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  1. Agree entirely and at least many of the re-issues of the old stuff now seem to be legit (Outta Sight etc)... my concern is still with the new product, post 2015 onwards really. there definitely seems to be some sort of monopoly on supply / demand of tailor made things
  2. What I find more annoying is the actual amount of new releases supposedly in limited numbers. There was a time when the quantity of limited numbers would be in abundance once all those interested had got a copy. It now seems more than ever are buying such 45's leading to second runs or inflated prices from the outset. The sheer number prohibits all but the rich (or indeed those in the know and within touchy feely reach of those putting the product out) getting their hands on copies. I've given up!!!
  3. I got mine from the first batch that John imported. I know he got another batch which may have been better made. Andy Davies might recall more info but I can certainly remember sorting some for him one Saturday morning when it was on his new release section of the list.
  4. That's not strictly "spindle wear" on the Cheryl 45. I have two copies, one unplayed and they look similar. I'd guess it was more of a "dinking" issue at the plant Steve
  5. Hi Lloyd I've a cracked Wendell promo that, from memory plays OK. It will be buried but ill have a look if its any good to you
  6. No problem ..... and by the way, get the one on Rotax 12" not the second issue (its not as good a quality in my opinion)
  7. Discogs start at just under a couple of quid for the original 12" on Rotax. I paid about that when it was first released and bought 50 copies from the label distributor. I first played in Ibiza at Ibzagogo where it went huge and then sold it at the Sheridan's events. Even went over to Lyon to meet Eric Dupree (Mr Day) and did an interview for Manifesto with him. Wrong page by the way - should be in wants not sales
  8. Agree to a certain extent however, this is such an odd album with only a South African release and yet wanted by many Motown collectors worldwide because of the Barbara McNair cover. Yet you rarely if ever see it up for grabs. I have a copy and I know someone else on here also has one. He was looking at selling a good few months ago and turned down £250.
  9. Have to say the surprise for me was the Dana Valery album. Very hard to get hold of and I would have thought at least £250 minimum, then again I guess albums are in a minority market. Steve
  10. A stunning copy of an always in demand tune at events. The Dells “Your Song” on 20th Century UK in M- condition. The best way to own this 45 as the USA copy often suffers from burn if not looked after. Price is £60 including UK delivery, payment by PayPal F&F please. Overseas please enquire. Thanks for looking Steve
  11. https://www.soul-source.co.uk/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=409235
  12. I think the UK one is better value..... after all more ink was used on the label and more plastic used in the manufacture. That US one has a gaping hole in the middle. Just doesn't make sense

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