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  1. New device allows you to DJ without using a needle

    A bit off topic really but as a guy who plays new releases I do love the USB stick thing, and Pioneer's rekordbox etc. As most new releases aren't on vinyl it's the perfect solution.....and I love vinyl and still buy lots of it when I can! Cheers,...
  2. New releases 2018

    Nice new tune is the understatement of the year........I'm struggling to think of a better newly released old sounding tune in recent years.......Lady Wray maybe???? Simply fabulous! Cheers, Mark R
  3. Data back ups

    Guys, I need to automate backup of my laptop data (docs/music/photos/videos etc), which I currently do manually. As an example, when I add new music to iTunes etc, I simply then manually add a copy of it using Windows Explorer to a backup drive too in t...
  4. Smamsung Galaxy S6 WiFi

    Does anyone else have a problem with a Galaxy S6 NOT automatically picking up stored wifi networks? I've tried a few things recommended via Google searches on the subject....thought I'd sorted it but it's back where I started!! I mean......who the hell ...
  5. 1600 People 12 Djs 3 Rooms 1 Venue King Power Stadium

    See you all later guys! Cheers, Mark R
  6. Soul II Sole

    Yep, going rom strength to strength, another great night at Soul II Sole. Great to see such numbers in so soon after Christmas, bodes well for 2018 at this impressive little venue! Cheers, Mark R
  7. Anybody got a "spare" Sophie Lloyd/Dames Brown "Calling Out" 7" for a sensible price or preferably some kind of trade please? Cheers, Mark R
  8. ICE - Reality reissue on Ebay

    Withdrawn? Really? Glad I jumped in at the time..........never likely to own a £3k original so for me at home it'll do! ;-) Cheers, Mark R
  9. Any new releases warming the cockles?

    It's a bit tenuous whether this should be posted here, but in terms of re-edit business how good is this tweak on Carl Carlton...........already out of stock! https://www.juno.co.uk/products/dj-reverend-morgan-avenue-edits-no-4/671372-01/ ...
  10. Any new releases warming the cockles?

    My favourite old previously unreleased thing recently......great double sider.....in fact the flip could be anything from the best of Phyllis Hyman's 70's catalogue....... The last cut is my favourite new, new sound but is o...
  11. Mark Randle pres. Time To Burn

    There are advantages to spending a Sunday snowbound! ;-) http://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/starpointsoulboy/episodes/2017-12-11T13_58_38-08_00 Enjoy!, Mark R
  12. J Manship Auction Results 22/11/2017

    Dells £180! I think us mortals can forget chasing some of these records now! LOL
  13. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    Ah, right.....gotcha. Fair comment......I used to do the same in Blues & Soul etc. Cheers, Mark R
  14. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    Well there's certainly no need to buy blind now with t'interweb, that is one good thing about the technology shift! Cheers, Mark R
  15. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    These conversations a largely futile on here. With the odd exception, most on here only like "black" or "soul" music that sounds like it was recorded years ago..........times change, some people don't. Cheers, Mark R

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