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    just loving you , ruby andrews
  1. rallygoer

    Little Flint - Pain - Beast

    ive got a mint unplayed copy if you are still after one
  2. excellent read and appreciate the info , thanks a lot :-)
  3. rallygoer

    Wanted Urgently

    there is a white dj copy of the arabians on ebay finishing tomorrow if your still looking , heres the ebay number ( 110245881023 )
  4. i have some nice tunes up for auction on ebay tj williams & two shades of soul the ambers / another love larry atkins / aint that love enough kim weston / i,m still loving you the arabians / please take a chance on me plus many more , just click on link at bottom ( thanks to steve lane )
  5. rallygoer

    Some Top Tunes For Auction On Ebay

    cheers for that mate ,top man.
  6. i have some nice tunes up for auction ( no reserve ) on ebay tj williams / baby i need you the ambers / another love larry atkins / aint that love enough the arabians / please take a chance on me + many more enter this number in search ( 110245873151 ) bettye swann / kiss my love goodbye and click on ( view sellers other items ) sorry but i dont know how to put the proper link on here.
  7. rallygoer

    Drax , Selby

    hi everyone , ive been asked to post that the next soul night at drax is friday 29/02/08 cheers.
  8. rallygoer

    Mods "v" Scooterists

    only one holiday in holland , you got that right mate , i did it 3 times and nothing else comes close to it , just wish they was still on , saying that ive heard a rumour that there is something similiar on in june this year according to one of my mates in beverley ?????
  9. rallygoer

    Mods "v" Scooterists

    hiya to dunfermlinesoul : welcome mate : i must admit i hav,nt been to a scottish rally , but hoping to go to kelso this year ( if i can convince the rest of them that you don,t need a passport ) but i have a lot of respect for the scottish scooterists , i remember going to milan in 97 , we took our lammies in a van up to the swiss border and rode them to the venue in novegro , but there was a few lads from eninburgh blues there who ..
  10. rallygoer

    Mods "v" Scooterists

    mmmmmmmmmmm , i personally think the soul we get played on rallies at the main do is a bit too mediocre ( have i spelt that right ) , and yeah of course everyone gets up and dances because , its what,s getting played or nothing and knowing that the next hour or so is going to be ska , mod or a band playing , of course there is exceptions like whitby , iow , mersea island where they have rooms dedicated to northern soul ,,,,,,, still ..
  11. hi all , can anyone give me a realistic price guide on these please , if i dont get back to work soon , i may have to reluctantly sell , cheers. ace spectrum / dont send nobody else ( white test pressing ) m- lavern baker / i,m the one to do it ( brunswick demo ) m- t.j.williams & two shades of soul / baby,i need you ( josie ) m- kim weston / i,m still loving you ( tamla demo ) vg++ gene chandler / mr big..
  12. attachment=27268:the_ambe...__mint__.jpg]
  13. rallygoer

    Warren's Sales

    well do you accept paypal or not mate. and if so , what condition would you grade jeanette/wade flemons ,,,,,,,,,col.
  14. rallygoer

    Warren's Sales

    ive also pm,ed you mate ???????
  15. rallygoer

    Warren's Sales

    hiya , i could be interested in the wade flemons / jeanette , depending on what the cond is and if you accept paypal ,,,, cheers col.