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  1. I'd hardly say much rarer looking at popsike, much of a muchness. I've a feeling of deja vu here lol
  2. Who cares? You do your thing and let others do theirs. Never knew that there are dance rules,
  3. Vance, being a Manc you are clearly confusing Wiggin with God's country.
  4. Was a great day Graham sorry Yocky, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. A great set, just right for Spitfire, thank you. Pete and Julie
  5. We are all looking forward to seeing you and listening to your tunes old friend x
  6. Can't wait guys, always a great night and lovely people. See you there x
  7. Ex + copy of this timeless classic. £400 + p+ p
  8. 2 stunning rarer issues up for grabs. Both in NM condition. Shawn Robinson - my dear heart, drill hole, £350 SOLD SOLD SOLD Terrible Tom - we were made for each other. £350 Plus postage Cheers
  9. 1k max and that's pushing it for a minter Anyway has the OP asked for a valuation or a want?
  10. Is the image in the OP from before auction end? It suggests so
  11. Being from Bolton I remember va-va but wasn't old enough to attend, My lasting memory is while the venue was in the basement of a multi storey building the va-va sign was on the top of the building, where I presumed the all-night 'disco' was happening, Was yeara later, when attending one of it's various night club guises I realised it was in the basement and from the description of the va-va decor it hadn't changed much, As the article says, it's still there
  12. Only just picked up on this, awful news, will be sadly missed, such a lovely funny man, rest easy old friend x
  13. Bush record player, good clean condition, full working order, Bolton area, £30 gets it, Collection and PayPal only

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