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  1. The top 500

    Please feel free to take this piece of shit to the Northern scene!! Cheers, Mark R
  2. May be of interest to some on here.....just found this lurking in my iTunes, had forgotten all about this so thought I would share. Some right choice 90's soul on here.......bit smooth for some on SS, but the Dramatics, Artwork and Jesse Graham cuts shou...
  3. 1600 People 3 Rooms 12 Djs 1 Venue (The Biggest Soul Night )

    It must be the music!! :-)
  4. 1600 People 3 Rooms 12 Djs 1 Venue (The Biggest Soul Night )

    And you spelled it correctly, but you didn't below! LOL. 😂
  5. 1600 People 3 Rooms 12 Djs 1 Venue (The Biggest Soul Night )

    I noticed mate, thanks! Mark R
  6. 1600 People 3 Rooms 12 Djs 1 Venue (The Biggest Soul Night )

    See you Saturday peeps...........time to groove! Cheers, Mark R
  7. Mixed feelings 12" reissue

    Fetching money that re-issue 12" by the looks! Also on here, along with Luther Davis, Record Player etc https://www.discogs.com/Various-Soul-Cal-Disco-Modern-Soul-Masterpieces-1971-1982/release/3524506 It's crazy.........I've never actually ope...
  8. 1600 People 3 Rooms 12 Djs 1 Venue (The Biggest Soul Night )

    The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed in the updated event details above, but if not we're pleased to tell you that Fish will be joining us to spin a few in the Modern Room for the July event! Gonna be a cracker! Cheers, Mark R
  9. iTunes issue???

    Having thought about this a little more, I think some of the apparent re-naming is simply due to the tagging I did in iTunes AFTER ripping the CD and moving the files to where I wanted them stored and loading them into iTunes. In other words, the only real i...
  10. iTunes issue???

    Anybody ever found broken links between iTunes and music files, only to investigate and find that the folders/music have been moved without you knowing? Two completely independent folders moved/re-structure/renamed/even the MP3 files names changed!! The only ...
  11. Leroy Hutson - Positive Force

    Is everyones press of this OK? Got a couple of nasty pops in mine and you can see the flaw in the vinyl, so just wondered if it's typical or I'm just unlucky? Cheers, Mark R
  12. The Masqueraders enter America's Got Talent

    I did wonder this myself........would be interesting! Cheers, Mark R
  13. The Answers - Thinking of You (Scorpion)

    One of three big wants which might never happen! :-( Cheers, Mark R
  14. Features: Soulbowl

    I remember that exact advert Eddie! :-) Cheers, Mark R
  15. Little Nicky Soul 'You Said'

    Indeed..........."It's Too Late"