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  1. Ryobi 18v 5.0ah batteries.. two for sale brand new, still in plastic paypal as f&f free postage £60 each.. PM to inquire
  2. Might have one here https://www.horizonsmusic.co.uk/search?type=product&q=Slay+all+i+need if not ive got one, played once, with pic sleeve £25 with post inc
  3. You gotta love the superb turn around from Japan, posted 22nd Oct, arrived today 27th Oct, And it’s not the first time, last tune I ordered from Japan was basically the same turnaround.. no covid excuses from Japan about It may take longer , because of the pandemic.,blah, blah, blah.. waited longer for records coming from 100 mile way...
  4. Looking for a decent 7” single Carol dionne im in love with you gateway records cheers bob...
  5. Brothers by choice you put the ease back into easy ALA records.. vg+ to ex cond please..
  6. Modern soul dance floor filler, if we ever get back on them !! PayPal f&f... Free post sonic wax / ex cond / £85 Return no bother if not happy..
  7. Yup Steve, that’s what I mean..prob that predictive bloody text Again
  8. Looking for Willie tee / teasing you again/ grapevine 2000 cheers..
  9. PayPal as f&f .. £5 post £60.. black nasty / cut your motor off/ grapevine/ ex marvelettes / keep holding on/ Tamla / vg ...plays fine.. billy Eckstine/ I wonder why/Charles Sheffield/ voodoo working/ southern artists / ex mandrill / too late / mud island / ex jeff Perry / call on me / expansion/ ex innervision / honey baby / private stock/ vg thd pretenders / its everything about you/ just be yourself / Kent / ex teddy randanzo / you don’t need a heart/ stardust / ex metros / since I found my baby / stardust / ex
  10. PayPal as f&f .. £3 post signed for Any bother, return no bother.. billy Eckstine/ I wonder why/ Charles Sheffield/ voodoo working / southern artist / ex / £20 jimmy robbins / I can’t please you / Jerhart / ex / £ 8 ....ON HOLD dontells/ somewhere in your heart / vee jay / ex / £ 10.. ON HOLD... marvelettes / I’ll keep holding on/ Tamla / vg (plays great) / £20 baby Washington/ leave me alone / sue/ ex / £8 .....ON HOLD..
  11. PayPal f&f .. £3 post signed for. black nasty/ cut your motor off/ grapevine / Ex/ 15 ( £30 plus, on Discogs).. rest are fiver each., teddy randanzo,/ you don’t need a heart stardust / ex metros / since I found my baby/ stardust / ex brown sugar/ game is over/ Gayle Adams / baby I need your loving/ Capitol / ex ..SOLD jeff Perry / call on me / expansions / ex innervision / honey baby/ private stock / vg+ (Original issue) innersection / let me love you / Essex Iv / my reaction to you / Group 5 / ex...SOLD the pretenders / just be yourself / it’s
  12. Looking for this, on the soul power label, cheers..

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