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  1. For sale: 7 Nombres "Listen People" Daywood Great mid tempo 70's / sweet cut from Ohio on a Lou Ragland associated label. Fairly tough to locate, really nice condition. EX few light marks, plays great. £350 (clip not from copy for sale):
  2. Looking for these VG+ upward please. Fantastic Four - Can't Stop Looking For My Baby - Ric Tic Linda Griner - Goodbye Cruel Love - Motown Jimmy soul Clark - I'll be your winner, I'll be your champion - Soulhawk Thanks!
  3. Imagine if someone did find:Gerri Hall, Who can I run toWI 4026 They said Darrell l Banks didn't exist!
  4. Would love to see the reaction if you put this on somewhere. Imagine if everyone started to do synchronised crazy dancing to it, including the door and bar staff. Could be epic.
  5. Proper 100% bag of steaming sh*t. Hang your head in shame Minogue!
  6. Hi, Am after : St James Infirmary 'Don't Take Your Love Away From Me' / Mazel Superlatives 'Won't You be My Baby' / 'Don't Ever Leave Me' / Dynamic VG+ upward please! Thanks, J
  7. Sold mine for around £400 i think. Also would very much like it back....
  8. I used to play Hometown Boy at mod clubs years ago - I sold this and have always deeply regretted it. About a 1000 times rarer than Little Tommy. Love both sides. J
  9. Corbett80

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    Thanks for the excellent review Geoff - just a quick note to say it was Wayne who played the Imperial C's, much as i'd like to claim that one Also a few people asked me who some of the last mid tempo tracks were by - i can't remember exact order but they included Carol Morgan on Born, Mitzi Ross on Cougar, and The Passions 'If You See My Baby'... Was a real pleasure to do the last spot but some rather big plates to fill with the boss taking a break
  10. Had no problem with them at all - Jukka is the contact i've used a few times. They do get very busy so it may just be a case of backlog, but have no fear you should recieve a reply and the item soon. Also try and J
  11. Corbett80

    100 Club

    I thought all the guest DJs played a varied mix of great sounds, plenty very obscure and rare but also classic sounds too. Big ticket baddies, through to barely known spins with a dash of r&s thrown in too. Hats off to Matt once again for curating another great night down the little stairs. x
  12. EX+ condition, beautiful copy. £375 Cheers, J
  13. Looking for RCA original - EX upward please. Thanks!
  14. Marvellous record i'd always dance it - but you rarely hear it out!
  15. Rhonda Davis - Can You Remember - Duke (issue) £375 SOLD VG++ again few lights marks but plays beautifully. Labels also in great shape. Selling for a friend. Will only send by special delivery - £7.50. Thanks!
  16. Selling for a friend - mint. £60 ON HOLD Cheers! J
  17. Had this happen when i bought Little Tommy about 15 years ago - got stung badly on import tax but opened the box and found it stiffened with clean r&b 45s - copies of Randy Hobbs, Judy Clay on Ember and Willie Harper.
  18. Totally gutted just missed a copy of this... If anyone has a cop yfor sale would love a chance to snag one. Thanks, J

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