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  1. Went to a do in Dewsbury can't remember the date,reckon it was after 2000. It was a two roomed event, northern and modern. Think Rick Scott was one of the djs,there was more bar staff, doormen and djs than punters.
  2. The torch one is very nice, and tried the Hacienda as well. Both as good as some of the more expensive beers.
  3. I've still got a black and white telly! Mmm do I love you?
  4. I've had a night like that but not on gin!
  5. Still there but think someone has cancelled the bid it's at £85 now.
  6. Four seasons Scarborough 1975 had the records people and atmosphere of an allnighter. But was a small intimate venue.
  7. Someone called J-sol apparently he's been on x factor.
  8. Did anyone catch this programme today, was a singer on at the end and missed who it was?
  9. James Cobbin Caught in the middle on tuckwood music Original. Plays ex with no crackle. £105 including UK post in a box mailer signed for.PayPal as friends and family Make me an offer. Cheers Gary

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