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  1. superb .. buy it .. support the guys and the artists Andy
  2. I spoke to Joey Levine a few years ago about another matter but this came up in conversation ... he said the idea for the song happened when he took his favourite leather shoes, which were pretty worn out, to the cobbler for repair ... he said, and I quote, the cobbler said "I'll do my best but there ain't no sole left in these old shoes .. I'll do what I can with them" Priceless Andy
  3. Agree ... I think the strangest one was Jackie Beavers - I Need My Baby ... covered up as Mel Britt ... what was that all about !!! Andy
  4. Nigel Parker had clocked that 'Try Me' was Junior McCants ... he spoke to Pat about it but Pat, as one would, denied it .. Nigel had done a compare and contrast to 'The Boy Needs A Girl' which makes it barn door obvious When Marvin was first played it was pitched up .. not intentionally as the cassette tapes had everything at a faster speed .. so it wouldn't have been immediately obvious it was Marvin Andy
  5. It would have been at least 40 years ago ... 78 or thereabouts ... I was still living at my parents .. I left in 81 ... in the same pile of 45s was a Del Larks with a damaged label that had been repaired, Joann Courcey on Twirl, Major Harris on Okeh ... so my memory of it actually is pretty sharp A
  6. Yes I’m sure Pete had one ... I remember being surprised to see it .. but it might be a false memory!
  7. I called Dennis Anderson yesterday to ask him but he didn't pick up .. I'll keep trying to see if he can remember what they recorded for the B side Andy
  8. Another sad day R.I.P Mary Andy
  9. This is so sad ... my condolences to his family and friends Andy
  10. https://www.inquirer.com/philly/obituaries/20140829_Beryl_J__Wolk__85__ad_innovator.html
  11. But they will not .. I've been saying it for 20 years and am ignored ... I report fact not theory but that still isn't good enough .. never mind Andy
  12. Herman Lewis Griffin is his full name ... he died in 1989 so I never met him .. and had completely forgotten that he had passed.. but I had an address for him so I sent him a letter and it went to his mother who gave it to his brother Bobby who then wrote back to me I originally got 3 white demos of the 45 from him ... and when I went to visit Bobby in Cincinnati I got the acetate and a blue Stone Blue issue Andy
  13. it was recorded in Cincinnati at Don Litwin's 'Stone Blue' recording studio ... his brother, Bobby, was there and his wife, Gi Gi, said the same ... so two very reliable sources Andy

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