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    Andy Newman
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    You only get one shot at this life. Living in Guernsey I can't get out every weekend, but that doesn't stop me from trying. 100 Club is my closest haunt and for that I am grateful as its one of my favorite venues. Cleethorpes 6ts weekender top of the list as are many of the abroad events.
    If you remember the good old days back in the eighties when we used to go to Oddfellows in Leics, Notts Palie ,Warrington Parr Hall, Morcambe pier, and of course the top of the world at Stafford.
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    Andy Newman
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    Leicester originaly,now Guernsey in the Channel Islands.
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    Soul Incorporated - My Proposal

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  1. Andyontherock

    Guernsey Soul Collective

    If you love the Motown sound of the 60's and the funky rhythmic beats of Northern soul. This is the night for you. Friday the 1st is the first of many dates secured at the Front Room, Thomas de la Rue for the Guernsey soul collective. Four top DJ's all playing vinyl on a top sound system, with a wooden dance floor for you to show off your moves. Separate bar area with plenty of seating if you just want to enjoy a drink at normal bar prices and have a chat with like minded friends, while listening to the great music from the dance floor. Smoking area with seating. FREE ENTRY Music kicks off at 8.30 with a 12.40 finish. DJ's Andy Newman, Motown Jules, Trevor Simpson, Shaun Bennett
  2. Andyontherock

    Kelly Garrett Loves The Only Answer

    Is this still for sale. Cheers Andy
  3. Andyontherock

    Kelly Garrett - Love's The Only Answer

    Is this still for sale?
  4. Andyontherock

    Northern does swing

    Too much time over the Christmas break and started listening to different versions of our popular and beloved soul tracks. I was pretty amazed at how many "Swing" versions there are out there. Whether they are the original version or cover versions. I will start you off with a couple of examples and its up to you to find some more, you never know someone might make a compilation lp with them on.
  5. Andyontherock

    Guernsey soul collective

    Another fantastic year of Soul events at the Front Room, Thomas de la Rue draws to an end. We hope that you can come along and join in with the Xmas fun. FIVE top DJ's all playing wonderful soul tracks on glorious Vinyl. Top sound system. Wooden dance floor. Free entry with pub drink prices. Always a great night. See you on the 7th The Guernsey soul collective
  6. Andyontherock

    100 Club

    Ta Very much, getting ready for Detroit a go go, can't wait.
  7. Andyontherock

    Guernsey soul collective

    Novembers helping of Soul once again at the Front Room, Thomas de la Rue, North Plantation, SPP, Guernsey. Always a top night, Northern soul across the board from classic oldies to the latest stateside discovery's. Three top DJ's with a wealth of knowledge of the records they are playing. Wooden dance floor, pub drink prices, top sound system and as always its free to get in. See you on the 2nd DJ's Andy Newman Trevor Simpson Motown Jules Wooden dance-floor, top sound system, pub drink prices, free entry
  8. Andyontherock

    Billy Kennedy ‎– Sweet Things

    Good morning soul folk. Any of you lovely people out there got a clean copy of "Billy Kennedy ‎– Sweet Things" for the right price. Thanks in advance Andy
  9. Andyontherock

    100 Club

    Initial view was not to attend due to it clashing with a school term end and my return only flight Gatwick to Guernsey would have been £210.00, not able to get to Poole in time for the boat, £180.00 from Southampton to Guernsey with Fly-be and would have had to leave early (enough said) But Not to be deterred and lets face it why would anyone want to miss out on a fabulous night with great friends down in that there London basement that we love so much. I will be there, YEAH, but I wont get home until Monday evening and I am flying from Southampton to Alderney for the night then Alderney to Guernsey on Monday all for £52.00, oh and did I mention that there is a going to be a bus replacement service for the train to Southampton. Come on guys, if I can make it, so can you. A fab DJ line up and always a great night. See you in the Blue Posts
  10. Andyontherock

    Vinyl collection insurance

    I am not having much luck with some of these so called insurance companies that say that they specialise in Insuring vinyl collections. Has anyone managed to find a company that are interested and for a reasonable price. Any advice much appreciated.
  11. Andyontherock

    100 Club

    Yeah, See you later peoples, going to be a great night.
  12. Andyontherock

    Guernsey Soul Collective

    We have managed to secure the Front Room for an all-day Northern soul and Motown event. There will be lots going on in St Peter Port on this weekend, so it is set to be a busy one. The main event over the Weekend is the Imperials Scooter Club Rally. There will be lots of scooters and their riders from the UK, Jersey and France here in Guernsey. This will be the last place to see these scooters before they all head off home. North Plantation will be closed for scooter parking right outside the Front Room. The De la Rue will also be putting some tables outside and serving food. This has to be the highlight of the Year for the Guernsey soul collective. DJ's Andy Newman, Motown Jules, Trevor Simpson, Shaun Bennett + Guests. Last year was just brilliant, lets make this one even better. Put this date in your diary, tell your friends, print off a poster, it's going to be a great day.
  13. WANTED for a good friend of mine, Milton Bennett / The Hesitations ‎– What's One More Lie / Go Away 100 club 28th anniversary single Kent Records ‎– 6T 23 Many thanks Andy
  14. Andyontherock


    The front room, Thomas de la rue, North Plantation, St Peter Port, Guernsey. Free entry. Wooden dance floor, top sound system. Music policy is across the board, motown classics to unreleased 100 club tracks and classic oldies
  15. Andyontherock

    Guernsey soul collective

    The Front Room, Thomas de la Rue, North plantation, Guernsey Wooden dance floor, free entry, great soundsystem DJ's Andy Newman, Trevor Simpson, Shaun Bennett and Motown Jules Music policy is across the board, classic oldies, R&B, 100 Club rarities and motown


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