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  1. And there you have it......agree entirely. Doing the legwork, expensive flights, dangerous neighborhoods........fair play if you find a 50 count box and make a bit of money. As for the new release bandits, sitting by their computer snagging copies that others could buy and enjoy........well it becomes a 50 c(o)unt box doesn't it? Cheers, Mark R
  2. Don't misunderstand me.....these are superb comps and I have them all......albeit on CD. I'd be quite happy to have the Ernie track on this CD/LP if it were the only way to buy it, but in the a scenario we are in I would be just as happy to have MP3/45. As it is I have all three. I wonder whether people would rather play Ivan Matias off the compilation LP vinyl rather than the original release JAP CD? Like I say.....funny old world! Cheers, Mark R
  3. Isn't it interesting how we all have our little idiosyncrasies! Because whilst I don't buy into the whole obsession with vinyl only, I don't think the LP counts here being a compilation. In other words I would rather have the MP3 download or the 45. Funny old world ain't it?!! Cheers, Mark R
  4. Mark R

    Soul Purpose Pink 2

    DJ times for Saturday folks.......gonna be a cracker!! As you can see, Room 2 closes one hour before the end of the night, the idea being to have everyone in Room 1 for the last hour "finale"!! Cheers, Mark R
  5. In no way offended good sir......just stating how it is for me! Cheers, Mark R
  6. Will it? Interesting 'cos it's the one I'm least likely to carry as it's the format I play least off!! All my new 45's are converted to digital for my USB.......or at a push CDR where USB isn't available. I think when you say it's the preferred format of soulboys you are only thinking of a subset of soulboys..... Cheers, Mark R
  7. Mark R

    Soul Purpose Pink 2

    Guys, I realise this is a bit short notice, only because we figured that Facebook would give us sufficient promotion for this, but please be advised of this charity event this coming Saturday 12th January. My wife Lindsey turns 50 at the end of January and has been battling breast cancer through 2018, so we figured this would be a good way to celebrate her birthday whilst raising money for this good cause. Some of you may remember that we did Soul Purpose Pink for the same cause back in 2011 for no other reason than we wanted to make a difference, but as you can see.........this time it's personal!! Cheers, Mark R
  8. Mark R

    The Music Box returns to Starpoint Radio!!

    My show broadcast LIVE!! on Sunday 6 January folks. I'll be back on Sunday 20 January 12-2pm GMT. https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/starpointsoulboy/episodes/2019-01-06T07_26_57-08_00 Subscribe in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-music-box-with-mark-randle-on-starpoint-radio/id1437199939 Thought I would drop by and add a playlist for a change! Michelle Lawson - Looking For Love (UK Rhythm Records MP3 - forthcoming 2019) Victor Haynes - Hopping, Skipping (UK Expansion Records CD "Luxury Soul 2019" 2019) Noel McKoy - My Lady's Gone (Rob Hardt Remix) (UK Noel McKoy MP3 - forthcoming 2019) Chelsea Wilson - Real Love (AUS House Of Valerie Joan MP3 2018) Public Announcement - Good Love (US Knobs Productions Inc. MP3 2018) India Arie - That Magic (Radio Edit) (US Soulbird/BMG MP3 2018) L A Young - No One Can Love You More (US Tate Hill Records Inc. MP3 2018) Wipe The Needle & Sheree Hicks - Love Of My Life (Original Vocal Mix) (US Vibe Boutique Records MP3 2018) Kelvin Sylvester & Dee Lavender - Everything You Are (Main Mix) (US Merecumbe Recordings MP3 2019) Brian Power feat. Mary Pearce - All About The Music (UK SoulHouse Music MP3 LP "SoulHouse 2018 Remixed" 2018) Tasha LaRae - Ready (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix) (US Quantize Recordings MP3 2018) Daniele Baldi feat. Richelle Hicks - Didn't I (Soulful Mix) (EU Birkin Records MP3 2018) Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities - Do Something (US Fun City Records MP3 2018) Durand Jones & The Indications - Don’t You Know (US Dead Oceans MP3 2018) The New Creation - The Fish Song (UK Soul Junction Records 7" - forthcoming 2019) Bill Brown and The Soul Injection - Love Under The Apple Tree (UK Brownstone Records/Super Disco Edits 7" 2018) Otis Junior & Dr. Dundiff - Need To Know (EU Jakarta Records MP3 LP "Cool" 2018) Stone Paxton - I Dont Think She's Gone (Album Version) (US Prodigee Records MP3 LP "In The Key Of Love" 2018) Dira - Living For Today (UK Expansion Records CD "Luxury Soul 2019" 2019) John Gordon - I Keep On Fallin' (US John Gordon MP3 2018) Bjak - Groove Train (EU deepArtSounds LP "The Passion's Journey" 2018) Walter G - Father's Song (Original Dedication Mix) (EU Soulstice Music MP3 2019) Skymark - Rhodes E Serenidade (UK Mukatsuku 7" 2018) The Blak BeatNiks - The Right Place (Sean McCabe Deepa Vocal) (UK Good Vibrations Music MP3 2018) BSC feat. Carla Prather - Gotta Be Present (Jose Carretas Remix) (EU Check It Out Records MP3 2018) Jose Carretas feat. Byron Moore - Queen (Bang The Drum Vocal) (UK Son Liva MP3 2018) Cheers, Mark R
  9. I make you right......Mercy, Mercy Me, not What's Going On in terms of the percussion I mentioned.......doh! LOL
  10. Especially the start with the atmospheric percussion......... Cheers, Mark R
  11. And anyway......you remember we had (have!) "everyone's a DJ"? Well add to that everyone's a feckin' record dealer!! Cheers, Mark R
  12. I did sir, second track in! First was Amp Fiddler "Seven Mile" Two decent 45's from 2018 I reckon!! And I was on before the others, so in that respect NOT GUILTY! LOL Cheers, Mark R
  13. Yep, I'd say that's pretty much true! Most of you know that I DO understand the vinyl preference, it's mine too, but I just find it laughable that folk are only interested (in something they think is a stunning piece of music BTW) when it arrives on vinyl. It's laughable and very much the downside of that part of the UK soul scene. Anyway, here's a bit of a potted history and some credit where it's due as I understand it, please correct me if you know better: - first brought to many people's attention via Mark Merry's "Soul Sermon" show on Starpoint Radio back in the summer of 2018 - suggested for inclusion on the Expansion yearly (2018) compilation by Roger Williams - released on a 45 on It's Soul Time records by top man Andy Lothian, an ex-pat residing Stateside. So there you go, just enjoy the music! Cheers, Mark R
  14. I'll stick with my original! The rare soul scene eh. Tell me this: if it's that good (which it is, BTW!), would you be prepared to miss out on (supporting) it if it didn't land on a 45? Seems some would which I find totally bizarre! Cheers, Mark R
  15. Mark R

    A look back at 2018!

    Hi guys, I know some of you are partial to a bit of house music so I thought it worth posting this mix I put together in the holidays, featuring some personal highlights from 2018! Happy New Year everyone! x Cheers, Mark R


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