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    collecting original 7" vinyl, designer clothes .i.e. paul smith,lacoste,burberry,prada etc etc etc
    60's v
    vespa scooters ( the GS in particular)
    mini coopers
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    newcastle upon-tyne,england
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    far too many

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  1. dob

    Albert washington

    Evening folks I'm looking for a copy of ALBERT WASHINGTON-CASE OF THE BLUES-RYE RECORDS please pm if you have one for sale..thanks dob
  2. dob

    JOHN POWNEY RIP - Funeral details

    I think john powney would of chuckled to himself at his funeral today as 'dean parrish I'm on my way' played out of the speakers as we left the church R.I.P john
  3. dob


  4. dob

    ike turner

    Looking for an original copy of ike turner-she made my blood run cold-federal/king...pm with price and condition Thanks dob
  5. dob

    The Erimus Soul Club- Middlesbrough

    Looking forward to this
  6. dob

    john lee hooker money

    Hi all, after a copy of this on impulse Pm if have one for sale Dob
  7. A couple of wants for a mate LITTLE JIMMY RAY-YOU NEED TO FALL IN LOVE-GALLANT JACKIE SHANE-IN MY TENEMENT-SUE Pm with condition and price. ....thanks dob
  8. dob

    Labrenda Ben

    Morning all looking for a copy of LABRENDA BEN-THE CHAPERONE-GORDY, please pm with price and condition Dob
  9. dob

    Edwin Starr-Back Street

    Hello everyone I'm after a cheap copy of the aforementioned 45 for a friend Please pm if can help Thanks all Dob
  10. dob

    Towanda Barnes

    Hi all, I'm after a copy of towanda barnes-love slips thru my fingers, can anyone tell me the original label it was on and if it was booted how can you tell a boot from an original, I've seen it on jo-mar and grapevine but not sure if any of these are legit? Thanks in advance....dob
  11. dob

    A Few Wants

    The 5 royales-it hurts inside-king Jimmy gresham-come on-kitty Ray reid-move it on over-mgm Johnny watson-looking back-escort Pm if have any for sale Thanks all dob
  12. dob

    Johnny Watson

    After a copy of looking back-escort...pm if can help....cheers all
  13. dob

    Ronnie Gee

    She's so fine-hiddy-b...pm if you have a copy for sale...thanks dob
  14. dob

    Ray Reid

    Still looking!!!!
  15. dob

    Ray Reid

    Looking for a copy of ray reid-move it on over-mgm....pm if have one for sale...thanks dob


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