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  1. At the time of these recordings Herman was married to Gi Gi, of the Charmaines .... Gi Gi told me she cut the demo of 'INYLAB' and at one time had an acetate of her demo but she couldn't find it when I was at her house. She said she was upset, mostly with Dale Warren, that Andrea got to record & release it as she really loved the song. I have a very vague memory that Bobby, Herman's brother, said Janice was actually Gerri Jackson ... Hermans sister-in-law, Gi Gi's sister ... I picked a copy up at Bobby's house which is why it came up in conversation .... Gerri cut 'Right Direction', with Herman, released on the flip of the Stone Blue release of 'Who's Kissing You Tonight' which they cut at Don Walden's studio in Cincinatti .... but, pinch of salt, it was along time ago and I might not be right about the Janice / Gerri statement but it is stuck in my memory and I can't think why it would be there for any other reason Andy Andy
  2. I used to feature this version of ‘You’d Better Wake Up’ on occasions In my sets an alternate, but inferior, version was released on a Goldmine Totally Solid Hitbound CD credited to the Debonaires Andy
  3. Hi Joan Happy Birthday Hope you've had a fab day Andy
  4. I listened to the show last night Dean & Alan did a incredible tribute to John ... they put together a heartfelt and respectful tribute to his life ... full of memories and stories from people who knew him and respected him The words from Val Shively were touching ... I felt his loss and admiration in equal levels I would urge you all to listen Thank you D&A .... you did him proud and if he had been listening I'm sure he would have cracked a smile Andy
  5. Thanks ... missed it but got it now A
  6. is there a link to the show ... really want to listen to it Andy
  7. This is such sad sad news ... it cuts as deep for me as many of us felt when icons such as Popcorn or Mike Terry left us. The simple fact is that John shaped our musically journey through life as much as those who made the records he discovered and we loved. An equal partnership in my eyes. We all have our stories about frantic phone calls .. stories he would relate about his numerous trips and the people he met that none of us could ever equal .... Many of us had visits to Soul Bowl and both places were pretty overwhelming. I recall my first visit to Portland St in the 70s, as I'd been in Kings Lynn with friends, I live not that far away, we dropped in one Wednesday morning to see what was on offer this week . pretty mindblowing ... in later years I used to go to West Winch with Steve Handbury as he had stuff to collect but as I didn't know if I had enough money that month to pay for my gas bill, let alone my mortgage, I was just an innocent bystander as deals took place... but just being there amongst all of that 'stuff' and seeing what he had sitting on his bench remain memories that I'll keep, and treasure, forever When it comes to buying vinyl I've always been frugal ... some would say tight ... and John knew that... so when I had some spare cash and phoned to try and buy a 45 off the list John would say "Ok Andy, clearly I've made a mistake on the price because that's the only reason you're calling" ... and he was right. It is a sad, so very sad, loss but what an incredible life he must have had ... he continued the journey, in a different way but as equally important, as people like Dave Godin, and many others, that opened a door for us all to enjoy and appreciate music that we probably take for granted but is firmly embedded in our DNA . R.I.P John ... thank you for just being you Andy
  8. The JW acetate was found in Rose Marie McCoys basement ....... the 'Switch Around' girl Andy
  9. True words indeed Chalky ... I think the 100 Club has gone above and beyond any other club Happy 40th guys Andy
  10. That's because it belongs to Ian Clark ... one could therefore assume this 'acetate' originated from somewhere in the Guildford area .. as opposed to L.A. Andy
  11. I believe it was a slightly different version as well ... certainly sounded different at the Palais Can somebody ask him ? Andy
  12. A selection of tunes ... happy to have a conversation about any prices Payment & postage can be sorted but it will be what is expected and usual no hassle guarantee Please PM and I'll respond ASAP .. but it won't be immediately ! Andy Rubaiyats - Omar Khayyam - Sansu DJ - £250 The Matadors - Say Yes Baby - Chavis 1034 - £450 SOLD Hank 'Soul Man' Mullen ‎– He Upset Your Dreams - Audel 362 - £100 Madeline & The Monticellos ‎– Binding Ring Of Gold - De-Vel Records ZS7 6752 - £40 Viola Wills With The Hidden Persuaders ‎– The First Time - Bem Sole 1001 - £70 Eddie Spencer ‎– If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely) - Power Exchange 207 - £50 The 10th Dymentions - The Bushman - Saluda Record 5104 - £60 Deniece Chandler ‎– Mama, I Wish I Stayed At Home - Lock 45-600 - £70
  13. Ian is a legend .. we used to write to each other a lot .. proper letters on paper sent through the post .. still got all of our correspondence filed A Pic of me, Ian and Lorraine Chandler
  14. I've become confused ... not about Garrison Records because Steve G has set that record straight ... more about the Honey Bees There are comments on YT from family members about who they were ... I'm sure this has been pointed out before As examples Delano Williams 3 years ago This is My Aunt Barbara Williams; I AM Juanita Williams Son.... Thank You for remember them...... GOD BLESS There was a YT comment from a family member that named all of the group members Has anybody saved it ? Andy

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