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  1. Hi Steve, The only message I received from you suggested that you had issues with your account and that you would "pass on this occasion". It's not a problem hence me re-listing the record. Regards Steve
  2. Re-listed due to non paying buyer: Dells “Your Song” UK 20th Century above Ex+ but conservative graded. Nice copy of this gem of a “modern” classic getting harder to find. Possibly the best way to own it as the US copies are styrene. £60 plus UK postage (overseas please PM), PayPal F&F only (last transaction suggested bank transfer and has left a bad taste if I’m honest as there has been activity issues on the account).
  3. For sale: The Dells “Your Song” 20th Century UK in Ex+ condition. The best way to own this gem of a record as the USA version is on styrene and often suffers wear. £65 including secure UK postage. Overseas please PM. Payment by PayPal F&F preferred. Please message if alternative payment is required.
  4. Many years ago, back in the days of "video", I borrowed three different tapes from the BBC archives. There was a very strict policy and along with a small payment, you had to fill in a load of paperwork and guarantee the tapes return within the specified contract term. I still have copies of both paperwork and video's (which I wasn't supposed to copy... of course) but heaven knows where they are. I no longer have a working VCR so even if I found them I'd be stuffed. If however I do find them and someone can transfer them feel free to let me know. I've also got things "Chasing Rainbows" and many, many TV documentaries both from the TV companies and which I recorded from TV at the time. Steve
  5. If it's the same article it ran under the heading of "The John Travolta Of Wigan Casino" as it was published close to the release and success of Saturday Night Fever. Sandy Holt featured in it quite heavily from memory. Could someone raid the Mirror's archives as I'd love to see it again and yes, it was a double page spread Steve
  6. Unless you bought the cracked / broken / smashed one that was framed.... then again the frame was worth a tenner so I'll stop there
  7. Yep.... takes you back a bit but it was a time for that sort of stuff and that time would have been Cleethorpes. It was played, it was danced to and for those two facts, it has become a Northern Soul record. Yep Joe 90 did it at Wigan, the kid shirt lifter band did it at Cleethorpes... not literally of course. That said Jimmy wasn't too many miles down the road!!!
  8. I have to take issue with the signs on the stage. Surely they should be a little more specific... "No drinks, No talc and No dickheads on the dance floor". Just an observation of course for future health and safety reasons when the circus is in town.
  9. Another of the greats has gone. Thank you for your music. Rest in peace Lorraine Chandler
  10. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Another of the greats has gone. Thank you for your music. Rest in peace Lorraine Chandler View full article
  11. soulman

    Soul in the Hood

    DJ's attending include Dave Appleyard, Carl Hayway, Ric Franks, Neil Olive, Rupert Burdass, Lloyd Walker and Paul Sendall with others yet to be added. Free pizzas courtesy of Rob the landlord cooked in the Robin Hood Pizza Oven. Superb ales at reasonable prices.... Batemans Ales on draught. Quality music totally across the board for a Bank Holiday weekend.
  12. soulman

    Soul in the Hood

    Soul music across the board including Modern, Chillout, Soulful House, Beat Ballads, lesser played Northern, classic soul and sweet soul and pretty much anything and everything in between. Featuring a host of local and guest DJ's playing tunes between 1pm and 8pm on Bank Holiday Sunday August the 25th at The Robin Hood, High Street, Boston, Lincolnshire. Free admission, safe parking and a real pizza oven in action. We only do this once a year, the last one was a stormer. This year we are also introducing an open deck at certain points during the day. Don't just tell us want you want to hear, bring it along and play it yourself. If you don't want to cue it or introduce it, somebody will do that for you, but its down to you to physically "bring" your requests.

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