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  1. Thanks Mike, A subtle variation, as you say previously the date would be factually incorrect but wouldn't indicate any degree of anonymity, this way of not showing anything suggests the member is anonymous, surely that is contradicting being anonymous?
  2. Mods, it used to be that when logged in anonymously that members profile would show when they were last logged in non anonymously, now it appears to not show anything, I'm not sure what I'm asking here apart from is this how it now is, or am I missing something? if it is the former what is the reasoning, if any? No biggie, just curious Pete
  3. Bush record player, good clean condition, full working order, Bolton area, £30 gets it, Collection and PayPal only
  4. 3 for sale Terrible Tom - we were made for each other - Maverick rarer issue, condition Ex+ - £400 Shawn Robinson - My dear heart - Minit- rarer issue - Mint- (drill hole) £425 Wooden Nickles - Nobody but You - Omen WD, ex condition 2× Xs in biro - £250 - ON HOLD P&P at cost, PayPal f+f, bank transfer, cash if local Please only comment if interested in buying, no offers! PM if interested thanks
  5. Pot noodles ....everything Yocky
  6. No worries Pete, great to see you too, I'm sure Stuart will edit accordingly when he sees it
  7. Pep playing tunes 500 yards from my house and i get to play a few also, What's not to like See you there
  8. I didn't mean to infer it shouldn't be mid tempo at the end of a set... More it doesn't have to be, which I think someone suggested earlier in the thread, Me personally would prefer not to take any chances with a final record, god forbid the floor half empties and the next DJ instantly has em running to it lol
  9. Not read the whole thread, but why would a DJ feel the need to open their set playing a similar vibe to the previous DJ? Also I thought mid tempo 'enders' were for the end of the night? ... not the end of a set... unless you're last on
  10. Ike Strong - your love keeps me dancing - Mable, at least VG+ Please PM to deal Cheers
  11. I could be wrong and will happily be corrected if I am but; Isn't Mel Britt a recording from 1970?
  12. Sad news indeed, had some very special times at Lowton, not been as much lately as I once did, but the memories will always be there, I'm starting to feel like I'm the jinx, this is the 2nd long established major event that i have played at this year (along with Brighouse) that has subsequently closed down, either on the night or shortly afterwards Seriously though it's a sad sign of the times I suppose

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