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  1. Pete Eccles

    Ike strong

    Ike Strong - your love keeps me dancing - Mable, at least VG+ Please PM to deal Cheers
  2. Pete Eccles

    Slaven Bilic sacked

    I never did understand 'The West Ham Way', sounds like some form of methodology that makes them different from everyone else in some way, However this is starting to become a little more clear but not much, it appears that as part of 'The West Ham Way' relegation is a positive
  3. Pete Eccles

    Slaven Bilic sacked

    West Ham doing it 'The West Ham Way'
  4. Pete Eccles

    Chalky. Birthday

    All the best Chalky, hope you're having a blinder
  5. Pete Eccles

    Tony Blackburn - Sound of the 60's

    I could be wrong and will happily be corrected if I am but; Isn't Mel Britt a recording from 1970?
  6. Pete Eccles


    Sad news indeed, had some very special times at Lowton, not been as much lately as I once did, but the memories will always be there, I'm starting to feel like I'm the jinx, this is the 2nd long established major event that i have played at this year (along with Brighouse) that has subsequently closed down, either on the night or shortly afterwards Seriously though it's a sad sign of the times I suppose
  7. Pete Eccles

    Northern Soul Sunday with Pete Eccles and Rick Wilkes FREE ENTRY

    After the great first night we look ahead to the next instalment on August 20th 2 guests gracing the decks along with Rick and myself, Boltons very own and old friend Mr Pete Coulson will be joining us One of the North Wests busiest promoter/DJs Stuart Mcintyre will be popping in Large dance floor, quality sound system, OVO, and Free entry All between 6pm and 9pm (with lots going on afterwards) so if you're in town .......
  8. Pete Eccles

    Northern Soul Sunday Launch Night with Pete Eccles FREE ENTRY

    A little about this one guys, As the link says it's a Sunday afternoon/evening gig in a large town centre bar, large dance floor, fantastic sound system and OVO policy, Because it's free entry it will be across the board musically, from stonewall classics through to lesser known and a mix of genres all in one room, just like it used to be. There will be limited spaces for anyone that would like to come and play a few, so if you're coming and would like to bring a small box and join in the fun just PM myself or Rick (rixrecords on here) on here and we will see what we can do.
  9. Pete Eccles

    Email notifications

    After doing some searching that looks like the version although it does say there is no version as such Mike Windows 8 I think
  10. Pete Eccles

    Email notifications

  11. Pete Eccles

    Email notifications

    Yes thinking about it now I should have put this here in the first place, I was undecided, Still no nearer mind
  12. Pete Eccles

    Email notifications

    It is Steve, very rarely does a safe sender go to junk (or vice versa) but when they do what used to be a simple exercise is proving otherwise
  13. Pete Eccles

    Email notifications

    Ask me one on Golf lol Seriously no idea which version, how does one find out? I'm not really this thick i dont think, Well that's what I thought
  14. Pete Eccles

    Email notifications

    Thanks again Steve, but as far as I can see on the drop down under junk is the option of 'junk' or 'phishing spam' Why do they make things so tricky, I am sure I could do this with a click of the mouse almost at one point
  15. Pete Eccles

    Email notifications

    Thanks Steve, but where is the tools menu?


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