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  1. - December 2019 - PAYMENT BY PAYPAL, OR CASH/CHEQUE IN UK FUNDS ONLY. POSTAGE ( Recorded) Up to 3 x 45’s for the same price. UK £2.50 Europe £9.00 Rest £11.00 ALL ORIGINAL 45’S. Scans and sound Clips are On my Face Book Page ‘Barrie At Heaven’ THE BLUE-BELLES – YOURE JUST FOOLING YOURSELF / YOU BETTER MOVE ON – RAINBOW E £120 Rare with drawn artist credit – Pre ‘Original Blue-Belles, and ‘Bracelets’ PATTI AUSTIN – A TISKET A TASKET / A MILLION TO ONE – CORAL PROMO E- £40 PATTI AUSTIN – ONLY ALL THE TIME / OH HOW I NEED YOU JOE – CORAL PROMO M- £60 GAIL WYNTERS – YOU DONT HAVE TO BE IN LOVE / MY MAN – HICKORY PROMO M- £40 THE ELGINS – PUT YOURSELF IN MY PLACE / DARLING BABY – VIP PROMO E+ FLIP E £ 75 THE VELVELETTES – THESE THINGS WILL KEEP ME LOVING YOU / SINCE YOUVE BEEN LOVING ME – SOUL E+ To M- £40 THE TEMPTATIONS – CHECK YOURSELF / YOUR WONDERFUL LOVE – MIRACLE M- £40 BUDDY LAMP – I WANNA GO HOME / YOUVE GOT THE LOVING TOUCH – WHEELSVILLE VG+ £30 TOMMY BRYANT – I WANNA COME HOME TO YOU BABY / HEADING HOME – T NECK PROMO E+ £30 BARBARA LEWIS – SOMEDAY WERE GONNA LOVE AGAIN / SPEND A LITTLE TIME – ATLANTIC PROMO VG+ ( PLAYS E) SOLD TIMMY WILLIS – MR SOUL SATISFACTION / IM WONDERING – SIDRA PROMO M- £40 THE TRIPLETS – HEY LITTLE GIRL / BABY COME ON HOME – BLUE ROCK PROMO E+ £30 THE PRECISIONS – WHY GIRL / WHAT I WANT – DREW M- / E+ £20 BOB MEYER – YOUVE GOT TO TELL ME / BEHOLD – LAWN PROMO M- £30 JUNIOR WELLS – PARTY POWER / ANOTHER MULE IS KICKING IN YOUR STALL – BLUE ROCK PROMO E+ £25 GEORGE JACKSON – I FOUND WHAT I WANTED / LOVE HIGHJACKER – VERVE PROMO E To E+ £40 BILL BRANDON – FULL GROWN LOVIN MAN / SELF PRESERVATION – SOUTH CAMP E To E- £35 JOHNNY COPELAND – SUFFERING CITY / ITS MY OWN TEARS THATS BEING WASTED – ATLANTIC PROMO M- £35 THE ESCORTS – THE HURT / NO CITY FOLKS ALLOWED – RCA E+ £ 35 THE AFRICAN BEAVERS – FIND MY BABY / JUNGLE FEVER – RCA PROMO E+ / E £ 30 african beavers find my baby dj.mp3 barbara lewis someday love again promo.mp3 bill brandon full grown dj.mp3 blue belles fooling.mp3 bob meyer tell me promo.mp3 buddy lamp wanna go home.mp3 elgins put yourself promo.mp3 escorts the hurt.mp3 gail wynters you donat have to be in love dj.mp3 george jackson found what wanted.mp3 johnny copeland suffering city dj.mp3 junior wells party power dj.mp3 patti austin only all time dj.mp3 patti austion a tisket.mp3 precisions why girl.mp3 temptations check yourself miracle.mp3 timmy willis soul satisfaction sidra dj.mp3 tommy bryant i wanna promo.mp3 triplets come on home.mp3 triplets hey little girl.mp3 velvelettes these things loving you.mp3
  2. - November 2019 - PAYMENT BY PAYPAL, OR CASH/CHEQUE IN UK FUNDS ONLY. POSTAGE ( Recorded) Up to 3 x 45’s for the same price. UK £2.50 Europe £9.00 Rest £11.00 ALL ORIGINAL 45’S. Scans and sound Clips are On my Face Book Page ‘Barrie At Heaven’ JOHNNY BARNES – REAL NICE / IT MUST BE LOVE – CAP CITY E+ £50 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=24d4a8fc-096d-438d-a93a-53c8919dec84 KRYSTAL GENERATIONS – YOU WERE NEVER MINE / WONDERFUL WORLD – CMC M- £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=977cc31b-24cb-40f7-9db2-06bcbbfdac15 THE FOUR PUZZLES – ESPECIALLY FOR YOU BABY / RIGHT OR WRONG – FAT BACK E+ £60 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=2258db51-01b4-4163-8ae4-020c32009ae8 DEDE COPELAND - GOTTA GIVE UP SOME MONEY / THIS IS THE PRICE I HAD TO PAY – GME TEST PRESSING E To E+ (Small Warp NAP) SOLD http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=556acc77-0c31-4a74-a988-4052f0415614 THE FIVE GENTS – BITTER CANDY / SKOKIAAN – SUNBURST M- £40 - on hold http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=a62ef781-ab38-439f-af14-7c66a1f8ad04 THE IMPRESSIONS – MINSTREL AND QUEEN / YOUVE COME HOME – ABC E+ £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=e764ad40-c285-4548-a38e-3c60f63fd9cb THE BELGIANETTES – THE TRAIN / MY BLUE HEAVEN – OKEH PROMO E £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=81cb66c9-0268-4021-9d44-6e5b15c55dfe ROBERTA DAYE – IM NEVER GONNA CRY AGAIN / EVERY DAYE – ABNER PROMO M- £50 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=56194f43-fecc-4e14-ab9a-7832337ef2b6 SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS – WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW / GOING BACK TO MIAMI – FONO M- SOLD http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=6e03075a-e740-41b7-b2e0-dead03ac776b THE MILLIONAIRES – CHERRY BABY / I THOUGHT ABOUT YOU – BUNNY M- SOLD http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=d08ecfc3-5dd8-41ed-81c9-03a7e9385157 RONNY DEE – ONE TWO THREE / HALF HEAVEN HALF HEARTACHE – WRH E+ To M- £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=2ff51c24-5753-43a1-9ab5-756ef68eeed5 BILLY PRINCE – ONE SHOT LEFT / SOMEBODY HELP ME – VERVE PROMO E £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=8b77ee0c-45dd-4172-8c78-1ed4e978499f THE FASINATIONS – YOU GONNA BE SORRY / TEARS IN MY EYES – ABC PROMO M- £35 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=8322afb8-9e33-4346-b949-0fe1ede15179 JUNE EDWARDS – HEAVEN HELP ME / MY MAN – SOUTH CAMP E- To VG+ (Plays E Cond) £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=e95a4560-2609-4d69-bf03-5e54555a1487 THE RUBIES – A SPANISH BOY / DEEPER – VEE JAY PROMO + PIC COVER M- Sleeve E+ £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=f376eff2-6e23-4f64-bcde-7df1c5b3e39e THE BROTHERS – ARE YOU READY FOR THIS / LONG VERSION – RCA PROMO M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=48233ef2-d4fd-43ed-95d0-3813d0f4e739 THE RAELETS – ONE ROOM PARADISE / ONE HURT DESERVES ANOTHER – TANGERINE PROMO E+ £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=33f8bf2c-d96e-4d11-8fe2-85abd9fd67c9 THE LOUIS BROTHERS – GETTIN COOKED / LETS GO GET STONED – DOT PROMO E £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=f196c05a-21ad-435b-8d1b-25102952f81b THE GIRLS THREE – BABY I WANT YOU / THATS HOW IT IS – CHESS PROMO M- £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=166ecb9d-4d1e-4142-a645-879273403868 CHUCK RAY – BABY PLEASE DONT GO / THERE AINT A THING YOU CAN DO – BUDDAH PROMO M- £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=b354e34b-92f4-45d2-87de-674accf8d024 THE UPSETTERS – SOUL FOR SALE / PT2 – LAGUNA M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=fff404d2-5e81-4ee3-a2f9-169bb08ca46c
  3. - October 2019 - PAYMENT BY PAYPAL ( a45heaven@aol.com) , OR CASH/CHEQUE IN UK FUNDS ONLY. POSTAGE ( Recorded) Up to 3 x 45’s for the same price. UK £2.50 Europe £9.00 Rest £11.00 ALL ORIGINAL 45’S. Scans and sound Clips are On my Face Book Page ‘Barrie At Heaven’ PAT THOMAS – I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby’s Face / The Long Long Night – VERVE VG+ ( Plays E Cond) £40 Probably the toughest version – benefits from her jazz oriented style. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=74fb8f64-7d7a-4fe5-94b7-6ea88e9bcc84 LENIS GUESS – What Can I Do But Cry ? / In My Room – LEGRAND PROMO E+ £30 Solid upbeat top side, flip haunting mid to upbeat mover. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=03795988-855c-460c-abb3-7fb38210e98b BOBBY PARIS – Dark Continent / PT2 – MAGENTA E SOLD Great atmospheric cult mover. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=0a200e42-328d-4a5d-81cc-698c62b57293 UNKNOWN ARTIST – Spring Rain / All That Jazz – HOCTOR M- £60 Close enough to be recognised, different enough to be noticed as such – rarer Modern Soul floor filler. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=ec6c6c04-ea2a-47e4-a201-a6a86dc58935 THE MAGIC TYMES – Happy Feet Time /When Youre Sitting All Alone – MALA E- £30 Not overly well known double sided upbeat dancers from Jerry Tiffe. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=4caf4d6f-b1dd-4f85-809b-db89bf5239ed THE DELCOS – Arabia / Those Three Little Words – SHOWCASE PROMO E To E- £50 Nice promo copy of the Stafford, Keb standard. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=c6deccb0-7df0-4471-9e87-bb74a1fef025 SUGAR HILL – Women Can Do It / Whats The Matter Baby - DOWN HOME E- SOLD Quite tough to find - upbeat Sister Soul styled dancer, with upbeat funky flip. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=bb3db0c3-e199-4db7-a606-78b12e872a84 THE SUPERIORS – Let Me Make You Happy / Cant Make It Without You – MGM PROMO M- SOLD Vintage double sided upbeat movers. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=100da6ec-ea21-4f11-baeb-0c7bdbdc9263 BILLY PROFIT – Slowly I Turn / Poor Poor Joe – BARRY! PROMO E- £50 Never been an easy one – dynamic upbeat cult dancer with breaks. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=61f11bfc-8666-45ea-911a-2b063ff12187 PAUL KELLY – Chills And Fever / Only Your Love – DIAL PROMO E+ £30 Nice promo copy of classic vintage mover. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=3190382a-fcd6-47a9-9237-5a669a0a0499 JOEY EDWARDS – How Big Is Big / Trapped – COLUMBIA E+ £40 The original song-writers version, much like ‘The Masqueraders’ in delivery. Flip upbeat blue eyed dancer. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=2882f322-3840-4170-8c2a-690f3a77d941 BOBBY JONES – Slow Down Im Gonna Lose You / A Loved And Lost TMP-TING PROMO M- SOLD Good gutsy upbeat earthy mover. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=4ad73de3-f52e-4ac3-a345-64fa2e16431b EBONY JAM – Ride On / Inst – AMOS PROMO E+ ( Inst E Cond) £30 Popular upbeat Latin tinged dancer. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=9195787f-574e-4013-9540-ef18ccb78250 THE KOLETTES – Whos That Guy / Just How Much - CHECKER PROMO M- £30 Perfect copy of Chicago’s iconic vintage group dancer. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=8a535130-eecf-4991-adc2-b32582f07e13 BILLY PRINCE – Say It Again / You Never Should Have Loved Me – VERVE PROMO E+ £35 A member of the quality Detroit band ‘The Precisions’. excellent soulful big sounding mid to upbeat mover. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=31ca72fc-837f-4ab1-9fbd-7259b3a04d9e RONNIE GALLANT – Shadows / Shake Shake Baby – ATLANTIC PROMO M- £25 Top side stunning soulful mid paced mover, flip upbeat RnB styled dancer. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=247feada-e1a6-4268-bb04-0122927ac370
  4. - September 2019 - PAYMENT BY PAYPAL, OR CASH/CHEQUE IN UK FUNDS ONLY. POSTAGE ( Recorded) Up to 3 x 45’s for the same price. UK £2.50 Europe £9.00 Rest £11.00 ALL ORIGINAL 45’S. Scans and sound Clips are On my Face Book Page ‘Barrie At Heaven’ THE DISTORTIONS – Thank You John / I Aint Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore – MALCOLM Z DIRGE E+ Rare Garage Soul Version Of Willie Tee Classic, 1.5 Times Faster. £80.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=f65d49da-4769-45da-b9df-e6d60030e09a AL HASKINS – You Got Me / Tame Me – SURE SHOT PROMO M- Thumping Vintage Tackle, Never Made It To The Heights It Merits. £30.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=6d62bffd-69a7-4f3a-8175-a7d3302bc47b JOHN & PAUL – Im Walkin / People Say – TIP E Double Sided Upbeat Blue Eyed Mover With A ‘Wall Of Sound’ Feel £25.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=9f559e2f-5007-4dec-8c0d-56d2d8f68f93 HELEN BRYANT – Thats A Promise / Ive Learned My Lesson FURY M- Good Gutsy Upbeat RnB Styled Mover £25.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=aa86b0dc-a9b3-4448-9b47-4c1b4ae4b637 THE FORMATIONS – Lonely Voice Of Love / Loves Not Only For The Heart - MGM PROMO VG+ To E- Classy Stafford Spin, Shame Quality Flip Didnt Get Much Airings. £30.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=70b557bf-54bd-4dd6-bbd7-978d700f87c2 THE PROPHETS – Fightin For Sam / Misty – STONEL PROMO E+ Locality Wise, Id Guess These Are The Lads Who Went Onto Shrine – Obscure Upbeat Dancer. £40.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=170b911b-3cf0-4b88-b652-a46bc86f0950 THE EXCITERS – If You Want My Love / Take One Step – RCA M- Evergreen Vintage Upbeater – Nice On Stock Copy. £25.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=c242bb46-fee3-408b-93cf-aea9f81fdec6 THE ROMEOS – Baby Stay In Line / Two Of The Chosen Few – COLUMBIA PROMO VG+ (Plays E Cond) Tougher West Coast Flowing Mover £50.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=9c347d3a-79e1-4b93-9045-f13512b63b7f THANO – Gimmie Something / Weve Never Met – VERVE PROMO M- One Of The Labels Lesser Known gems – Great Double Sider £30.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=c0c02434-e12e-4a9f-b8c0-3d0f819de9ef SAMMY SEVENS – You Are A Lucky So And So / Here Comes The Bride – SWAN PROMO E+ Good Mid Paced Philly Outing. £25.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=4574d67c-d9ea-4493-86a1-2867e65175a4 TRINI LOPEZ – Sinner Not A Saint / If – UNITED MODERN E To E+ Popular Belgian Styled Floor Filler. £50.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=f9ae1f4e-bc39-4dc5-b7f6-27630630412f THE M M & The PEANUTS – The Phillie / I Found My Love – MONEY PROMO E Ever Favorite West Coast Classic. £30.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=bfaee341-0bce-460c-a5d5-5af602844033 PATTI AUSTIN – Got To Check You Out / What A Difference A Day Makes – CORAL M- Pounding Upbeat Collectable Mover. £40.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=f403b6e9-472c-43f3-8759-a9189ca3274d MARVIN PREYER – Its Coming To Me / What Can I Call My Own WAND E To E+ Extremely Hard To Find Powerhouse Dancer £80.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=9752ea3c-78e0-48da-9ce1-22a12b5694c8 THE CAPER BROTHERS – Aint Got The Nerve / Give Me Soul – ROULETTE PROMO E+ Evergreen Vintage mover SOLD http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=b52fd7f9-490f-47ad-8cb7-75e3ab9c5c06 THE SUPERIORS – Id Rather Die / Heavenly Angel SUE PROMO M- Quality Soulful Sophisticated Mover. £35.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=260ae96f-5c85-48e1-bb8b-a6b1defc1edd THE TAFFYS – The Game Called Love / Bongo Man – AMY PROMO E+ ( Edge Chip On Run In NAP) Under Rated Philly Fem Mid To Upbeat Dancer. £25.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=dc2f7452-da94-4b1a-89ea-5d4e491dab40 THE FASHIONS – I O U (A Lifetime Of Love) / When Love Slips Away – 20TH CENTURY PROMO E Great Double Sider £20.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=bd6c7b7a-deab-4f90-9ea8-fb6cf73689ca YOUNG HOLT UNLIMITED – California Montage / Straight Ahead = BRUNSWICK PROMO M-, FliP E+ Cond ( 1 Skip On ‘SA Side Only) £20.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=6946e9c7-5e8b-46d7-afa4-7e42f28df81d THE LOVERS – Do This For Me / Someone – PHILIPS PROMO M- Nice Clean Promo Copy Of Popular Upbeat Sound £30.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=69243c49-ab06-4c6a-ba00-089ddd8f901a
  5. - August 2019 - PAYMENT BY PAYPAL, OR CASH/CHEQUE IN UK FUNDS ONLY. POSTAGE ( Recorded) Up to 3 x 45’s for the same price. UK £2.50 Europe £9.00 Rest £11.00 ALL ORIGINAL 45’S. Scans and sound Clips are On my Face Book Page ‘Barrie At Heaven’ DONNA LYNN – DONT YOU DARE / IT WAS RAINING – PALMER DJ M- £50 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=2c23af23-6a26-48c5-bd35-8ba71122fe46 ANTHONY RAYE – GIVE ME ONE MORE CHANCE / HOLD ON TO WHAT YOU GOT – IMPACT DJ E+ £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=1db3d2aa-af1d-4f0f-9d2d-4c25f5766dc3 THE PEPS – THINKIN ABOUT YOU / THIS I PRAY – D TOWN M- £20 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=9b4d3236-93b5-4ab0-87a2-00ecba990ad7 MARVIN SMITH – LOVE AINT NOTHIN BUT PAIN / I WANT – BRUNSWICK DJ M- £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=1e53c860-8dd0-4e81-bc2a-74e7d8655093 TIM & JEAN – TWISTED / SPRING FEVER – CHECKER M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=6d33cd47-4a20-420f-bda7-26c2f7bfc151 PENNY CARTER – WE GOTTA TRY HARDER / SOMETIMES YOU WIN, SOMETIMES YOU LOSE – VERVE DJ E+ £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=e1a327b5-4ccf-4189-9fcf-1e29f4292449 EDDIE HOLMAN – I SURRENDER / I LOVE YOU – ABC DJ M- £150 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=1ce406dc-e067-44f8-abec-7f9ce3835d23 ROSCOE ROBINSON – ONE BO-DILLION YEARS / LET ME KNOW – SOUND STAGE 7 M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=0730e2df-9f68-4add-a3f4-68a9f7216c10 CARL HENDERSON – EVERYBODYS TALKING / IF THOSE WHO HATE WOULD LOVE – OMEN DJ M- £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=ed9525f4-137b-4414-8bbe-b49f8e730eb2 BUD HARPER – LET ME LOVE YOU / MR SOUL – PEACOCK E+ SOLD http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=83ba51d7-492c-49da-9858-110dfc34b7d6 BUDDY & STACEY – ANGEL / A THING CALLED JEALOUSY – TWIRL DJ M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=50caf2e7-b188-4d31-aa04-4050c2183974 THE MILLIONAIRES – IT AINT NO ACHIEVEMENT / LOVE IS STRANGE – SPECIALTY E+ To M- £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=9aa0d0f5-19ce-408b-8894-c33e29f3a324 MARY SNEED – WHEN I WAS 15 / BOY HE SURE LOOKS MAD – CAPITOL M- £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=9ff7b705-34c9-44de-8d5f-739e26e01c35 EDWARD ST ANN – MORE LUCK TO YOU BABY / HEY LITTLE GIRL – USA DJ E £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=9a16fdeb-02bf-4417-9491-024c4b875f2c EVIE SANDS – TAKE ME FOR A LITTLE WHILE / RUN HOME TO YOUR MAMA – BLUE CAT DJ E+ £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=9890b138-f358-400a-a6bf-22d1279abb68 MAURICE LONG – I DONT LOVE YOU ANYMORE / A LOVERS QUESTION – CYCLONE M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=b679b0d2-155b-451a-b62a-dc4b61ad55e2 KERRY ADAMS – FAST TALKING LOVER / I JUST FOUND LOVE – CALLA M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=765cbf55-3d23-4a73-9755-efe9e75e6f98 JOHNNY NASH – OL MAN RIVER / MY DEAR LITTLE SWEETHEART – WARNER BROS E+ £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=407c2e74-73f3-4496-9027-f0ec924fa2ee THE BELL BROTHERS – DONT YOU KNOW SHES ALRIGHT / NOT YOUR KIND OF LOVE – SURE SHOT DJ M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=bd650cc5-2ab5-4933-bcc8-0f19d9724493 JENNELL HAWKINS – MONEY / MORE MONEY – AMAZON E+ £30 SOLD http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=2d80b1f9-92c8-4f60-9d10-87f2ab582e56
  6. - JULY 2019 - PAYMENT BY PAYPAL ( a45heaven@aol.com ), OR CASH/CHEQUE IN UK FUNDS ONLY. POSTAGE ( Recorded) Up to 3 x 45’s for the same price. UK £2.50 Europe £9.00 Rest £11.00 ALL ORIGINAL 45’S. Scans and sound Clips are On my Face Book Page ‘Barrie At Heaven’ BOBBY BELL – DONT COME BACK TO ME / DROP ME A LINE – RCA PROMO E SOLD http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=6ab2b49c-0258-45fb-a3e1-ee194d2ae243 JOE BUCKMAN – TILL THE END OF TIME / RIGHT NOW – SEPIA M- £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=e901748f-bd4c-4526-8629-102ece342dad DELORES WILSON – COME ON SHY GUY / MY DREAMS – RENEE PROMO E+ To M- £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=94b81384-f1c1-4ad9-9641-237809d64dd4 FANTASTIC SOULS OF RHYTHM – GIRLS ARE OUT TO GET YOU / EL NARCHEE FLANAGAN – ITS NOT – RHYTHM E+ £100 Great Obscure Sax led Inst version of ‘The Fascinations’ Classic. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=28a86115-4e70-4676-b697-08ea1ab6c988 DEE CLARK – IN THESE VERY TENDER MOMENTS / LOST GIRL – COLUMBIA PROMO M- £40 One For The Connoisseurs – Soulful As hell. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=03a8895b-a214-4575-a856-537a827ed8a5 HELEN CURRY – I WANT YOU, I NEED YOU / THE BLENDERS -INST - JA WAS M- SOLD http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=7f8cdd81-494c-4ca3-8f29-a6adfb75fabe FREDDIE GORMAN – TAKE ME BACK / CANT GET IT OUT OF MY MIND – RIC TIC PROMO E To E+ £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=c5771239-495a-4cfa-af06-bc8f919c9327 CANDY & THE KISSES – OUT IN THE STREETS AGAIN / SWEET AND LOVEY – SCEPTER E To E+ £60 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=1a6a8cc1-7c19-46a1-96db-1371eb2cf26a TIMMY SHAW – THERE GOES MY BABY / IF I CATCH YOU – WAND M- £20 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=03959da5-7e9c-475e-9511-55042e37fe77 TOMMY DUNCAN – DANCE DANCE DANCE / LETS TRY IT OVER AGAIN – REO M- £25 Much Rarer Canadian Release http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=0d87bbaf-dfca-462f-9dc5-e0e330c60199 THE LAMONT CRANSTON BAND – TAKIN A CHANCE / E JAM – WATERHOUSE E To E- £60 Searling’s Long Term ‘ Williams & Watson’ Cover Up- Casino memories. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=c6546c0f-eafe-45bc-8115-8d4e24bff313 THE 3 DEGREES – ARE YOU SATISFIED / LOVE OF MY LIFE – SWAN M- SOLD Their Rarest And Arguably Best ‘Swan’ Outing. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=5e6a136e-6e84-4b2c-8013-93db891cf9e6 THE BRACELETS – YOURE JUST FOOLING YOURSELF / YOU BETTER MOVE ON – 20TH CENTURY PROMO E+ £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=34e018e8-86d3-4ac4-bf63-da24db6a311b THE ROYAL KINGS – LETS DO THE TIGHTEN UP / ITS GOT TO BE YOU – REVERB VG+ £40 Obscure Pounding Atmospheric Funky Dancer. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=d7a0b58a-2b01-44c6-bd8b-016d161d5d6f THE ESCORTS – THE HURT / NO CITY FOLKS ALLOWED – RCA M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=8f2180b2-8db9-4cf4-91c9-613d9dda7db9 PAUL LONDON – KEEP YOUR HEARTACHES TO YOURSELF / HEY BOY – LIMELIGHT PROMO M- £50 Motown Related Early Detroit Mover. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=52b21cf1-358b-4bfe-aca7-dc10619f78d3 LINDA PERRY – ITS ALL IN THE BACK OF ME NOW / EVERYONE HAS SOMEONE – MAINSTREAM E+ £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=7b997a88-4d78-45ed-97aa-4fdad1817e47 KENNI WOODS – CANT TAKE A HINT / THAT GUY IS MINE – PHILIPS M- £30 Rare Canadian Release. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=56e24124-6292-45b9-9e28-d852065ebfbf THE WITCHES & WARLOCK – I DONT WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE ALONE / LET THEM TALK – SEW CITY E+ £20 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=fb18a5b0-1bd0-4e2c-b257-36f03116dd7c
  7. - JUNE 2019 - A45heaven@aol.com PAYMENT BY PAYPAL, OR CASH/ CHEQUE IN UK FUNDS ONLY. POSTAGE ( Recorded) Up to 3 x 45’s for the same price. UK £2.50 Europe £9.00 Rest £11.00 ALL ORIGINAL USA 45’S. All priced to sell (really)!! Scans and sound Clips are on my Face Book Page ‘Barrie At Heaven’ THE SEMINOLES – TROUBLE IN MIND / HAVE YOU GOT A LOVE – HI-LITE M- £150 Tough double sided quality Detroit gem. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=ee470834-488d-454e-84cf-67fa440aecd2 GLENN WATTS – MONEY BRINGS DIGNITY / MY LITTLE PLAYTHING – BUNKY M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=d8cbb85b-9d4c-4985-b738-520aa15fa081 LINDA PERRY – ITS ALL IN THE BACK OF ME NOW / EVERYONE HAS SOMEONE – MAINSTREAM E To E+ SOLD http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=5a3604e8-eb22-4da7-a58b-c8837a9bb8e1 THE CANDLES – DOWN ON MY KNEES / JUNIOR – NIKE PROMO M- £50 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=54b4f87f-70d3-495a-a475-a1bea8bae324 THE JOVIALETTS – SAY HEY THERE / T’AINT NO BIG THING – JOSIE PROMO E+ £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=990b1b82-500b-40f4-8554-a1fc42d2c19a THE NOBLES – THAT SPECIAL ONE / MARLENE USA M- / E+ £40 Deserves much more attention as its class merits. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=4e66c77a-6f95-4036-a257-dd6b8f8476ef SAM E SOLO – LOVE IS NOT A GAME / TEARS KEEP FALLING – RUBY E To E+ £50 Old favourites never die – true classic on local label. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=cbe199f3-b807-4cae-a433-91c9566fd5c4 AZZIE DANFAIR – YOUVE GOT EVERYTHING / DONT BOTHER ME – MELLOW M- £20 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=bd4db204-4249-45cc-b44f-9991cc7a3267 THE LEDGENDS – FEAR NOT / GOTTA LET YOU GO – CUR PROMO E+ £60 Great looking promo copy of evergreen favourite. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=52c206e0-1393-498a-8df2-80f085ebc036 SHIRLEY GUNTER – STUCK UP / YOU LET MY LOVE GROW COLD – TANGERINE PROMO VG+ £25 Powerful, likeable skip-a-long punchy Jobete dancer. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=9c5e162d-1709-455d-a426-6b4807d9e0d2 NANCY FAME – NOTHIN’S TOO GOOD FOR YOU / FLOWERS AND THINGS ( INST) – SOUND PATTERNS M- £75 Quite obscure soulful gem – add an extra zero to price to reflect its quality. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=ab113b27-b687-483c-95fd-cb23ddc8f4d9 VIOLA WILLS – TOGETHER FOREVER / Same Flip – BRONCO PROMO M- £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=af6401ea-de9b-442a-ac88-49ce0dc381f4 JOHNNY GREENWOOD – I’M CRAWLIN’ BACK / ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE – ATLANTIC PROMO M- £20 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=84820aa7-d8b5-4e7d-b112-7b4c70517d84 SAM FRAZIER JR. – I DON’T WANT ANOTHER LOVE / I GOT TO TELL SOMEBODY – GOODIE TRAIN M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=5d4db364-810e-4790-b96b-9d7498e49804 THE SOFTONES – THAT’S WHAT LOVE CAN DO / Same Flip – H&L PROMO M- SOLD Much tougher promo copy of classy modern mover. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=ca5c34fd-2905-4944-bc02-b6267663f1ae THE OLYMPICS – GIRL YOU’RE MY KIND OF PEOPLE / PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – WARNER BROS PROMO M- £50 Same tune as Bob Relf, flowing soulful classy mover. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=7f0464a7-4d7b-44f2-a4a2-6766a1c15163 THE SOUNDS FOUR – KEEP ON LOVIN/ A MEMORY BEST FORGOTTEN – SAINTMO E+ / M- £20 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=2abbe6d5-250e-4baf-a569-d9657989fe12 HARVEY SCALES – I CAN’T CRY NO MORE / BROADWAY FREEZE – MAGIC TOUCH PROMO M- £20 Double sided ChiTown delight. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=745e3fd2-8d7a-4f48-a2aa-2860aaee336d THE JAM FACTORY – GOOD LOVIN’ WOMAN / GIVE ME THE RIGHT – GOLDEN VOICE M- £30 Obscure Chicago under radar dancer. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=b096a6fc-b490-41b4-9914-417104d8b19f
  8. - MAY 2019 - A45heaven@aol.com PAYMENT BY PAYPAL, OR CASH/ CHEQUE IN UK FUNDS ONLY. POSTAGE ( Recorded) Up to 3 x 45’s for the same price. UK £2.50 Europe £9.00 Rest £11.00 ALL ORIGINAL USA 45’S. THE FOUR MINTS – YOU WANT TO COME BACK / YOURE MY DESIRE – CAPSOUL M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=95dcfceb-f2bc-44c8-85e9-d03743b8a5bb THE PROMATICS – SUGAR PIE HONEY / EVERYBODY’S TALKIN – JO JO M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=1d9b32f5-380a-4110-8d45-14c91754e51d JIMMIE & WAYNE – YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT / MAGIC OF HER LOVE – GOLDISC PROMO E To E- £20 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=5b8d019d-c2c4-48dc-9b8b-a0e55f5cdf21 THE CHANNELS – YOU CAN COUNT ON ME / OLD CHINATOWN – GROOVE PROMO E+ £40 Double Sided class Stafford Spin. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=fecb4541-99db-4157-9543-2c0b80e6619d CINDY MALONE – TRY TO UNDERSTAND / IT FEELS SO GOOD – CAPITOL M- £60 As good if not better version. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=6aad4885-90e6-44b6-91ba-4b85ad7b9124 JOHNNY WYATT – ANY KIND OF LOVE / HANG UP THE PHONE – CHALLENGE M- £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=f880790c-94b1-42c5-84e3-379388b5b274 THE BLUES BUSTERS – HOW SWEET IT IS / WINGS OF A DOVE – UA PROMO E+ To M- £20 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=fb3d419e-f007-4b6a-bafc-a352e061aa2b JOE MOORE – HANG RIGHT IN THERE / NOBODY LOVES ME – TRU GLO TOWN M- £75 - on hold Great kitchen sink and all Stafford Floor filler http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=b685e148-adf0-4d2d-a195-99877256dc91 THE ARTISTICS – WHAT’LL I DO / I NEED YOUR LOVE – OKEH PROMO E+ £30 Silky Chi Sound tunes http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=37de1a0f-9510-4d8a-baf2-7c80dd642d1b J.T. BROWN – LIKE TAKING CANDY FROM A BABY / UNDER LOCK AND KEY – MAHOGANY M- £40 One of Searling’s best 70’s Wigan spins http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=b804dfe7-62d3-46f9-9064-f7ca611ab985 DOUGLAS & LONERO – DONT LET YOURSELF GET CARRIED AWAY / SAME – RCA PROMO E+ £75 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=4bc2b37b-76c7-4a58-9258-a7f97cead00a LAWRENCE & ARABIANS – COINCIDENCE / OOH BABY – HEM E £40 Much harder 1st label pre Shout release http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=02c650f2-bfb8-4e5f-93cb-8d3994edb23e BARBARA ACKLIN - LOVE MAKES A WOMAN/ JACKIE WILSON - I GET THE SWEETEST FEELING – BRUNSWICK PROMO M- £25 Odd ball back to back 60,s of evergreen classics. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=d85707f8-da99-4869-919e-50d03cfa0f41 SHIRLEY KAROL – MY BABYS GONE AWAY / FAITH – DAKAR PROMO M- ( Small Warp NAP) M- £60 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=9924abda-b55d-4ba6-863b-3d5de2fb30c2 BOB KUBAN – THE CHEATER / TRY ME BABY – BARRY M- rare Canadian Release £18 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=646bcd05-88f2-42ff-8e62-d6574b1863a1 THE MEGATONS – DETROIT SOUND / A LOVE THAT WILL LAST FOREVER – LAURIE PROMO M- £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=96749004-f168-45bb-8500-b0fad6e4898f THE FINISHING TOUCH – SECOND BEST / YOUR LOVE HAS PUT A SPELL ON ME – PHILLY GROOVE M- £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=427dfad4-597a-435a-aa68-aa00c9457187 THE PAIR EXTRAORDINAIRE – FIGHT FOR YOUR GIRL / PATIENCE BABY – LIBERTY PROMO E+ £25 Same as King Williams Both Sides. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=f8b916aa-13b4-4c09-805c-8f09ec7e9a56 JEFFREY CLAY – WHAT MORE CAN I SAY / WELL WELL WELL – MGM M- £20 Obscure upbeat dancer http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=5eb1d734-e5c3-4209-9b5e-5fa6da96a264 LITTLE JOE COOK – MOTHER’S CRYING AGAIN / KING OF ROCK AND ROLL – BEANTOWN M- £20 Love this – much akin to ‘Color Him Father’ http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=94a7628f-705e-405a-9edf-ddda2acf0a2b
  9. OK no problem - have a good one - Barrie
  10. Hi Fraser - got a e+ copy of Bobby Womack 102 - stock copy perfect labels - ton ? cheers Barrie
  11. - APRIL 2019 - A45heaven@aol.com PAYMENT BY PAYPAL, OR CASH/ CHEQUE IN UK FUNDS ONLY. POSTAGE (Recorded) Up to 3 x 45’s for the same price. UK £2.50 Europe £10.00 Rest £12.00 ALL ORIGINAL USA 45’S. If ive got the pricing wrong, then unsold items will be listed on Ebay next month at low starts. THE VIRGOS – THE COST OF LOVE / DO THE SWAY – PIONEER M- £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=f2589686-b5aa-4431-9a9d-081ea30a5d9f SAMUEL MOORE & THE TNT’S – IM SO JEALOUS / INST – DAREN M- £30 on hold Big Stafford spins – the best version. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=ec2a7ff7-b91b-45d0-8d2e-f53de4b23ce5 THE FOUR LARKS – CAN I HAVE ANOTHER HELPING PLEASE / IVE GOT PLENTY – TOWER PROMO E+ To M- £20 Lovely double sided Philly Gem. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=2d1c26fb-15d5-4c52-8fed-75216a80c334 THE BOGIS CHIMES – I THINK YOULL FIND / PLEASE DONT FORGET – CHAMP E To E+ £40 Wilton ‘Detroit Soul’ Cover Up. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=9e16bf7e-142c-42a3-a118-a08087d84676 THE DIMENSIONS – WERE DOING FINE / TREAT ME RIGHT – WASHINGTON SQUARE E+ £ 60 Rare Detroit version of Dee Dee Warwick tune. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=f39cda94-bc88-468b-9602-5ad358d407c1 JACKIE ROSS – KEEP YOUR CHIN UP / LOVE IS EASY TO LOSE – BRUNSWICK M- SOLD http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=7fc1966b-6123-43a0-9fe6-3fb265ea68ab MR. PITIFUL – GIRL CANT HELP IT / ONE DOLLAR MAN – JOSIE PROMO E+ £30 Pounding Gutsy Driving Mover. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=d68f0840-27b1-4414-87f1-20c6ed8c4c3b BILL WENDRY – TRYIN TO GET TO YOU / WHEN HES HOME – COLUMBIA E+ £25 Tough Stock Copy of alternative version of ‘The Feathers’ tune. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=cc0121e0-470f-4c50-9774-3543c93cd403 OBREY WILSON – IF YOU WERE THERE / MY ANCESTORS – COLUMBIA PROMO M- £40 on hold Rarely heard out – dynamite upbeat classy outing. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=230bea6e-3240-4cdf-99d8-9f6ca4e0c058 SUGAR BOY – MAMMA WONT YOU TURN ME LOOSE / SO LONG – GOODBYE – PEACOCK PROMO M- £ 40 Gutsy soulful dancer. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=77ae3cde-76ba-446f-9724-d78bc89be18b JOYCE KENNEDY – MISUNDERSTOOD / I STILL LOVE YOU – RAN-DEE PROMO M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=3a914653-9b64-45dd-b2cf-e643b5262cef LEE EDWARD – (ON THE) REBOUND / THE BEST I COULD – LANTIC GOLD PROMO M- £20 Stafford powerful dancer. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=2a3f6e17-2f04-41e2-b48d-8e77af4cd2da JOEL MOORE – RHUMATIZ / SEEKING – ABC E+ £20 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=cf2181e7-ed4a-435d-8c9d-f57452ed9db4 TONY OWENS – THIS HEART CANT TAKE NO MORE / I GOT SOUL – SOUL SOUND E+ £25 on hold I cant understand why this has never hit the heights over the years – atmospheric upbeat mover. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=b394a871-fb64-410f-b2c9-3b11d9fbacba THE EXOTICS – LIKE YOU HURT ME / BIG TIME CHARLIE – CORAL PROMO E+ £30 Class uptempo outing. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=5796da95-e043-47aa-a602-215e8c175920 CHUCK JACKSON – ANY OTHER WAY / BIG NEW YORK – WAND E+ £30 Never seen a US solid centre copy before. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=4cc9a3c3-f46d-4e8f-a61a-610fe50fd0b8 VALERIE & BOBBY CAPERS – WEST 4TH STREET / WILDCATTIN – ATLANTIC PROMO E SOLD. A Gem of a record – double sided, moody delight. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=12b4496d-4ac6-4bdc-9bd9-3e7106e165fa RICHARD BROWN – SWEET AND KIND / DONT LISTEN TO THE GRAPEVINE – STEELTOWN M- ( LOCALISED EDGE WARP NAP ) £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=a577624a-ea8e-4c3b-a508-d85b2da5245d THE FENWAYS – THE FIGHT / HARD ROAD AHEAD – BLUE CAT PROMO E+ To M- £35 Quite obscure double sider. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=20585b99-d741-4409-b55e-dd2093705b36 PAM COLQUITT – I DONE GOT OVER LOSING YOU / ITS GOTTA BE LOVE – JACKLYN M- £20 Quality Chicago meets the South – soulful as hell. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=a864d36e-9617-450a-9a1f-6ce980acb862 BURT JACKSON – JUST FOR YOUR LOVE / MR. EVERYTHING – JAMIE PROMO E+ To M- £20 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=4c610934-b813-463b-9583-0b9fcda89eb2
  12. - MOTOWN RELATED 45’S - March 2019 - A45heaven@aol.com PAYMENT BY PAYPAL, OR CASH/ CHEQUE IN UK FUNDS ONLY. POSTAGE Up to 5 x 45’s for the same price. UK £2.50 Europe £9.00 Rest £11.00 ALL ORIGINAL USA 45’S. THE SUPREMES – WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO / HE MEANS THE WORLD TO ME – MOTOWN PROMO + PIC COVER M- Sleeve E+ £25.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=488cdf8c-0b38-4a3c-97c8-3a91bf9d9eff THE TEMPTATIONS – MY BABY / DONT LOOK BACK – GORDY M- SOLD http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=75728dc6-88c5-4eb5-8769-6f4e309cd2fc PAUL PETERSON – CHAINED / Same Flip – MOTOWN PROMO M- / E+ SOLD http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=d0975d0f-3e42-46f9-b5fb-d01edc54ea10 MARVIN GAYE – LITTLE DARLING ( I NEED YOU ) / Same Flip TAMLA PROMO E £65.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=9e6b1357-76e4-4e2f-b84e-46f25e1df59b THE SPINNERS ( SHES GONNA LOVE ME) AT SUNDOWN / MESSAGE FROM A BLACK MAN – VIP M- £15.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=82d72f80-b210-4131-924a-6da81bae8fcf HERMAN GRIFFIN – SLEEP ( LITTLE ONE ) / UPTIGHT – MOTOWN PROMO VG ( PLAYS E Cond ) £30.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=32fe6801-3f92-4494-898e-2a09bdf4c277 THE HIT PACK – NEVER SAY NO TO YOUR BABY / LETS DANCER – SOUL E+ £30.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=27a5394d-4709-43e2-b86b-19e7dfe2bc70 THE SUPREMES – BACK IN MY ARMS AGAIN / BLANK – MOTOWN PROMO + PIC COVER M- , SLEEVE M- Cond £35.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=0ac1fdf4-77dc-4da9-b5ca-c79c6f201d41 THE MONITORS – DONT PUT OFF TIL TOMORROW WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY / SINCE I LOST YOU GIRL – VIP M- £20.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=ba9eb8c8-b26e-429d-b0d0-e485a61843c4 THE MARVELETTES – DESTINATION : ANYWHERE / Same Flip TAMLA PROMO E To E+ £26.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=f6564294-cc27-433d-a470-a09eaee0321d MARY WELLS – LAUGHING BOY / Same Flip – MOTOWN PROMO E To E+ £25.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=56943e55-3d94-47a3-8414-03952e0235d2 THE TEMPTATIONS – BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP / YOURE NOT AN ORDINARY GIRL – GORDY M- £10.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=57dcc417-0d61-42b9-8855-8e06f3b2e01f THE TEMPTATIONS – CHECK YOURSELF / YOUR WONDERFUL LOVE – MIRACLE PROMO E To E+ £50.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=d7d57029-836a-4ae1-90ea-7fb9fca0ba1f THE FOUR TOPS – IM IN A DIFFERENT WORLD / Same Flip MOTOWN PROMO M- £15.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=680cd11c-0b9d-4900-8305-944529e66718 JR WALKER – SHAKE AND FINGERPOP / LEOS BACK – SOUL M- (MIS-SPELT FLIP ) £15.00 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=eea7a727-a60e-4637-b101-30a959a14af0
  13. - MARCH 2019 - A45heaven@aol.com PAYMENT BY PAYPAL, OR CASH/ CHEQUE IN UK FUNDS ONLY. POSTAGE All recorded and / or tracked mailing. up to 3 x 45’s for the same price. can be combined with DISCOGS (45HEAVEN ) and EBAY( A45heaven) items to save on postage. UK £2.50 Europe £9.00 Rest £11.00 ALL ORIGINAL USA 45’S. JOE MOORE – I AINT / IVE GOT MY SWEET BABY – VERVE M- £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=0e78d529-2aee-4301-8145-bbbea9ab368c TEDDY RANDAZZO – YOURE NOT THAT GIRL ANYMORE / SOUL – DCP PROMO E+ £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=1d644da1-90e9-4735-a415-52dda810d853 FREDA PAYNE – SAD SAD SEPTEMBER / YOUVE LOST THAT LOVIN FEELIN – MGM PROMO E £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=65e30f1a-25f8-48aa-8e80-037f37a7862f THE GIRLS – WAY WAY OUT / MODESTY BLAISE – 20TH CENTURY PROMO M- £40 Obscure Very 60’s Pounder. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=8ba539ab-7373-436e-9c88-0f07bedde643 THE MARQUEE REVUE – COMIN BACK / I HAD A DREAM – BUTTERICK E £15 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=8363a06e-a1c7-4fca-b735-5414014aa816 JERRY THOMAS – THATS THE PRICE I HAD TO PAY / WE WONT BE SORRY – ORCHID M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=b8d89ad4-c600-4c02-8b5c-4a4754827d90 THE ESSEX – MOONLIGHT MUSIC AND YOU / THE EAGLE – BANG PROMO E To E+ £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=307c4a63-fe75-4930-b65e-88e775dac900 KENNY GAMBLE – HARD TO FIND THE RIGHT GIRL / EIGHT DAYS A WEEK – ATCO E- £35 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=9924ac08-233c-41bb-8d6c-957955d4bdc2 JERRY GANEY – LIKE I NEVER LOVED BEFORE / JUST FOR US – BI TRUCKIN E+ £18 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=773bc864-da7d-458f-9eed-a76ebe572030 THE FRANCISCANS – WALK TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA / MOTHER PLEASE ANSWER ME – JIMBO E SOLD Underheard Stafford Haunting Biggie. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=983b4ebc-81c8-42ba-ab64-60141c4efdc7 GINO – WELL MAKE IT SOME DAY / IM A BOY IN LOVE – GOLDEN CREST PROMO E+ £50 Unlisted Early Gem. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=cfa29288-1db7-49dd-92be-e29a9182a57f GARY ALLEN – ACHIN ALL OVER / PRIDE AND SOUL – CAPITOL PROMO M- ON HOLD Both Sides Same Tunes As Randolph Walker, But Different recordings At Same Tempo. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=6e1e1321-1486-46b9-854d-29af91892d0b FUZZY & THE MAJORS – L O V E / LEAK IN THE FAUCET – PEOPLE E £20 The Best Thumping version. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=7e30d6a8-d457-4e30-9f1c-73aa65c3b61f JIMMY EARL – STRATEGY / ILL NEVER FORGET YOU – COLUMBIA PROMO E To E+ ON HOLD http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=01eadbd9-6093-4377-bf0d-1550dafbc312 CHEE CHEE SCOTT – I CANT TURN YOU LOOSE / STRAIGHTEN UP, I AINT LYIN O TEE OFF E+ £40 Tough Southern Styled soulful Mover. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=27155556-87e7-4b56-b5c5-a8122fee232a THE FLAMINGOS – THE BOOGALOO PARTY / THE NEARNESS OF YOU – PHILIPS PROMO E £20 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=644a1886-e719-4815-99ff-4e89dca806f3 BOBBY STAR – TOGETHER / WALLFLOWER- UA PROMO M- ON HOLD Big Sounding Steve Karmen In Style – Classy. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=92166b25-f02e-4938-9a28-48eaf9c6780e LENNY WELCH – WAIT A WHILE LONGER / DARLING STAY WITH ME – MERCURY PROMO E £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=d9872c95-6583-4aad-89be-02469eb221d4 MARIE GLADNESS – COPS AND ROBBERS / IM ANXIOUS- ABNER PROMO E To E+ £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=01ecf7bb-c6c7-4f87-9ca4-c4cc6078d3d2 GARY BROWN – WOULD YOU LAUGH AT ME / BIRTHDAY SONG – BROWNIE E+ ( FLIP E ) £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=13ba8848-8e84-4676-b0b8-70969e47b639
  14. - MOTOWN RELATED 45’S - March 2019 - A45heaven@aol.com PAYMENT BY PAYPAL, OR CASH/ CHEQUE IN UK FUNDS ONLY. POSTAGE All recorded and / or tracked mailing. up to 3 x 45’s for the same price. can be combined with DISCOGS -45HEAVEN ) and EBAY - a45heaven. UK £2.50 Europe £9.00 Rest £11.00 ALL ORIGINAL USA 45’S. SMOKEY ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES – I CARE ABOUT DETROIT / BLANK – STANDARD GROOVE 13090 – E COND £50 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=2ff98457-c82b-48a7-b879-02e653d3aa3b MARVIN GAYE – TAKE THIS HEART OF MINE / SAME FLIP – TAMLA 54132 PROMO VG (Plays E Cond) £16 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=d7806a3f-bcb1-426b-9abf-91bfed620fd7 DANNY HERNANDEZ & THE ONES – AS LONG AS IVE GOT YOU / ONE LITTLE TEARDROP – RARE EARTH 5018 E+ Cond £12 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=22ea1941-225b-404c-b209-b463f7e132d6 JIMMY RUFFIN – SINCE IVE LOST YOU / I WANT HER LOVE – SOUL 35002 E Cond £20 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=0ad4eb94-5001-44c0-9fbc-871a41701e4e THE FREEMAN BROTHERS – MY BABY / BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES – SOUL PROMO 35011 E To E+ Cond £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=a244109d-15e3-4e98-8e94-c1bef8265e35 THE DARNELLS – TOO HURT TO CRY, TOO MUCH IN LOVE TO SAY GOODBYE / COME ON HOME – GORDY 7024 E Cond £16 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=46098054-187e-45fc-882e-52e08f1d53ed DIANA ROSS % SUPREMES – FOREVER CAME TODAY / SAME FLIP – MOTOWN PROMO 1122 E+ To M- Cond £10 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=1819486d-26fc-4511-8544-eddecf550a10 BARBARA McNAIR – EVERYTHING IS GOOD ABOUT YOU / Shttp://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=fd4f57b8-08fe-47a6-8dbe-92bb96daaefdAME FLIP MOTOWN PROMO 1099 E- / VG+ Cond £15 THE VIRGIL BROTHERS – TEMPTATION BOUT TO GET ME / LOOK AWAY – RARE EARTH 5006 M- Cond £15 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=5bee16e8-49a1-4c7f-bf04-d7c8013ca1b6 MARVIN GAYE & TAMMI TERRELL – CALIFORNIA SOUL / SAME FLIP – TAMLA PROMO (RED WAX) E+ Cond £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=c9d63ff4-d74e-4e45-a5e8-9cc62ae09cc3 THE SUPREMES – NOTHING BUT HEARTACHES / HE HOLDS HIS OWN – MOTOWN PROMO 1080 E To E+ Cond £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=d7cf7c88-776d-4752-a412-816b32d0ae29 MARTHA & VANDELLAS – IM READY FOR LOVE / HE DOESNT LOVE HER ANYMORE – GORDY 7056 E+ Cond £15 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=cc009c08-7048-467a-8823-8f3c6f88cb5b JR WALKER – WHAT DOES IT TAKE (TO WIN YOUR LOVE) / SAME FLIP – MOTOWN PROMO 1352 M- Cond £20 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=5d782b54-8485-450d-bfc0-15ba8fe8a4cd THE MONITORS – STEP BY STEP / SAME FLIP – SOUL PROMO 35049 E+/ E Cond £16 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=d5c51b7d-576c-451b-92a9-0285029518e1 THE SUPREMES – NATHAN JONES / SAME FLIP – MOTOWN PROMO 1182 M- / E+ Cond £12 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=83778032-3393-4d97-b852-f2a5b8c67409
  15. - 45HEAVEN - SET SALE - FEBRUARY –2019 - A45heaven@aol.com PAYMENT BY PAYPAL PLEASE. POSTAGE All recorded and / or tracked mailing. up to 3 x 45’s for the same price. can be combined with DISCOGS and EBAY A45HEAVEN items to save on postage. UK £2.50 Europe £9.00 Rest £11.00 ALL ORIGINAL USA 45’S. THE BOUQUETS – WELCOME TO MY HEART / AINT THAT LOVE – BLUE CAT M- £50 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=aeac546b-7a72-4ff5-ad2b-082b99803763 THE GTO’S – GIRL FROM NEW YORK CITY / MISSING OUT ON THE FUN – PARKWAY PROMO ( Biro Date On FliP Label )M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=4ad7635f-3c50-43a5-bbdb-ce4993fadfaa RAY ZEINER – YOU KNOW YOUR LOVE / I HAD A GIRL – POISON RING E+ To M- £20 Forgotten Stafford spin. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=60492a2d-7b2c-49a6-9974-e0422bea7078 ADONIS – I LAUGH TO KEEP FROM CRYING / CRY OF THE CENTURY – POWERTREE PROMO E+ £40 Good double sided early mover. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=59d9af2e-4c16-40d8-8aa4-a2563b33be9e THE YOUNG FOLK (Miss Madeline) – LONELY GIRL / JOEY – MAR V LUS M- £25 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=50af137f-0bce-43a3-ac2a-cb90210c0f20 THE INCREDIBLES – CRYING HEART / ILL MAKE IT EASY – AUDIO ARTS PROMO E+ To M- £40 Nice on promo copy. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=94ff4c99-a59a-4010-bbcc-c04925033582 THE INSIDERS – IM STUCK ON YOU / CHAPEL BELLS ARE CALLING – RED BIRD E+ £40 – Rare version of ‘The Poets’. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=23e688ba-43d9-41a9-aacb-75f838d413eb TOMMY RAY TUCKER – SWEET TALK / THE BIG BUILDUP – CHALLENGE PROMO E+ £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=233515a7-e21f-4643-a6d5-a4e1388bc78a LANDY McNEIL – MOVE IT, MOVE ON / IT TAKES A LOT OF LOVIN – KAPP PROMO M- £35 Powerful early effort, from the champion of of smooth soul outings. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=b84a3d64-e3d2-423c-a020-bbf8824e188b GLORIA GAYNOR – SHE’LL BE SORRY / LET ME GO BABY – JOCIDA M- £20 Stafford powerful, memorable mover. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=caf50a16-573f-487d-af57-9a3922e79472 THE KNIGHT BROTHERS TEMPTATION BOUT TO GET ME / SINKING LOW – CHECKER PROMO E £15 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=07f2f4a8-a2fc-4581-a705-bd76b2aaefd8 TOMMY BUTLER – RIGHT ON UP TO THE WEEKEND / ASK MISS ROSE – CHATTAHOOCHEE E To E+ £50 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=4bacdfbe-3700-48df-ae65-f267bc02a762 THE PRECISIONS – A PLACE / NEVER LET HER GO – DREW M- £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=a5ea70a4-7444-48ab-8a5c-e1f2e3286465 PRESTON PETERS ( SAXI RUSSELL C/U) – YOU CANT MEASURE YOUR LOVE / NATE JONES – YOU FOR CHRISTMAS – MM ENTERPRISES (100B MATRIX) M- SOLD this is the Miss-press which plays the tune covered up as Saxi Russell. http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=ddf35d8b-4d28-43e8-b166-441ebc5b3d21 ALVIN CHRISTY – IM SO PROUD / I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU GOT – PIN POINT PROMO M- £40 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=8df7412e-44cb-4d67-ad27-f7e2da281b7e MAJESTIC – SEND MY BABY BACK TO ME / HOW LONG WILL I LOVE YOU – EQUATOR M- ( FLIP E Cond ) £30 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=9b1b8aae-c0c4-44cc-9511-fa49e92445c8 JIMMY BEAUMONT – I FEEL LIKE IM FALLING IN LOVE / TELL ME – BANG (CANADIAN) M- £20 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=ae5c4629-8a2a-4572-95f6-604c0193b74f CAROLE QUINN – GOOD BOY GONE BAD / WHATS SO SWEET ABOUT SWEET SIXTEEN – MGM M- £20 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=ea1e4a6c-3744-4bf8-a496-d248f698f049 CONNIE McGILL – I CANT STOP MY LOVE / FOR THAT GREAT DAY – SUGAR E To E+ £20 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=266caced-a8a4-4d5a-953b-d75de6d2b1f2 SHARON SOUL – HOW CAN I GET TO YOU / DONT SAY GOODBYE LOVE – WILD DEUCE E+ To M- £80 http://www.ecommerceplayer.com/MediaPlayer.aspx?id=10ad8ab1-c7d6-40fb-825d-288b3b017811

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