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  1. Mark R

    ENCHANTMENTS, manship auction

    Guess I'll just happily have to remember it as the Detroit Shakers at Stafford! Cheers, Mark R
  2. Mark R

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    Best dropped from the piano stabs on the biggest sound system you could imagine!
  3. Mark R

    The Music Box returns to Starpoint Radio!!

    The Music Box Sunday 9th September folks, with the usual two listening options! https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/starpointsoulboy/episodes/2018-09-10T04_58_47-07_00 Cheers, Mark R
  4. Hi all, Just to let you know that my Starpoint Radio show "The Music Box" returns tomorrow and then every other Sunday. From retro styled new releases right through to the latest contemporary beats!! Hope some of you who have a penchant for the newer stuff can join me! Cheers, Mark R
  5. Mark R

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

  6. Mark R

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    Just feckin' brilliant........proper gospel stomper from Minister Vonita White.............. God how I miss those parcels of delicious vinyl! Cheers, Mark R
  7. Mark R

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    MAW magic.......funny how you remember certain things........bought as a new release in Gramaphone Records, Chicago......still got the $5.99 sticker on it!
  8. Mark R

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

  9. Mark R

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

  10. Mark R

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    Yes, I listen more deep stuff than anything else these days. Try those Mixclouds and you'll get an idea of where I'm at! Cheers, Mark R
  11. Mark R

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    A definite Without Boundaries spin as a new release! Tune.....but what the he'll has happened to Ron Carroll these days?!! Cheers, Mark R
  12. Mark R

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    Seems we'll have to agree to disagree on what we call the golden period. Seems some of you like an earlier rawer sound which I often feel dates easily. I like the more lush, musical stuff from later years.....but of course it's not an exact science and there are earlier productions I love to bits......I still feel that stuff dates a bit easily though. This is one of my ultimate favourites from my preferred period. This will sound good forever and a day.......
  13. Mark R

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    I hope no-one minds me doing this here as I have previously shared these in the appropriate place but they may have been missed by folk who would enjoy them......give 'em a try.....here's a starter for ten....
  14. Mark R

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    And how can I post all these West End things without posting this? One of my best Southport Weekender memories was hearing Jihad Muhammad open his 6am Sunday morning set in the Beat Bar with this. The place erupted!!
  15. Mark R

    Soulful House / Garage Picks

    I love Steal Vybe. This has just been reworked and re-released last week, but here's the original West End 12" version........


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