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  1. Bit of video from the afternoon
  2. Sunday Chillout @ Horse And Groom

    Who's on today , on here it says Freddie & Mike Lofthouse & on Facebook it says Freddie & Dave Halsall . Guess I'll have to turn up & be suprised.
  3. bit of video from the afternoon
  4. Whitby Weekender Rifle Club Crossover Help

    Volumes was deffo played on Saturday night
  5. SOUL NOT DOLE - Armthorpe Pit Club

    You weren't bad yourself Bob Always nice to see you & Ann All the best mate
  6. SOUL NOT DOLE - Armthorpe Pit Club

    Would like to thank the SND gang for letting me spin a few , really enjoyed myself . Would also like to thank everyone for the kind comments about what I played , it makes it all worthwhile. Russ
  7. SOUL NOT DOLE - Armthorpe Pit Club

    Looking forward to spinning a few tunes , always a great afternoon
  8. Bit of video from Sunday afternoon
  9. Creme de la Creme Sunday Chillout

    Looking forward to this , always a great afternoon
  10. The Gene Townsel was on the LP first , the single came a few years later. James Brown got a release on a single , I think in Venezuela, it was played at the H & G recently
  11. True Pages of Life was on the "For Modern Millionaires Only Vol 1" cd that came out in 2000 but not much info about the group