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  1. Chosen Few "Taking all the love I can"/"Birth of a playboy" ON HOLD Marple 100 demo. Ex condition £125 Pazant Bros "Mboga-Chakula" (Greasy Greens) mono/stereo US Vigor demo Ex condition £25 Jae Mason "Please the crowd" mono/stereo US Buddah demo Ex condition £25 Maceo and All the Kingsmen "Funky Women"/"Southwick" US House of the Fox Ex condition £15 P/p extra.
  2. Original poster for the Memphis Soul Review (Otis Clay, Ann Peebles, Willie Mitchell etc) show at Birmingham Hummingbird on 14th October 1991. Laminated and in excellent condition. Only a few were laminated for use outside of the club. 16.5 inches x 12 inches (42cm x 30cm) £20 including UK postage.
  3. Looking forward to it Julian - UK spot great idea.
  4. You were spared it this month luckily Julian. John
  5. I know Frank.
  6. Looking forward as usual to this great night but hopefully no dreaded KK this month.
  7. I’ll have the Ebony Keyes Roger if still there please
  8. Alleyoop

    Get Ready

    Hi John here from last night. I said I’d get in touch today. _Do you want to come back to me in a pm.
  9. Its m,e John Ill have Lightnin Slim Crazy little baby if i havent got it. Going to bed now . Will check in morning. Thats if its not gone Cheers

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