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  1. Its painful but heartwarming to see the accounts posted on here and scary to hear of the 1 in 20 statistic. Its so important that we NEVER allow that tragic stain on history to be forgotten or dismissed by those who would gladly see it returned. Soul music would be on their hit list for a 'Aryan ' vision . Im not one to advocate violence but this song by a band I used to follow displays the sense of determination shown at Cable Street which will hopefully ensure we never risk it infecting the hearts and minds of future generations . We owe it to those who died in camps or WW2. Also check out The Style Council's : Ghosts of Dachau, a moving tribute . Keep the Faith and Non Pasaran . !
  2. Coming to this late but , The Snake does nothing for me . I first heard Bob Sinclair when I walked into the Queen Vic room at Prestatyn a few years ago , lots of dancers and I was bitten . I didn't; know and still don't care that its a bit of a mash up put out by a French rave DJ/Producer ,once you get past the cheesy intro I find its uplifting and way more soulful than some of the Wigan stompers I suffered in the 'hey day' . It also pulled a packed dance floor, fortunately like me they were ignorant or ignoring the Soul Police. Its NEVER going to be my stand out record but each to their own . a late candidate for this thread might be..
  3. Quality ... , it was a crime they didn't; get more success and exposure. .
  4. Well ... fascinating and I can't wait, hoping it does justice to the programme. Just a reminder for Virgin subscribers BET can be found on Channel 184. I think Kelly Rowland could pull this off, but no-one will match Queen Gladys for me. I don't see any Tank Tops being worn.. did they have em in the states. ?
  5. Guitar Drum and Bass. : BBC 4 Tina Weymouth..Ive long been a sucker for music biographies and cultural history programmes on TV and BBC 4 has delivered some gems on this score in abundance over the years. Soul, Reggae, Ska, Latin , Their latest gems are a trio of one hour shows broadcast on Friday night with a leading musician exploring the history of their own instrument. Stuart Copeland did a credible job examining The Drums , ( A significant part of which was dedicated to Soul and Funk.) last week former Talking Heads Bassist Tina Weymouth delivered an even better reflection on the Bass Guitar. From its roots in the enormous Double Bass instruments up to the 1960’s. The Vocal Bass revolution from ..the introduction to The Marcel’s 1961 version of Blue Moon. (bomp-baba-bomp-ba-bomp-ba-bomp-bomp... vedanga-dang-dang-vadinga-dong-ding “ dare you to give it a go.! ) British jazzer Herbie Flowers’s immortal bass contribution to Walk on the Wild Side. ( Cult underground RnR recounted by this 80 year old legend in a cardigan , loved it .!) The Motown ‘’Funk Brothers’ bassist James Jamerson shamefully dismissed by Gordy with a ‘note on the door’ and Californian session player Carol Kaye , who I was ignorant of until now. Tina takes on a fascinating musical oddesy ,via Bootsy Collins and James Brown , to the power and influence of Reggae Bass lines , and her own influence hearing dance music /hip hop emerge the streets of New York, on to the influence of New Order . (Blue Monday rift lifted from Enrico Morricone Fistful of Dollars soundtrack) to Bassline Junkie Dizzy Rascal who provides this gem. “you just need bass ,without it is like having a conversation with no conclusion. Yea you’ve got a melody and some drums . But what’s your point !?? " On Bass : Tina Weymouth available on BBC i Player for about 3 weeks. This Friday Patti Smith Guitarist Lenny Kaye looks back at the guitars history in popular music.
  6. 1) Getting to Prestatyn to experience the House of Soul DJs despite the Beast from the East Snow storm. 2) Soul Underground at Birmingham Hilton in September 3) Celebrating my 60th Birthday dancing on a canal boat trip to ... Hughes Corporation. : Rock the Boat.
  7. Well clearly the term 'Nationwide' is very loose for the films release. Really 6 screenings in London and 1 in Birmingham. .. shame for those further North. OPENING AT CINEMAS NATIONWIDE February 19 London BFI Premiere February 27 London Regent Street March 01 London Genesis Director Q&A Link March 01 Birmingham Mockingbird Link March 05 London Lexi Director Q&A Link March 06 London Lexi March 07 London Lexi
  8. Much appreciated , can't wait to see it . A total Philly legend taken too soon.
  9. Just noted shades of the moves from LJ Reynolds track posted above by BlackpoolSoul . Sam Chatman still organises Chicago events via Facebook apparently. Here's another clip .(2010) I understand its not a Gay couple .. not that it matters .. ,and the 2nd track is Mario's 'Call the Cops'. .Some slick moves here guys .
  10. Im no authority on this genre but I came across the Chicago Stepping Dance scene a few years ago which Ive posted on my Pinterest Boards. Its roots are said to have evolved from the 1970's Disco dance 'The Bop' and were popularised by Chicago DJ Sam Chatman . Its got some slick moves commonly delivered by couples .. not always male - female to tunes that might be considered Two Step ? It reminds me a bit of the 'Beach Music Scene ' from the Carolina's and like that it is still active with its own competition's , reunions and compilation LP's for folks of a certain age. Sounds familiar. !! Here's an example , the tune is Steve Butler's 'Shakedown' . (2005)
  11. Merry Christmas to the Soul Source team,thanks for providing a great resource. Keep the Faith. R
  12. couldn’t resist putting this up, more on the Lovers Rock tip but killer Rodigan tune, Dub version at the end was something special.
  13. I had already been bitten by the Reggae bug by the time I was listening to Rodigan's legendary Saturday night shows on Capital Radio. But he opened up the music to me and so many others , heart and soul. His enthusiasm is infectious , his depth of knowledge bottomless and his jingles priceless.(Ive still got some cassettes as well !) This programme captures and presents his boundless energy and commitment to the music he loves so much and which of us here couldn't appreciate that. It took a while re realise it was partly done by him and both about him with some great input/tributes from people in the Biz. (I was surprised it didn't;t include Norman and Joey Jay. ) The market record stall and his search for Studio One classics left me envious and full of even more admiration for the man . He belongs up there with Norman Jay and John Peel for my musical inspirations. I wasn't;t aware of the book which is now on order and this is a half hour interview from its launch which repeats some of the BBC 4 programme but adds some more including Q and As from an audience.
  14. Some class moves from Charles Venn (Casualty star) and professional Karen Clifton in Street - Dance off with shades of Jazz - Lindy - Jive and Hip Hop. I believe its a Quick Step .. don't raise your hopes this week .. its a right Horror Show. R

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