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  1. Your pictures are awesome , like previous posts have said to put faces to records after all these years amazing
  2. Anyone ever used to go to Yarm country club? Alex Lowes used to play Jazz funk there (he does the Stockport weekenders now ) saw the Average white band there , The Fatback band and Donald bird and the blackbirds and many more at the Top Hat at Spennymoor good old days .....
  3. Hi Tony i paypaled you on Sunday did you receive the payment ? if not can you let me know as i have had email confirmation the payment went , i was really wanting the book for my holidays !!! regards Cress Book arrived now thank's Tony
  4. At 60 seconds he has forgotten all the moves and words a imposter maybe's ??
  5. King Kev how you doing m8? Saw these in 2010 in Nevada met Mike Lofthouse & his lady there ! ( only , "white folk " in the building ) one of the best ive ever seen sure you and the good lady will have a great night , Adios for now Cress
  6. Here is a picture taken the same night with Mr.Farlow from Aycliffe,from l-r Wilfie Collins ,Joe Thophson, Cress Robinson ,Footsie Farlow ,good times Cress
  7. Mike ,Yes that was me running up and down with a bucket of Budweiser ??shouting and whistling generally making a fool off myself ! No Mike on a more serious note That was a very good night mate , O'jay's top, top band , think i've uploaded a pic from that nt , hope you are keeping well Cress
  8. Bob , if you look at my post i asked for people's view's on the matter i wasn' t having a pop at you or any one else and i,ve been coming to the Welly since it started as often as i can, indeed i don't know if you heard but when the Dukester was running it and it was going to close 10/06 ( if my oldziemers remember's rightly ? ) i gave him £500 to keep it open , the guy who ran the club at the time heard of it and put my name forward to do the new roof ? which with his help we got the job ,(heard he has now died , really nice man)... One of the girl's on our bus went to see the guy on
  9. Mike , first and foremost i don't want to get drawn into any long argument's with anyone ,simply asked for people's thought's , as Mr.Cane say's he to has noticed it as well ?? #1 when they let them in ect , within 10-15 min's one was running the full length the dance floor swinging his leg as he went this created a no go area , while his mates clapped and cheered ? also it was a full house no seat's tables ect from 8.15 onward's a table of 4 lady's got up to dance !! and hey lost their seat's and promptly left ....if they got like that in 15 min's the rest of us were wasting some dosh ???
  10. Would like people and promoters view's on this , was at Easington sat nt , great place great people ! BUT WHY OH WHY when all the other pub's shut, the down-stair's bar close's and people who are obviously a lot worse for wear do you allow them in ,i sorted a bus out for 16 people and this was the main topic on the way home.... They were drinking, spilling drinks on the dance floor , taking the piss out of every one , no one told them to behave or to leave ??? so why let them in ?? of all the flyer's on the wall's , why not one saying NO ENTRY AFTER 10.30 !!!!
  11. Seen this guy on GMTV the other day thought nothing of it ? go to youtube and watch it , pretty good me thinks
  12. SUNDAY the First of May , nice little get together at Leeholme working mens club , £1 IN ,7.30 till 2ish , longer if you can still take the pace ( or the john smiths ),, want to come along & spin a few !!! all welcome , just bring a box of sounds & hit the decks,, quite a few confirmed..... no work nxt day so try to get along & try it.... Cress
  13. Next big nite at this great soul club is Dec 4th finishing later than the norm, through till 1am for all those that like a late drink and a bit of a xmas party! This great little club is a night for all with super rare northern soul through to the current club sounds and forgotten oldies. Guest dj's from Tyneside are Davy Mason and Steve Davidson so this will be an excellent night to start off the party month after the great turnout for last month, lets get behind this little club playing stuff for everybody, all guaranteed original stuff from Mr Paul Ackley & the rest of the boys, thi
  14. what a good nite again , numbers well up on last time ?(thats against the trend every were else mind) just shows what a great little club this is , and the quality is second to none ?? keep up the good work boys.

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