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    Been a committed fan of Soul/Black music in many forms since mid 1970's. Through Disco',Jazz Funk , Northern , Reggae, Rare Groove, Modern/Crossover Soul,some Hip Hop, Jazz, RnB,Ska. Club history includes  Crackers, Purley All Dayers, Wigan Casino, 6Ts 100 Club, Talking Loud/Cross the Tracks Dingwalls, Good Times Sound System, White Bull Gisburn, Prestatyn and North Lancs Weekenders. Kings Hall Stoke. More interested in the positives that this fantastic music gives us than any petty 'Soul politics' . Committed to equality and diversity and social change. More into dancing and laughing than collecting .  Fav DJs,   Norman Jay, Gilles Peterson, Roger Williams, Colin Curtis, Paul Jones. Ginger Tony, Mick Smith, Soul Sam, Bob Jones. Shaun Evans . 

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    Soul Jazz Reggae ,Football. Running Cooking Fair Trade ,Sailing
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    Gladys Knight and the Pips Nobody but you.

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  1. We are not there yet but car politics see us considering a change of car .. and ditching a Megane that has failed to impress ,and considering Citroen C3. What the Megane has over the C3 and apparently a lot of new cars is a CD player , for me the most important item in the car. Cars to me are music on wheels , and I was dismayed to find that the latest C3 doesn't come with a CD player and requires a tech dinosaur to adjust to Blue tooth, down loads, i tunes , USB Sticks which to date Ive avoided . Some car forms suggest Wirless Streaming Portable CD players , but they have mixed reviews. I let go of my vinyl about a year ago , which was heart breaking but this is a step too far. ! Has anyone bought a 'super mini/small hatchback ' type car dated 2016 - 19 which does have a CD player as standard. ? or had to make the adjustment to music from a phone ?
  2. Release date (USA) August 2020, with on set photo's revealed in the media showing Jennifer Hudson in 1960's outfit. Can't wait.. !!
  3. Attended the Okeh 14th Anniversary last night and had a great night. Im so impressed with their across the board music policy, modern, Northern, RnB, and people responded to it on the dance floor. Be proud guys. Keep the Faith.
  4. This was originally called King and Queen and adapted by the Chin production team and went on to further adaptation to become 'Kingston Town ' brought to wider fame by UB40 , to the financial benefit of Lord Creator and the Chin team .
  5. I will add this to the long list of fantastic music documentaries that that BBC 4 have broadcast in recent years worth the licence fee to watch this programme alone . An inspiring collection and reflection of musical and cultural history of some of Jamaica's hidden gems and a fascinating story of Vincent and Patricia Chin . It opened up a whole lot more music for me to find and play , such as Lord Creator . Jamaica and its musicians have given the world a great gift and its purest gems lie in the 1960's/70's . Catch this on BBR i player 90 minutes of musical tripping. Includes clips from Horace Andy , Errol Thompson, Lee Scratch Perry, Jimmy Cliff , Peter Tosh, and Trinidadian early Ska legend Lord Creator whose up there with Slim Smith as a vocal legend . In 90 mins it provides some wonderful.. and painful accounts of the rise and fall of what was a music landmark in downtown Kingston , includes Dennis Brown cover of " When You Get Right Down to It " (Assuming the original was The Delfonics followed by Ronnie Dyson ?) and Alton Ellis version of "Too Late to Turn Back Now. ' On BBC i player , and miss BBC 4 Friday night schedules at your peril.
  6. I can't get enough of BBC Fours music bio' /documentaries . Ive seen it before but worth another look for the Lovers Rock alone.
  7. Congratulations Ady , and all the 6T's crew .. still going or those we lost.(RIP) Its been a long time since Ive been down there following my move up North but I have such great fond memories particularly of the 100 Club and West Hampstead in the 1980's. It was a treat to have such a club on our door step in London , ( We still travelled North but it was an option not a requirement .) Ive long been a fan of small clubs, which capture the vibe of the early scene, and 6T's delivered on a lot of fronts. Location, integrity , no big feuds , diversity , continuity, Kent Records , and of course the music . You can be very proud of this milestone and you've left me and others with great memories. Keep the Faith.
  8. Cheers for the heads up on this., it was featured on last nights One Show , with Mary Wilson on the couch. They couldn't shut her up ,Id swear she was on Speed. She went to some lengths to present peace n harmony between her and Ms Ross , and made some crass comment comparing a rare Supremes dress to a grandchild . Still Im a sucker for this sort of film bio and hope the likes of Edwin Starr , Junior Walker , get a look in . Cool Notes
  9. Cheers for these responses guys. Im really buzzing about this after so many years . I think Im leaning towards classic retro look .. but as much modern extra's and tech n spec as I can get . Which sees me favour Automatic's over the gear change .. Im assuming the CBT doesn't; restrict me to what scooter Im allowed to ride. (Ive found a test which provides a scooter for the day, which is a bonus..) Id initially got the impression that most scooterists look down on cheaper chinese models ,at a local scooter event last weekend 80% were Vespa's or Lambretta's , but at the Blackpool weekender I was chatting to scooter steward who said scooterists are much more open minded than that . Im aware that the Primavera might be a smaller frame , which I think might suit me as Im only 5.,ft 7 and visiting a couple of show rooms I was shocked at how big .. and heavy some of the Vespa's were , far bigger than the scooters Id ridden on holidays. A Vespa GTS comes in at 158 kg whilst the Primavera is about 115 kg and some of the LML models 102kg but I think they are more plastic. Is there any advantage to more or less weight /bulk ? such as safety and control . ? Im looking at local scooter clubs , as I see it as something of a Soul badge on wheels for me. !, sadly I remember neo nazi elements on the Clacton run taking over the dance floor in the 80's and 90's . I think this stuff has faded out now , and I saw non of that evident at Blackpool. If I wanted to invest in customising it ... with a Soul tribute .. how much would I expect to pay ?
  10. Ive promised myself for years to treat myself to a Scooter and retirement sees the event become reality. Ive hired a few scooters on Med Holidays ,.. and accompanied friends on a Run to Clacton in the 90's but never owned one . , and about to take my CBT in a few weeks. My budget is probably up to £2,500 and depreciation sees me very reluctant to buy brand new . But there are limited options and I might be tempted by low finance from a dealer. Its a back up to the family car , good weather runnaround in a rural / semi urban area and nothing more powerful than a 125cc . Question is ... 1) Do I go with Vespa , which have great pedigree but the name adds at least £1,000 + or take a chance on alternative makes many of which appear cheaper chinnese imports . such as LML, Sym, ?? 2) If I go with Vespa is is worth getting a 2-4 year old more modern Model . I like the look of the Primvera .. or Sprint.. or , go for the classic PX older version. 3) Is there any benefits in a Lambretta? Im also concerned about the high reports of scooter/bike/moped thefts lately .... Cool Notes.
  11. This looks truly amazing , the trailer brought a lump to my throat and moved me to tears. Hearing that level of power ,intensity and a total celebration of life , love and hope. "Don't bring a hankie bring a towel" ..says it all, and the Gospel roots of Soul music are clear for all to see. Any news of its UK screenings very welcome. I think its going out via Odeon Cinemas . Keep the Faith.
  12. A great selection from a great label. Im a big fan of Martin Freeman but I think Eddie's choices just edge it .
  13. Interesting film that sparked my memories of those years , attending Jazz Funk events including Reading All Dayers , Purley , and Lacey Lady, Crackers and 100 Club. I attended a Reading All Dayer .. my first .. I think it was about 1977 ..? or 78. It might not be the one mentioned by Chris Hill but the main room was Jazz Funk/Contemporary Soul and Northern in the smaller room . Id heard about Northern Soul by then , but never been to an event and strayed into the Northern room and .. never really came out. I was hooked. Can't recall the DJ's but the records that stuck in my mind were The Fabulettes :Bigger They Are : Eddie Garigan : I wish I was : and Dobbie Grays Out on the Floor. The Jazz funk crowd invaded with a Conga at one point which I thought was totally disrespectful and unnecessary. As much as I still liked the modern music I felt many of Chris Hills antics were embarrassing and over the top. He's right their were no fights that I saw but the scene was plagued by hand bag thefts which caused a lot of unease and scathing criticism from the DJs on stage. Chris Hill's habit of talking over records left you feelings his ego was more important than the music but I cannot fault the Soul/Funk mafia for some great events and radio shows and breaking so many great tunes. Its funny to hear of the Oldies/Modern split debate that had been so prevalent in Northern Soul. The new circle of DJ's were inevitable but I personally felt it got a bit West End elitist with some of those clubs like the Wag. I think Norman Jay adopted a more middle ground musically and earnt a lot of respect .. and he' loves Northern .
  14. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Peace Love and Soul - American Soul review... View full article

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