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  1. Modern soul records that seem too cheap

    Yes, that's a thread that could run and run! LOL Only thing is it would be steered away towards rare 7's by the very nature of this site, when what I think the reason for this post was Modern in the sense of relatively new releases, or contemporary sounding...
  2. Modern soul records that seem too cheap

    Yeah, don't knock it.......I looked up the Kindred 12" situation a while back and I too was amazed! I always like to think........"nobody knows they want them yet!" Cheers, Mark R
  3. Thanks Mark, quite happy to wait as long as I know it's coming!
  4. It's just one last step to complete the 6 though John, so near yet so far! Cheers, Mark
  5. Anyone??......I don't like paying upfront to be short changed!! Cheers, Mark R
  6. http://www.radiotimes.com/tv-programme/e/fw2xqt/the-last-pirates-britains-rebel-djs/
  7. 1600 People 12 Djs 3 Rooms One Venue

    See ya Saturday folks! Andy Jackson ably standing in for Clive Henderson in the Modern Room!! Cheers, Mark R
  8. Morecambe 1984 Hearsay

    Like you, I have all these things on unmarked videos..........may never see the light of day again unless I get time when I retire some day......shame really. Need to find the "Chasing Rainbows" Stafford one.....I have it somewhere......and Cleethorpes, ...
  9. My set recorded LIVE!! @ Soul Underground's 16th Anniversary on 9 September 2017. Soul, Nu-Disco, House & Jazz...........that's Soul Underground for ya!! Podomatic or Mixcloud, take your pick! http://www.podomatic....
  10. Can someone really simplify this and make a definitive post of the tune which IS the Catwalk please? Cheers, Mark R
  11. Beer

    If Rev James is on offer I need to tell the missus!! :-) Cheers, Mark R
  12. Beer

    Ever noticed how much Old Empire smells like skunk?! LOL Simply a hop thing of course so no real surprise, but it's really noticeable with Old Empire! Cheers, Mark R
  13. Must be 3 years this Christmas for me then.....I recall ordering in a Christmas holiday sometime! Hope it comes............this is the problem with paying upfront eh?? Cheers, Mark R
  14. The top 500

    Please feel free to take this piece of shit to the Northern scene!! Cheers, Mark R