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  1. I specifically asked Kenny about this and he was absolutely clear that Goldspot was the first version and his local release. He then hooked up with GAR and the song was "done again" Andy
  2. Andy Rix

    News: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019

    Best wishes to all Enjoy ... and have a good one Andy
  3. Andy Rix

    Nancy Wilson R I P

    Sad news .... basically she was just cool Another reminder that we should let those who have enriched our lives are made aware of how much impact they have made Andy
  4. Andy Rix

    Spalding. Small Venue

    I remember the Horseshoe Bar very well. I started going there in 74 or 75 ... I was around 13 Sunday night was full on Northern and the resident DJ was Eggy Molen but Poke was there most Sunday's which, as you can imagine, meant we heard lots of good stuff Andy
  5. Andy Rix

    Dave Box RIP

    Another massive loss in so many ways R.I.P. Dave Andy
  6. Andy Rix

    Dave Clegg

    There was a never a dull moment when Dave was around. He was enthusiastic, passionate and just good fun. A sad day indeed R.I.P Dave Andy
  7. Andy Rix

    Timmie Williams - Who was/ Is he

    I think Timothy 'Timmie' Williams also recorded as T. J. Wiliams on Josie .. And co-wrote 'Drive On James' recorded by King George (RCA) I would agree that it is a New York recording Andy
  8. Andy Rix

    Barney Duke Bonnie Browner

    As I recall the BMI registration & lyric sheets were obtained by Pete Lowrie ... many will recall he had a lot of good hits in Detroit which included a lot of Motown items .. acetates, and so on, from the clear out of the Woodward Building I'm 99% sure I got photocopies of the documents from him .. unless Ted Massey wants to correct me on that .. it was a long time ago ! Gilly .. you don't need me to tell you how much respect we have for the things you've done .. and those of us who know do know I recall making a comment in another thread regarding Tim's 'Tracks To Your Mind' publication and how high he set the benchmark for the rest of us .. the same applies to you I have no doubt your book will be beyond amazing Best Andy
  9. Andy Rix

    Christine Cooper - Voices of Vista Lp - 1966

    .. and Teri who looks after the Cameo/Parkway 'masters', in NY, also confirmed that Tari & Christine are the same person ... and that Christine's real name is Delores Cooper Andy
  10. Andy Rix

    Christine Cooper - Voices of Vista Lp - 1966

    Eddie did date Christine .... Anybody asked him if he might be able to locate her ? andy
  11. Scott English was known to use Jimmy Radcliffe for demo discs ... And Jimmy had a voice versatile enough to not sound like the Jimmy we are familiar with as a solo artist not saying .. Just a suggestion andy
  12. Andy Rix


    Nice bit of detective work there .... I've often wondered about them but forgot to ask Stan Vincent, who co-produced the track, when we spoke As you know Vincent had been involved with the Holton/Security set up and had worked with Lou Christie, 5 Stairsteps and many others the track was certainly being played at Cleethorpes in Feb 74 as its featured on the recording I gave to Pete Smith which is available on his site Andy
  13. Thanks Andy for telling us about Fisher Harmon. 

    I saw it on Facebook via Chalky and Dave Flynn. Hope all is good with you.

    I've had a rough few years. Still djing a bit. 

    Mark Hanson 

    1. Andy Rix

      Andy Rix

      thanks Mark

      All good .. hope things are on the up for you

      Have you got a link to FB ??




  14. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Mello Souls - Fisher Harmon R.I.P. I'm sad to let you know that Fisher P. Harmon died, aged 70, last month Fisher alongside Silas Phifer, Jim T & Randy provided us with one of the most loved and iconic 45s of all time. View full article
  15. Mello Souls - Fisher Harmon R.I.P. I'm sad to let you know that Fisher P. Harmon died, aged 70, last month Fisher alongside Silas Phifer, Jim T & Randy provided us with one of the most loved and iconic 45s of all time. He was a great guy and was both humbled, amazed and very happy to learn that 'We Can Make It' had finally hit home. This was the side that featured his lead vocal When Rupert & I visited him, in September 2016, he was full of great stories about his life and times and the journey that the Mello Souls took that resulted in their one, and only, recording session on September 24th 1967 We were thrilled that we reunited him that week with the 'teenagers' who provided the music. The pictures show Fisher, at home, with his 45 .... touching base with Larry, who was one of those 'teenagers, and meeting, for the first time in decades, the children of Mr Marshall, the group's manager R.I.P. Fisher Another job well done Andy


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