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    Barnsley fc boozin collecting rare soul all genres.
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    johnny mae mathews i have no choice

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  1. There's an Amy label boot, sure it had Morris Chestnut on other side. Had it late 90s early 2000s. Gave it to a mate when I got lp. Gaz.
  2. Great night ,great club. Thanks for letting me play lads atb Gaz.
  3. Another brilliant nite.
  4. Gutted we cant get this satdy, were going to a wedding in Devon. We'll be at the next one, have a good un.
  5. Couldnt agree more, great night & tunes again.
  6. Taxi booked, from Barnsley !!
  7. Spot on, the very same reason we travel down from Barnsley.
    As usual here, top notch music and people. It was brill.
  8. 2 demo's in Barnsley, that i know of.
  9. This is the one she signs in the u-tube clip. Priceless to me , thanks to Dave & Bri Pinches .
  10. mid tempo

    mid tempo

  11. Two in my 100, from cheap to expensive. Carl Carlton- Dont walk away. Mel Williams- Sweet girl of mine. Both brill imho.

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