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  2. Dig Deeper is honored to present soul legend Joshie Jo Armstead & Lonnie Lester backed by the Brooklyn Rhythm Band! We have patiently been asking Joshie Jo Armstead to get back on stage since we first met her back in February 2009 when she came to see Garland Green at rehearsal for Dig Deeper. Now, nearly six years later, NYC will finally get a chance to hear this vocal powerhouse and prolific songwriter perform her classics live on NYE! Opening the night will be the unstoppable force of nature known as Lonnie Lester - if you missed this powerhouse of soul at our March 2014 Dig Deeper, this is your chance to be blown away. More details (like tickets...) to follow! As always, Dig Deeper DJs Mr. Robinson and DJ Honky will spin all-original soul and funk 45s before and after the live sets. Wear your dancing shoes — you will need them. Video of Lonnie Lester live at Dig Deeper, March 2014: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152725803640990
  3. File under wry smile. Was playing that for our friends BB, Maurice, and Delano who'd done it live the month before at Dig Deeper...
  4. We've been posting audio of all of our DJ sets from Dig Deeper for the past year or so, but only just now occurred to me there was a forum on soul-source to share them on as well. Anyhow, here's the early doors / ballads / midtempo set from before Paul ...
  5. Paul Sindab / E.j. Rush

    Thanks very much for the kind words! We're still getting caught up processing video from past shows...but here's one of Paul Sindab starting the night off with "I was a fool": His full set was: I was a fool Yeah, I never knew Since I...
  6. Paul Sindab / E.j. Rush

  7. Paul Sindab / E.j. Rush

    We will indeed. We have quite a backlog of video to process from past shows, but will gradually be putting selections up so folks who can't make the trip to NYC have a chance to enjoy these performances.
  8. We're quite excited to have tracked Paul Sindab down (many thanks to Greg Tormo for starting us down the path, and our friend George for completing the journey), and will be bringing him to Dig Deeper in 2 weeks time for his first show in his old home base of...
  9. Prelude Label

    Thankfully, there's only one honky. Cryptic indeed. McGees is definitely a Dig Deeper favorite.
  10. Prelude Label

    I'll ask honky next time I see him.
  11. Jimmie Ellis - Baby I Love You - Ride

    When we had Jimmy "Preacher" Ellis in Brooklyn for a show at Dig Deeper a few months ago, he was very enthusiastic about the work that Tramp Records did licensing and reissuing his material, which would include this 45. - honky
  12. Vernon Garrett - Any Fans?

    He was wonderful at the Brooklyn Soul Festival we put on in 2010 with our friend Eli "Paperboy" Reed (whom you'll see in the backing band): Jimmy "Preacher" Ellis said he talked to him a few months back and that he's doing well. Both of them a...
  13. So glad that y'all got to hear John perform in the UK! He was utterly astounding at Dig Deeper earlier this year (videos of that are up on our facebook page and youtube channel), and we look forward to having him back in the future. - honky

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