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  1. Soul Shoes Bishopstoke

    Guest DJ Danny North`s 60th birthday Top DJ and a real gentleman .
  2. Songs for a funeral

    Senior moment meethinks !!!!!!!!
  3. Songs for a funeral

    Chairman of the board " I`m on my way to a better place " WiganBrian
  4. Kingston Soul Club Mini Alldayer

    Very pleased to be making my debut here in the Main room [ DJ`d in the bar area a few years ago ] along with Trowbridge Matt who has tunes most of us can only dream of owning, and one of Soul`s nice guys . WiganBrian .

    So glad that "Anywhere" Are having me back at this brilliant venue . To grace the decks with Danny North who has one of the best collections in the South and a truly top bloke ! .Hope to see a great crowd down there ......if you haven`t had to many eggs WiganBrian .
  6. Favourite Christmas soul record

    Stevie Wonders " Someday at Christmas WiganBrian .
  7. Wigan

    What !!!!!! Never heard of the Home of George Formby ....".Eeeeee it`s turned out nice again " And the worlds best pies !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Wigan

    The Bees Knees is now called " Last orders " The "Ship pub " just around the corner from the Casino is now just a facade for part of the front of the Grand Arcade . I personally feel you will be disappointed with your visit , there are only scant reminders ...
  9. Paul Thrower, sad news

    After reading all the lovely things you have all said about Paul , It just confirms my thoughts that he was THE nicest man on our wonderful soul scene. A true Gentleman with a wit and panache unsurpassed . R.I.P Paul WiganBrian .
  10. Ted Massey

    Good to hear he's doing better than his beloved Villa . Get well soon WiganBrian
  11. Soul Shoes @ Bishopstoke Memorial Hall

    Thanks Matt , Are you D J ing ? as there is no flyer attached ???? You have a great time, playing those superb tunes of yours . WiganBrian
  12. Soul Shoes @ Bishopstoke Memorial Hall

    Not sure if its feasible to attend this one away at Middlesbrough , match finishes 4.50 pm and 5 hour journey mmmmmmm ! deffo not feasible . Have a good one Matt . Wigan[Stokie}Brian .
  13. wiganpotter

  14. Roburt is spot on . the day after at school , it was the main topic of us 14/15 year old`s about the guy cocking up his performance on T O T P who had fook all rhythm , the main consensus was he left the stage through embarrassment , I seem to remember some...
  15. First Theft In 10 Years

    If it was my gear , he`d be in ward 10 AND 11