agree when you go out for the night it should do what it says on the tin, Funny enough getting back to the original post Link Wray and Robert Gordon made a fantastic album together,
  4. Getting back to the topic yes it has dried up but there is still tons of stuff unreleased, a few i have got hold of lately, on the History of soul label. some great stuff the Detroit and new york wer really good, and the ohio soul was one of the best cds ive heard in a long time, mostly late 50s and 60s. Also the Jukebox jam label, some great cds jukebox jam vol 1 and 2 great cds if r&b your thing and the two jukebox mambo cds are fantastic again wot it says on the box ,no 70s shite, on STAG-O-LEE the 3 volumes of slow grind fever 2 lps on each cd, are really good exotic r&B of the popcorn type but really good, All the above are well worth a listen, cant speak for how legit they are, im finding that isnt as black and white these days as some are making it out,they have nothing to do with me just cds that have been recommended by friends.
  5. nothing to with amazon when you put the cd into your pc thats how the track list comes up for some reason.
  6. Dont know about anybody else, but i got the first release in the post this morning the One-derful collection cd. plus the bonus cd .looks great but havnt played it yet.
  7. Get well soon mate, you still owe me a pint,
  8. Amazon now saying thats it not in stock and dont know when it will be.
  9. amazon sent me an email the other day about a double cd mary wells -lost and founnd contalning 23 unreleased tracks on the hip-o-select label which looks interesting ,comes out early jan i believe,
  10. Just seen these, the lee dorsey looks tops. definatly a buy, any news on the gene chandler.

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