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    A recent collector of original Northern soul records and memorabilia. 

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    Darryn Kerr
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    York, United Kingdom
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  1. Hi all After copies of The Hitsville USA magazines 1-12 and the extra tribute magazine if anyone has any. Regards Darryn
  2. Hi all Still interested in any NS Memorabilia particularly original patches, posters, membership cards and event programmes. Also after any Blues & Soul Binders if anyone has any for sale or trade. Many Thanks Darryn
  3. Hi, i’ve got a minter. Contact me via PM and sure we can sort something out. Regards Darryn
  4. Hi, interested in these mate if still available. Please contact me by email on darryn.kerr@ntlworld.com Regards Darryn
  5. Thanks Mike. Email address or tel number for whatsapp for pics below. Bit tatty is fine as adds to the originality! Regards Darryn darryn.kerr@ntlworld.com 07747 776445
  6. Hi all Still after any original NS patches if anyone has any they fancy passing on to a new home. Kind Regards Darryn
  7. Have you sold this yet mate? If not what do you think as a sensible offer as don’t want to be unreasonable. Think JM has just sold one. Regards Darryn
  8. Hi, interested in blues and soul if you still got them. Regards Darryn
  9. I have a no.2 but was hoping to get a no.1 to go with it Darryn
  10. Mate, Started to collect similar stuff over last few months. Might be worth us getting in touch to trade etc. regards Darryn
  11. Hi, have you got a Northern Noise no.1 for sale? Regards Darryn
  12. Hi, You still got this patch mate. Regards Darryn
  13. Hi, You still got this patch mate. Darryn
  14. Hi Folks, Original Northern Soul Memoriabilia wanted, particularly patches and posters. Thanks Darryn
  15. Simon Interested in the Calling out around the World and The Rare Soul Bible books. Can you PM me mate via Facebook on messenger. Thanks Darryn Kerr, York

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