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  1. June Jackson / Port of happiness / September jones / you better know why/ Kent 35th Anniversary/ ex cond /. give away price .. £20 joy lovejoy / in orbit / chess/ vg++/ £25 paypal as f& f £2.50 signed for post..
  2. Looking for a decent copy of Brown sugar the game is over / Capitol and a decent price. cheers..
  3. That’ll be us, the County Durham crew, 8 of us coming down, and staying at the stone trough, really nice place..looking forward to it
  4. Modern Want....Lady L .. loves master plan.. cheers..
  5. PayPal as f& f please.. £2.00 postage.. voice masters / you've hurt me baby / if a woman catches a fool / ex / £35 Little ester Phillips / while it lasted / vg / £10 yvonne baker / didn't say a word / Bobby Paris / night owl/ London records / ex / £20... ON HOLD.. teddy randanzo/ you don't need a heart / stardust / ex / £12 fats domino / if you don't know what love is / ABC paramount demo/ ex/ £15 tony Middleton / Paris blues / grapevine / ex ( no middle) / 20 june Jackson / port of happiness/September Jones/ better know why/ Kent 35th Ann/ ex / £30 joy lovejoy / in orbit/ chess 6145 010 ( first uk press with paper label/ ex / £35..
  6. I’ve got the brown and beautiful wally,great tune..
  7. hi will have bobby bland … shoes please cheers bob
  8. Nice one, Richard said it would be Nov 9th, is that the date ?, let me know as soon as please,have booked some rooms at the old stone trough for that date, already.. If different date, will change them.. My mobile is ...07826606369 Cheers bob..
  9. Quality nite at the white bull, music top notch, lovely room, weather perfect., made very welcome, cheers lads... Great weekend.. Bob & the County Durham lot..
  10. Cheers roman
  11. 8 of us coming from Easington, County Durham, rooms booked at barnolswick, mini bus booked, looking forward to it.. Bob..
  12. There's a thousand soul do's on every weekend in the north east, now col, talk about overkill, I bet you without counting there must be twenty plus nites, on in one month.. Fri's and Saturday's.. see on sat mate... Bob..
  13. In ex cond, 3 channel pre amp mixer, used once a month for about a year, no scratches or dents, comes with power lead.. Amp Now deleted by American audio.. No like, return no bother, £5 postage...sent with my hermes.. paypal as F&F.. Asking £65.00 or v.n.o.
  14. PayPal as f&f.. Post £2.50.. june jackson / port of happiness/ sept Jones/ you better know why/ Kent 35th anniversary / ex / £50 fats domino/ if you don't know what love is/ white ABC label, (not black, demo ?) / ex / £15 mellow fellows / my baby needs me / DOT records / ex / £50 howard guyton/ watched you slowly slip away/. Stardust / ex / SOLD kenny Shepard/ what diff does it make/ stardust/ ex / SOLD inspirations/ gotta find a new love/ Benn- X records / ex / £ 25 teddy randanzo / you don't need a heart / stardust / ex / £8 chimes / beginning of my life / down to earth records / ex / £20 freda Payne / sad sad September/ MGM records / ex/ £15 rita graham / my cup runneth over/ tangerine records / ex / SOLD
  15. dunno if you tried it, but it's not cheap...

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