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  1. Keamus

    Few wants - Tony Colton, Al Williams....

    ...and Garfield Fleming too!
  2. Keamus

    Few wants - Tony Colton, Al Williams....

    Now sorted on Tony Colton.
  3. Keamus

    Few wants - Tony Colton, Al Williams....

    Thanks Pete. Sold a Bobby King years back thinking at time it was a nice but not great track. As is so often the case tastes change and it sounds great now!
  4. If anyone can help with any of these in mint- condition or close please PM me Tony Colton - I stand accused . Don't mind on either British or US but must be original Al Williams - I am nothing. Grapevine please as can't get close to affording on La Beat! Garfield Fleming - Please don't send me away. Only after 7" Bobby King - If you don't want my love. WB ordiginal not recent Expansion reissue
  5. Just ordered. Very nostalgic purchase as one of the first soul LPs I bought at the age of 19. Loved every track on it!
  6. Keamus

    Candy + The Kisses - Mr Creator and few more

    Still available. PM me if you want to buy Cheers
  7. PM me if interested in any of these Candy + The Kisses - Mr Creator. Kent. Mint- £25 SOLD Katie Love - It hurts so good . Scepter. At least VG+ £10 Lavern Baker & Jimmy Ricks - You're the boss. Atlantic VG+ £10 SOLD Fork in the Road - Can't turn around. GM. VG+ £10 The Royal Five - Nobody else / Don't stop. P and L. Mint- reissue. £10 Lorraine Chandler - I can't change / You only live twice . Ou..
  8. Keamus

    Few wants

    Sounds interesting mate. How much do you want for it?
  9. Keamus

    Few wants

    After following original issues or demos at sensible prices in excellent / mint - nick Johnny Howard - The chase is on Bashie Major Lance - Delilah Okeh Garfield Fleming - Please don't send me away Beckett 7" not the 12" PM me if you can help Cheers Keamus
  10. Keamus


    Maybe a bit quieter than recent months, but still a great night and thanks to all involved for giving me the chance to spin some tunes upstairs and downstairs. Loved playing to such an enthusiastic and knowledgable crowd. See you soon!
  11. If that's the case I'll have to find one!
  12. 'I got eyes' from JH6 would make a great 7"
  13. Keamus

    Johnny Taylor - Blues in the Night

    Now sorted Cheers
  14. If anyone has got a French Atlantic issue in good nick they want to part with PM me Cheers Keamus
  15. Keamus

    Songs For The NHS...

    Sam Ward - Sister Lee