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    I run the Guernsey soul collective, monthly soul night in St Peter Port. At the 100 club as often as I can (if there are cheep flights to Gatwick left) Rugby another top night you might see me at. Andy on the rock (Guernsey) or Fraggle... 

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    Andy Newman
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    You only get one shot at this life. Living in Guernsey I can't get out every weekend, but that doesn't stop me from trying. 100 Club is my closest haunt and for that I am grateful as its one of my favorite venues. Cleethorpes 6ts weekender top of the list as are many of the abroad events. If you remember the good old days back in the eighties when we used to go to Oddfellows in Leics, Notts Palie ,Warrington Parr Hall, Morcambe pier, and of course the top of the world at Stafford. Get in touch Andy Newman
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    Leicester originaly,now Guernsey in the Channel Islands.
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    Soul Incorporated - My Proposal

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  1. The 20% is not VAT it is import tax at the VAT rate, so ebay are not collecting VAT and your are not paying VAT, this is what I have been told by customs. We have had this imposed on us in Guernsey for the last 5-6 years with any good going in to the UK. Guernsey post collect the 20% UK import tax at the post office when you go in to post your records and then give it to the UK Government. I dont know if the UK Government give Guernsey post anything for collecting their taxes for them, but it does stop your records being impounded all the time and a fine on top. I am more annoye
  2. Darn good cross section of Northern, 6ts, modern, 70's and crossover soul. All OVO night. Live from The Forest in Guernsey. Join in with the fun and chat on the uninterrupted live stream on TWITCH. Click on the link at 21.00 and wait for the live stream to start. https://www.twitch.tv/guernseysoul Get your kitchen dance floor ready and you drinks on ice, its going to be a great night.
  3. Anyone have a copy of Zu Zu Blues Band ‎– Zu Zu Man on A&M that I could prize from their hands in exchange for some folding beer tokens. PM me Cheers Andy
  4. Andyontherock


    Maybe the very first public soul nite in the British Isles. Lock down has completely ended in Guernsey, so it is time to party. Across the board music policy, great sound system, wooden dance floor and free entry. DJ's Andy Newman, Motown Jules, Trevor Simpson and Shaun Bennett
  5. until

    Friendly, great value for money, great all niter Venue, top DJ line up playing a great selection of vinyl soul tracks across the board. Clean family run hotel on the lovely Island of Corfu. Whats not to like, get booked now and take advantage of the cheap flights. See you in the Sun Andy and Julie
  6. Lovely write up Butch Some lovely memories of what can only be described as a tremendous achievement by Ady and Co. See you Saturday, so looking forward to seeing everyone and celebrating 40 Years. Andy
  7. Andyontherock

    100 Club 6TS

    Another top night to look forward to. DJ line up is looking good as well
  8. I spent the day going through a load of NS records that I haven't played for ages and sorted a few out to sell. I love the Milton Wright track and wondered why I haven't played it out. Think I paid about £1.50 for it, last time I checked it was £30, so to see the high price it is now fetching is a turn up for the books. What has made the record so collectable, has a top DJ been pushing it, is the B side getting the spins, or have people just realised that its a great record that need more plays.
  9. I have seen copies of Milton Wrights - "I belong to you" B/W "Like a rolling stone" on Satiron, going for up to £700, I have also seen copies that look identical going for £5.00 I have a copy that I have had for years, 1980 ish, just wondered if anyone can shed any light on how to find out if my copy is original. Thanks in advance Andy
  10. If you love the Motown sound of the 60's and the funky rhythmic beats of Northern soul. This is the night for you. Friday the 1st is the first of many dates secured at the Front Room, Thomas de la Rue for the Guernsey soul collective. Four top DJ's all playing vinyl on a top sound system, with a wooden dance floor for you to show off your moves. Separate bar area with plenty of seating if you just want to enjoy a drink at normal bar prices and have a chat with like minded friends, while listening to the great music from the dance floor. Smoking area with seating. FREE ENTRY Music k
  11. Another fantastic year of Soul events at the Front Room, Thomas de la Rue draws to an end. We hope that you can come along and join in with the Xmas fun. FIVE top DJ's all playing wonderful soul tracks on glorious Vinyl. Top sound system. Wooden dance floor. Free entry with pub drink prices. Always a great night. See you on the 7th The Guernsey soul collective

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