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  1. Greetings SS in search of , “I’m a good man” by renaldo domino on twinight please pm details many thanks !
  2. Greetings SS in search of “A day without your love” by Color us people band on lighting please PM Info many thanks
  3. Greetings SS , VG+ copy of gotta get to you by 4th kingdom on CORE Pm offers many thanks
  4. Greetings SS , In search of Little Janice , “Since You’ve Been Gone” on Pzazz please pm info many thanks
  5. Greetings SS In Search of “Gee-Whiz Baby” By The Fuller Bros. On GD&L please PM Info ! thanks in Advance! Best Regards
  6. Greetings SS, in search of “It Be’s That Way” By Curly Myrick On Q records . Please PM info Many Thanks !
  7. Greeting SS , in search of “I Can Feel The Tears” by “Lady And The Gents” on HUE records Please PM Info Many Thanks
  8. Greetings SS , in search of “I won’t love you again” By Dimas III on Clown please pm more info thanks in advance!
  9. Yes , correct ! YouTube has #114 pictured on some videos , but the sound clip is #206 . that’s what I meant by my last comment . With that being said anyone have it up for sale ? many thanks
  10. Hi , hope all is well I am looking for this version . Seems YouTube has the numbers mixed
  11. Greetings SS , In Search of “Judy McDonald - Thanks to you” on VRC please PM info , many thanks cheers
  12. Greeting SS In Search of “Curly Myrick - It Be’s that way” on Q records please PM info many Thanks ! Regards, Alex
  13. Greetings SS , in search of “Second Story Man” by Chocolate Sunday , on Dynamic. please PM with more info , thanks in Advance!
  14. Greetings SS , in search of Backyard Construction- Are you lonely on BYC productions . Please PM info thanks in advance! cheers
  15. Greetings SS ! In search of "East 14th street band - Now and then - One Way" Please PM details Many thanks !

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