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  1. hold tight

    News: Ronnie Walker RIP

    Spot on Dave, fantastic night, think it was the Thursday night, then SHS on the Friday was packed to the back wall. Brilliant memories.
  2. hold tight

    News: Ronnie Walker RIP

    Ronnie was a great person to sit and chat with, remember standing outside a basement club in Greek Street chatting about life and family with him. His music expressed his life, both good and bad parts. Will be sorely missed.
  3. hold tight

    Northern For A Monday

    Johnie Mae please Des. Cheers
  4. hold tight

    Eddie Jefferson - Psychedelic Sally

    Pm sent
  5. Hi, was really pleased to be able to bring Ronnie’s sublime tracks to vinyl for the first time. Big thanks to Des for playing a big part in bringing these from an idea to a 45. Poor boy is a stunning 70s soul track that is destined for the 70s/modern rooms or some of the new 70s niters. Flip it over and theres great northern crossover dancer that just feels fresh and ready to play. Don’t take my word for hit the play button above! Thanjs to all of those who have already heard the quality and orders are on the way. Mark
  6. hold tight


    Cheers Andy, money sent.
  7. hold tight

    Northern For A Sunday

    Hi Des, can you put Innovations to one side. Will email you tonight. Cheers
  8. hold tight

    Cheap Funky Stuff!!

    Truth please Des.
  9. hold tight

    R & B For A Thursday!!!

    Morning Des, little Eddie and a frank butler please.
  10. hold tight

    Recommended Cheap Northern Originals

    Little Ben please Des.
  11. hold tight


    Yep I'm up for that trade drop me a PM and I we can sort out the details.
  12. hold tight

    Tito Ramirez Be My Girl / Lonely Man

    If Jimmy doesn't want it please let me know as I will have it. Or if any one else has a copy?
  13. hold tight

    Northern For A Wednesday

    Morning Des, I will take the sapphires and little Carl please. Cheers
  14. hold tight

    R & B For A Thursday

    Hi Des offbeats for me please young man!
  15. hold tight

    Some nice, cheap Funky stuff

    Hi Des I'll take Shirley Caesar please.


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