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    First went to Wigan casino at 14 my first love was northern soul and I've stuck with it,I thought I do love all types of music.....Yorkshire soul 

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    Continental 4 The way I love you

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  1. Across the board Northern Soul
  2. Top man..... thanks Ian
  3. ADoes anyone know future dates for soul in the dales ? Trevor
  4. Does anyone know future dates for soul in the dales ? Trevor
  5. Dave interested in ron holden and darrell banks how fo i see the vid of ron holden?
  6. Hi mate was waiting for a pic I sent my email Kind regards Trevor
  7. Cheers trevor.wallace@asda.co.uk
  8. Hi mate Yes I can but just waiting for a bonus to come through first, can you send a pic of the single Inc vinyl ? Kind regards Trevor
  9. Hi mate Ruby Winters Better still for sale ?

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