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  1. Whitby Weekender Rifle Club Crossover Help

    Volumes was deffo played on Saturday night
  2. SOUL NOT DOLE - Armthorpe Pit Club

    You weren't bad yourself Bob Always nice to see you & Ann All the best mate
  3. SOUL NOT DOLE - Armthorpe Pit Club

    Would like to thank the SND gang for letting me spin a few , really enjoyed myself . Would also like to thank everyone for the kind comments about what I played , it makes it all worthwhile. Russ
  4. SOUL NOT DOLE - Armthorpe Pit Club

    Looking forward to spinning a few tunes , always a great afternoon
  5. Bit of video from Sunday afternoon
  6. Creme de la Creme Sunday Chillout

    Looking forward to this , always a great afternoon
  7. The Gene Townsel was on the LP first , the single came a few years later. James Brown got a release on a single , I think in Venezuela, it was played at the H & G recently
  8. True Pages of Life was on the "For Modern Millionaires Only Vol 1" cd that came out in 2000 but not much info about the group
  9. Latimore...'There's No End'

    Used to play it regularly at Peel's Bar in Barnsley back in the late 1990 's & been playing it on & off ever since . I even played it on New Years Eve at a friends party.
  10. Latimore...'There's No End'

    Great tune also on UK President
  11. Bit of video from the afternoon