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  1. The above on Capital 45 cheers Paul
  2. This 45 on Mother’s Records cheers Paul
  3. The above 45 on Dash cheers Paul
  4. The above 45 on Old Town, Price and condition please., Paul
  5. Hello mate, thanks a lot for taking the time to help, I saw it, condition isn’t quite hood enough unfortunately cheers, Paul
  6. This 45 on Dontee please, All releases, yellow, blue, white, happy with the 77 boot too, price and condition, cheers, Paul
  7. This 45 on Fly by Nite 2012 Reissue please cheers Paul
  8. After a copy of the Fly by Nite 2012 reissue of this 45 please cheers Paul
  9. This one on Hawk Sound 45, price and condition please, UK Sellers only thanks, Paul
  10. Hiya Dave, yes Yopics please, cheers paul
  11. This 45 on Mothers Records please, cheers, Paul
  12. Hi, I just don’t have that amount of trust in the postal service Paul

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