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  1. Timebox - Beggin on UK Deram DM 194 looks worn but plays through with the odd crackle.Nothing major. Name on label £45 The Chi Lites - Love Bandit on Uk Beacon looks worn but plays through with the odd crackle.Nothing major WOL and slight discolouring on the other side label £45 Bobby Womack- Home Is Where The Heart Is UK CBS Looks worn but plays fine. Grubby labels on both sides £40 Paypal as friends and family postage is £ 3.95 sent in box mailers.
  2. Am looking at possibly clearing out the collection in bulk lots say 50 to 200 at a time. Can anybody recommend a courier and what sort of price are we talking about? Many thanks in advance Gary
  3. And you try telling the kids of today and they won't believe you.
  4. Many thanks! Must learn how to do that.
  5. Garfield Fleming Ain't nothing too good for my woman. Played on radio 6 yesterday said it was first thing he has recorded since Don't send me away. It's on YouTube if someone can do the link. Please.
  6. Bloody hell forgot how good this is!
  7. Didn't know that, was it eBay?
  8. Think I am being slightly cynical, think that's the word. 4000 records valued at £3000. Methinks that is a dealers pricing and not market value. I know it's gonna be hard to offload that amount of records in one go, so who got them? Never knew him but seems such a shame he didn't leave a will and give them to a charity or a mate. Note to self
  9. Not been out and about recently, can anyone tell me of the venues that play stuff like this?
  10. The Coasters - Crazy Baby I need love and I need it bad So come on over and share my pad.
  11. I wouldn't. Doh! Shows other events still on. Try the person who lists the event on here..

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