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  1. Hamburg docks Sunday afternoon after the weekender.
  2. I've had a night like that but not on gin!
  3. Still there but think someone has cancelled the bid it's at £85 now.
  4. Four seasons Scarborough 1975 had the records people and atmosphere of an allnighter. But was a small intimate venue.
  5. Someone called J-sol apparently he's been on x factor.
  6. Did anyone catch this programme today, was a singer on at the end and missed who it was?
  7. James Cobbin Caught in the middle on tuckwood music Original. Plays ex with no crackle. £105 including UK post in a box mailer signed for.PayPal as friends and family Make me an offer. Cheers Gary
  8. Jimmy Bee If it wasn't for love 20th Century Fox demo plays Ex with a small bit of crackle on the run in. £30 Add £3.50 for postage in a box mailer. PayPal as friends and family thanks for looking.
  9. Buckner brothers Love you From the Bottom Of My Heart/ A Change Is Gonna Come on Sanla Plays with small crackle at the beginning but nothing major. £50 including post.PayPal as friends and family.
  10. Lenis Guess -Just ask me-SPQR stamped original playsEx. £80 add £4 post and packing PayPal as friends and family.

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