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    Love real soul, northern, funk, sweet soul, two step, deep - made by real singers and musicians, not the bland electronic lift-muzak coming out these last few years.

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    Betty Wright - Keep love new

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  1. Thank you all for the feedback. Much appreciated.
  2. I like the big drama soul of Roy Hamilton and I'm searching a bit further than the big hits. Looking him up on Discogs I find 18 compilations and 18 original albums. That's a lot to wade through - spirituals, easy listening standards before you get to the soul goodies. Anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks
  3. You've hit the nail on the head. I think certain singers had it - Rufus Lumley. Frankie Valli sometimes.
  4. Thanks, I appreciate for all your knowledgeable feedback. I thought a tune with this much interest would be on a compilation somewhere (however legit). I'll seek it out when I have a few thousand spare from a lottery win.
  5. Does anybody know where I can pick up this lovely song on a compilation / CD anywhere. I've hunted around and can't see it on any obvious releases. I don't buy into expensive collecting so happy to find it anywhere. Any other tips for other songs available by Sandy Golden? Surely a performing name. I can't believe that a singer of this quality had such limited releases. Was this a contracted singer performing on another label under another name?
  6. Thanks very much for your replies. You lot were quick in replying! Great tune.
  7. Can anybody name a tune with the chorus lyric "When the trumpets play..." The tune has a male vocal doing a big drama number. I'd appreciate any pointers. Thanks

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