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  1. That must be the most heartfelt and beautiful tribute I've ever read. It's opened my eyes to a woman I only knew as a voice .. a jolly good one at that Thank you Alec for sharing your memories and the lasting tribute you've given her R.I.P Leola .. I feel I know you now Andy
  2. Sorry to be a bit slow ! .. I can't figure out what'nvm' means I'm intrigued Dave .. Harry should have taken much better care of those masters. I was in touch with him early 90s trying to work out a licensing deal but, as I recall, all of his tapes were long gone Such a shame but a common story .. Dimitri Villard told me he'd binned all of the Jet Set tapes, never thought they'd be of interest to anybody .. heard that so many times .. heartbreaking really Andy
  3. Thanks Chalky I’m aware of the other two recorded, but unreleased, tracks either via Tim or Gilly .... don’t recall we ever knew what they were but memory tells me they were cut at the same time as the Inferno 45 ... so connected to Duke Browner & Mike Terry and not George Fowler might be easier just to ask John .... when was April’s Fool Day ? Andy
  4. So ... in his accompanying text for the current Dena Barnes auction 45 ..... https://www.raresoulman.co.uk/auction/soul-auction/soul-auction-ending-this-wednesday.html John states the Inferno 45 was her second appearance on vinyl "Dena Barnes : If You Ever Walk Out Of My Life / Who Am I ( You Ought To Know ) :Inferno: 2002 DJ (45s) It's is hard to believe a voice of such exquisite quality, the voice of an Angel; had only two 45 releases, this is Dena's second Detroit 45 unlike her first record guided by Motown trainedGeorge Fowler some years earlier. This Northern Soul masterpiece enlisted the services of Duke Browner & Mike Terry to provide heavenly words and arrangement for Dena to craft not one, but two killer Northern Soul classics" So I'm very familiar with the work George did at Motown and his stewardship of the 'gospel' side of things .... his production on LaBrenda Ben 45s .. and reports that they were a married couple ... but the consensus is that he departed about '64 even though songs released later featured his name and he is listed as the producer in '67 on a Supremes track Simple question then ... what is this other 45 .. I've never been aware she had another release Looking forward to learning something new Andy
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  5. Evening .... white DJ Copy wanted to upgrade please PM price and condition thanks Andy
  6. This is such sad sad news. I always had a very soft spot for Winston .. he was kind, funny, had an enviable passion for his music and living life to the full ... coupled with a humility and warmth that brought him nothing but admiration and respect .. he was just a really cool guy My deepest sympathies to his family and closest friends R.I.P Sir Andy
  7. The artist and title writing on the above is from the pen of Ian Clark .... I'm 99.9 sure of that .. I guess he picked this up from somewhere and then annotated the detail Andy
  8. Another very sad day I have great memories of Pete that will be treasured R.I.P. Andy
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  9. Jeannine Greer .... Maiden name ... As I recall George was signed to Jobete as a songwriter which was the contractual reason for putting his wife's name on it it was also why any arranger credits, as on the Maltese 45s, were attributed to Mr Lucky .. George 'in disguise' Andy
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  10. It is true .. he put his wife's name on it for 'contractual' reasons Have you got a link to the article you could post ? Andy
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  11. Stemmons Express .. Woman, Love Thief ... Karma or Wand It was covered up as the Precisions .. Look There She Goes Andy
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  12. The issue .. looks like the mirror image scratched in run-out ... ZTSC-87423-ZA .. AT .. W
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  13. Lester Osband died in 2009 at the age of 96 .... I believe he owned the label Andy
  14. I'm looking to source a copy of ... The Contours - Whole Lotta Woman - Motown 1008 ...the local H-55523 mix .. DJ copy preferred Additionally I'm after Motown 60s record company sleeves ... Tamla .. penny farthing, Motown .. record player blue and red ... and so on Please PM with the usual .. price, condition etc... Thanks in avance Andy
  15. Thanks Tim What a legend .. that applies to you as well My all time No 1 musician Andy
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