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    Been on the scene since 1970 still go out to selective venues collect mainly 60s to 70s

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    Room ful of tears

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  1. Am I missing something. Stop Dancing Kent LP on eBay for £1200 ? Can have mine £1000
  2. Any body going to 100 club October 9 to see Gloria Scott.?
  3. Nice one Mike Been away for work so only just caught up! Great site by the way Cheers Richard
  4. I can't believe the bowlers did not notice a roughed up side of the ball!!! Or were they in the know?
  5. Ronnie Laws ,Brothers Johnson and many others at Birmingham Odeon in the 70s great venue
  6. Theres definitely an original in a collection in Derby
  7. until

    Does anybody know if you can pay on the door on Saturday? Richard
  8. Have five tickets for magic weekend want £15 each (half price ) if any body interestedq
  9. Missed out on Record Day Cottilion Box set. What a surprise there is one on Ebay at £250 bearing in mind the origanal cost sticker is shown is this taking the p...s.. I hope the seller is not a soul source member!! Richard
  10. Ady Andy Dyson played it upstairs on saturday night at cleathorpes. I was told there was only three known copies . Which I would imagine will make it expensive Great record !! Richard
  11. Chris / Dave thanks for a great night well worth the trip from derby musically brilliant a venue that delivers everytime Both guests Barry and Dave spun some great tunes Kev enjoyed the wine as well !! Richard
  12. Theres a picture of kev at prestatyn in gallery by dancingcollector last picture i think the under wear was washed for the royces do !!! Richard
  13. I know I have already posted this request has any body got a spare pass? Does any body know if they might be selling satuarday night only pass? THANKS FOR LOOKING Richard Please PM

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