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    Been a committed fan of Soul/Black music in many forms since mid 1970's. Through Disco',Jazz Funk , Northern , Reggae, Rare Groove, Modern/Crossover Soul,some Hip Hop, Jazz, RnB,Ska. Club history includes  Crackers, Purley All Dayers, Wigan Casino, 6Ts 100 Club, Talking Loud/Cross the Tracks Dingwalls, Good Times Sound System, White Bull Gisburn, Prestatyn and North Lancs Weekenders. Kings Hall Stoke. More interested in the positives that this fantastic music gives us than any petty 'Soul politics' . Committed to equality and diversity and social change. More into dancing and laughing than collecting .  Fav DJs,   Norman Jay, Gilles Peterson, Roger Williams, Colin Curtis, Paul Jones. Ginger Tony, Mick Smith, Soul Sam, Bob Jones. Shaun Evans . 

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    Soul Jazz Reggae ,Football. Running Cooking Fair Trade ,Sailing
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    Gladys Knight and the Pips Nobody but you.

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  1. Well Im not sure of the Europe connection BUT ... what a great post.. someone new to me from my old town of Colchester and Ive just binged on his back catalogue , a lot on Daptone. What a legend under our noses . Cheers Yank.
  2. Certainly a landmark in my history , great memories of those 6T's Nights. Well deserved .. and I saw Billy Bragg and The Housemartins there in their early years . ! KTF.
  3. You just know this will get sampled to death and turn up on a fashion or travel TV ad , .. but I love it.
  4. French/Senegalese Rapper MC Solar achieved fame for his work with Guru and Missy Elliot and others in 1990's , this comes from his Talkin Loud LP. who probably provided the funky backing singer and band.
  5. OK Im pushing my luck with the European connections on this one , released on his 2012 Love for All Seasons Album , but .. he moved to Italy in 1984 and came over from Italy to perform this at the 2018 Morecambe North Lancs Soul Weekender. KTF.
  6. The Ju Ju Orchestra founded in 2004 by DJ Sammy and Oliver Beltz, based in Germany . 'Bossa Nova Is Not A Crime' was released worldwide on the 19th March, 2007. On it you can find some joint work with great vocalists like Terry Callier, Carolyn Leonhart (Steely Dan), Katia B from Brazil and Robert Smith. 'Rio de Janeiro Blue' was released by Universal Jazz and they received some great reactions for their work. This comes from their LP Bossa Nova is not a crime - also features a class version of Funky Nassau. !
  7. Give myself a severe telling off for missing out this gem from my Jazz Funk days . Lets Dance in France.. !
  8. Yep my post was intended to cover any positive contributions coming from Europe towards our music scene , which Id imagined would need to include record labels, DJ's , as well as artistes . Am I right that a number of US Soul singers came to us from European countries , often US armed forces in Germany . Geno Washington ?
  9. I felt it might be timely to examine the contribution that European countries have provided to the music we love. Either in their native language or English . These seven selections clearly won’t be an exhaustive collection and is obviously shaped by my own tastes . Id welcome some of your own suggestions to the thread as Im aware there will be far more. Building Bridges not walls. Keep the Faith . Mario Biondi and the High Five Quintet This is What You Are. Italy. This man will need little introduction after “This is What You Are ‘ arrived on our shores like a breath of fresh air back in 2004. He managed to bridge racial lines with a voice that is so rich and deep it was a wonder to discover he was white . An even greater bridge was to provide what was effectively a Jazz record that would get played across the board at Northern Soul events and fill floors. He has continued to deliver some equally choice material in subsequent collections and makes rare live appearances including filling the Albert Hall. Bellisimo !! Rita Rae : Oh Honey . Estonia A recently debut album “Old Love Wont Rust” provides 8 tracks of pure class and it grabbing some serious airplay on Solar Radio . Mostly Blue eyed soul Torch type songs , of which “Oh Honey” is my favourite and triggers the vibe provided by Kiki Dees 2005 Motown collection. The Five Corners Quintet : Blueprint . Finland : I came across this via the superb Jazz Biz collections put out by Jake Behnan’s Counterpoint label over 10 years from 1999 offering a wonder eclectic mix of Jazz in its broadest sense. “Blueprint” appeared on Vol 3. Originally a studio band they went on to deliver both a healthy catalogue of material on Ricky Tick and garner appreciative audiences from as far as Japan and the USA as well as here with their brand of Dance Jazz. You might also want to check out Jukka Escola , another Finish Jazz artist , and of course Jazz Bizz volumes 1 - 4 which are going for a song it seems. St Germain : Rose Rouge . France : St Germain the stage name of Boulonge born Ludovic Navarre who since 1995 has been involved in a series of joint productions with artists world wide , delivering a credible taste of Acid / Nu Jazz and Deep House combo. I first heard ‘Rose Rouge’ browsing the record bins of Loafers in Halifax and was gripped. It Samples Dave Brubecks Take Five , and more prominently Marlena Shaws “Woman of the Ghetto’ which combine to provide a totally compelling dance mix. Asia Yarwood : New Faith . Poland. Asia Yarwood epitomises the best of how this country can absorb and support international artists who enrich our own musical catalogues in doing so. Asia came to the UK with a Masters in Jazz and Popular Music from Katowice. Since then she has provided backing support for the likes of Kenny Thomas and Jocelyn Brown as well a spell with funk band Touch the Pearl in her home town of Blackpool. She has developed her own catalogue of uplifting quality contemporary soulful dance music. My favourite being this cut New Faith from her work with John Khan and the Quantize Label. Carina Andersson : ‘Time to Break Free”. Sweden From Blenkinge , Carina trained as an opera singer and is also an accomplished painter and artist and I believe she lives in the UK .She developed took her fusion of Soul and Jazz to London to collaborate with 4 Heroes for Talkin Loud . Released her debut album Stars ( 2012 ) and the 2014 EP Lift My Spirit EP via Harmonik Music, with downloads available on Amazon . Her style will probably appeal to fellow Neo Soul/Soul Jazz fans. Ive chosen Time to Break Free from the Stars album . Clearly a Talkin Loud vibe with more than a hint of Diana Ross in my opinion. Ayman : ‘ Mensch wie Due” (Human Like You. ) Don’t imagine you have to go hunting for quality European crossover Soul music , if you catch the right radio stations it will sometimes come to you and a couple of years ago Solar Radio alerted me to German /Tunisian singer Ayman whose contemporary RnB has provided his success in Germany and partnerships with the likes of Sean Coombes and Keith Sweat. Ein Mensch wie Due (Human Like You. ) comes from his 2010 album of the same name, and is not strictly typical of his material it has Philly vibe that might appeal if you get over the language obstacles. Keep the Faith. Cool Notes.
  10. Id just add my respects for Michael. someone who provided some class music ,and gave me some great memories dancing to LDL' at Prestatyn . RIP. KTF.
  11. Just an early heads up on another Beverley's Knight West End musical venture due to run at The Garrick Theatre from October 2020 to Feb 2021 . Apparently its a biographical and musical production around the role of Faye Treadwell's who took over management of The Drifters after her husband died in 1967. The various variations of this commercially successful vocal group are legendary and very complex and are still being contested, at one point there were believed to be up to 60 variations and the Treadwell family spent years fighting them and seeking to revive The Drifters success with Atlantic Records. . Rather than trawl through claim and counter claim and Id direct you to her Guardian 2011 obituary . Whilst The Drifters don't attract much critical acclaim in Soul circles Im a fan and also keen to support our own soul legend Beverley Knight .
  12. I was fearing a weird 'Mash Up' but I think they pulled it off quite well, and even admired the funky drumming 'break' and Oti certainly seemed to embrace the song with gusto. I was surprised at how high they scored , given how Craig' had savaged a brave Argentine Tango by Alex. Keep the Faith Kelvin .
  13. To those with any interest .... Strictly duo Kelvin and Oti set to perform freestyle routine to 'Do I Love You " .. tonight as a tribute to Kelvin's Dad who was a big fan of Northern Soul and left Kelvin with the bug , and apparently he choose the song for his wedding ceremony some years back. Ive been backing him for this reason and that he seems like a good bloke , but I have some doubts as about the mash up free style they seem to be planning for tonight. Don't expect too many 'Northern' moves but credit to him for the Dad / Soul tribute . I negotiated Prince Phillip Mitchell ' Happy' for our wedding . Tear it up Kelvin.
  14. thanks for the tips and advice guys .. Im loving that 7 inch single player .!!! . I assume it only does one side at a time ! Im going to hold out on matching a car with a CD player before I reluctantly try to embrace digital options. I admit plastic cases can litter up the car a bit but I still need something tangible to pick up, examine , read, as part of the musical experience . KTF.
  15. We are not there yet but car politics see us considering a change of car .. and ditching a Megane that has failed to impress ,and considering Citroen C3. What the Megane has over the C3 and apparently a lot of new cars is a CD player , for me the most important item in the car. Cars to me are music on wheels , and I was dismayed to find that the latest C3 doesn't come with a CD player and requires a tech dinosaur to adjust to Blue tooth, down loads, i tunes , USB Sticks which to date Ive avoided . Some car forms suggest Wirless Streaming Portable CD players , but they have mixed reviews. I let go of my vinyl about a year ago , which was heart breaking but this is a step too far. ! Has anyone bought a 'super mini/small hatchback ' type car dated 2016 - 19 which does have a CD player as standard. ? or had to make the adjustment to music from a phone ?

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