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    We are Paul and Sue Wells, we used to go to the night owl, the beachcomber, the twisted wheel, the mojo, the tin chicken, the place and a few others in the mid to late sixties.

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    Susan Wells
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    the elgins

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  1. Hey we both went there on Friday night and this is the best SOUL night we have had for years, great sounds, will be going to them all from now on!.
  2. Thanks for all the feed back, even the one from worzel gumidge!
  3. Hey, thanks for that. That is everything that we are looking for. we will make the effort to go there. Thanks from:paul&sue
  4. we were around in the day's of the Mojo: Shefield, Twisted wheel/Manchester, Night owl/Leicester and Beachcomber./Nottingham. we just like to go somewhere where they play the Aretha Franklin,Temptations, Four tops, James Brown, Otis Redding etc., But all we hear is Northern soul stuff. We want to go somewhere where we can dance to some classic sounds. I hope someone knows of a venue that plays the above sounds!
  5. Are there any venues that play only mowtown, stax, chess, atlantic soul music of the sixties? and not northern soul!! Every function that we have been to in the last 2 years has been dominated by northern soul, we want to know if there is anywhere that plays all the old classics, known by millions and not obscure records only known by a few? If you know, then please tell us. Thanks Grantham:paul&sue

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