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  1. Tomagnus


  2. Tomagnus

    Features: Europe And Beyond.. Gothenburg Soul Scene

    Nice writeup! Even if it's not strictly soul scene it maybe also worth mentioning that there's been a couple of mod and scooter events and garage/psyche-oriented dos over the years in Gothenburg. I don't have any exact dates for those. The Soulastatic summer nighter in August is usually one of the highlights of the year. People travelling from the rest of the country, great venue and DJs, meeting up again after the sum..
  3. Tomagnus

    2010-06-11 Cleethorpes Weekender 2010

    Just wanted to post a late thank you for a superb weekender! Made a complete fool of myself on the Friday, I blame the bottle of whiskey (without anything to mix with) I had on the train up for that.. Apologies to everyone whose wife I chatted to.. Anyway, very nice to meet each and every one of you! A few tracks I played on Saturday afternoon alongside Alan from Scotland: Shades of Blue - Happiness - Impact, Paul Peek - I'm..
  4. Tomagnus

    Dirty Northern

    People seem to have quite different ideas of what the term means here.. My interpretation of "Dirty Northern" would be stuff like: Magnetics - Lady In Green (and 'Heart...' as well) Arthur Willis - The Hurting Is Over Headliners - Looking For A Love Otis Brown - Southside Chicago Caressors - I Can't Stay Away Donna King - Take Me Home The Agents - Trouble
  5. Tomagnus

    Preludes - Deeper Than That - Harthon

    Found the thread here.. Thanks again for the help. Always nice to get a frisbee for the summer holidays.. /Magnus
  6. Tomagnus

    Preludes - Deeper Than That - Harthon

    Thanks solidhit, I almost expected that (though I was hoping not of course).. A bit confusing, since Bernard Williams seems to be original on an orange label..
  7. Hi, Just got myself a copy of this lovely record, sounds fine but I'm unsure of it's status... I was a bit surprised that there seems to be quite little info on the net on Harthon, the various label designs etc. It has the black-on-orange straight Harthon label design. The "Deeper than that" side is labeled as H-140-B, runout groove says (in capitals) "virtue studios phila. pa. usa." and "H-140-B". The record feels a bit li..
  8. Tomagnus


    I think this weekender was great! Friday was good but especially Saturday and Sunday were really in my taste, musically I would say that Saturday was as good as it gets.. Nice that there were more of a 60's focus this time than two years ago.. Went to the R&C on Monday and Tuesday night and had a good time there as well and met some very friendly people.. About the beer prices, yes 6 is a tad high but they also..
  9. Tomagnus

    Northern Soul - Power Cuts Podcast

    Thanks Pete! After listening to your podcast, I bought myself a copy of Paul Peek, just got it through the mailbox btw.. Cheers, Magnus
  10. Tomagnus

    Former Kitch C/u

    Hi! Sonny Ace - Little Girl.mp3 See you soon, Olof.. and you too, Martin (tomorrow I suppose?)! /Magnus
  11. Tomagnus

    Rimini 2006

    Had a great weekend in Rimini! Big tranks to Simone and all the organizers and DJs.. Musically it was very varying, from 60s northern to modern, to house even. My favourite track of the weekend must be Bad Weather Inc - I Never Knew... /Magnus