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  1. Hi, I’m after Return to Spanish Harlem / Spanish Maiden on Disco Intl. Needs to be in excellent / mint- condition. Seen the ones on Discogs. Let me know if you can help. Thanks Keamus
  2. Looking for an original of ‘I’m happy without you’ in excellent condition. PM me if you can help. Thanks Keamus
  3. Couple of French EPs for sale. Condition on both is at least excellent bordering mint- for picture sleeves and vinyl. Tony Milton (this is of course Tony Middleton) - Versailles 1963 £100 Includes great and rarely heard version of ‘Comin’ home baby’ Benny Spellman - Polydor 1962 £75 Includes early classics ‘Fortune Teller’ and ‘Lipstick Traces’ ...or £160 for both inc postage. Cheers Keamus
  4. Anyone got a reasonably priced RCA demo of ‘Change Your Ways / What’s that on your finger’ in excellent condition they want to sell? PM me if you can help. Seen the one on JM’s auction already. Thanks Keamus
  5. PM me if interested in these two. Both in excellent condition. Vinyl mint- £18 for the pair inc postage Cheers Keamus
  6. Three up for grabs. All are 100 Club Anniversary singles and are mint. PM me if interested. Nancy Wilcox - More than a memory £20 The Smith Brothers - Things won’t be the same £30 Sandra Richardson - After you give your all £35 Or all 3 for £80 inc postage
  7. Mel Carter ‘Love Test’ brings back some great memories
  8. Still looking for an original on Merben in excellent / mint - condition. PM me if you can help Thanks
  9. Both sides of the Mighty Typhoons are pretty decent covers and noticeably different to the originals. One on Discogs at £80 courtesy of Anglo American
  10. Very sad news. Great memories of his modern sets on the Pier. I will listen to Shaun's tribute on the 27th. R.I.P Marc
  11. One for sale today. Prefer payment via PayPal / F+F. Cost includes 1st class recorded postage. PM me if interested. Dean Parrish - Determination. Boom. Excellent condition and plays perfectly. £60
  12. I really enjoyed the selection posted under Soul Media by The Jan on the 22nd Jan titled 'Northern Soul Floorshakers Part2 – previously unreleased'. Great track list from the likes of Kent, Hayley etc. Well worth listening to.
  13. Love the video after reading the book. Brings it to life superbly.

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