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  1. Irish Mash

    Sandy Golden - Your Love Is Everything on CD?

    Thanks, I appreciate for all your knowledgeable feedback. I thought a tune with this much interest would be on a compilation somewhere (however legit). I'll seek it out when I have a few thousand spare from a lottery win.
  2. Irish Mash

    Sandy Golden - Your Love Is Everything on CD?

    Thanks for replying.
  3. Does anybody know where I can pick up this lovely song on a compilation / CD anywhere. I've hunted around and can't see it on any obvious releases. I don't buy into expensive collecting so happy to find it anywhere. Any other tips for other songs available by Sandy Golden? Surely a performing name. I can't believe that a singer of this quality had such limited releases. Was this a contracted singer performing on another label under another name?
  4. Irish Mash

    Name this tune please

    Thanks very much for your replies. You lot were quick in replying! Great tune.
  5. Irish Mash

    Name this tune please

    Can anybody name a tune with the chorus lyric "When the trumpets play..." The tune has a male vocal doing a big drama number. I'd appreciate any pointers. Thanks


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