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  1. I think the UK one is better value..... after all more ink was used on the label and more plastic used in the manufacture. That US one has a gaping hole in the middle. Just doesn't make sense
  2. However, the question remains as to why it was used in the first place and then dropped. Curious as I used to collect MGM demo's and have always wondered. Obviously it relates somewhat to the MGM film studios and the intro on films but why a cartoon variant rather than the more recognisable lion illustration on the later releases.
  3. Any chance of a close up of the vinyl please
  4. The King Tutt will be one of the first batch that John Anderson imported as it has his "trademark scrubbing out of the address using his compass". Also some of the labels were off centre but it simply endorses its authenticity Steve
  5. Will do, hopefully get on the case on Saturday Steve
  6. Hi Patto, I have a couple of copies of this. They are both original but from memory one of the labels is slightly darker green than the other. As for how they sound, again from memory Id say they were both poorly recorded prior to reaching the pressing plant and much of the distortion is inherent as both copies are pretty much unplayed. Having just moved house things are all over the place but I'd hope to lay my hands on them this weekend. I'll dig them out, give them a listen and let you know as to be honest it was never my favourite record. Steve
  7. For sale: Brown Clark’s Polyveldt Oberon size 7. Worn once. Probably the most comfortable shoes for all-nighter goers in the late seventies / early eighties. £20 plus £5 UK post. Payment by F&F PayPal please.
  8. I honestly wish Tim would let this jealousy go with John Manship. He really makes himself look stupid in my opinion. All the digs on his lists etc..... unnecessary.
  9. Absolutely stunning copy of Richard Searling’s old Wigan spin as documented in his book “Setting the record straight”. Without doubt the rarest release on the label which has never surfaced in quantity. Vinyl mint, labels mint. What more is there to say on this stunning 45. £550 all in (inc secure postage)to UK address. Overseas please enquire ref postage. Money back guarantee. Paypal as friends and family, cash, cheque, transfer. Please PM for more information
  10. Another of the greats has gone. Thank you for your music. Rest in peace Lorraine Chandler
  11. Soulman

    Soul in the Hood

    DJ's attending include Dave Appleyard, Carl Hayway, Ric Franks, Neil Olive, Rupert Burdass, Lloyd Walker and Paul Sendall with others yet to be added. Free pizzas courtesy of Rob the landlord cooked in the Robin Hood Pizza Oven. Superb ales at reasonable prices.... Batemans Ales on draught. Quality music totally across the board for a Bank Holiday weekend.
  12. Soulman

    Soul in the Hood

    Soul music across the board including Modern, Chillout, Soulful House, Beat Ballads, lesser played Northern, classic soul and sweet soul and pretty much anything and everything in between. Featuring a host of local and guest DJ's playing tunes between 1pm and 8pm on Bank Holiday Sunday August the 25th at The Robin Hood, High Street, Boston, Lincolnshire. Free admission, safe parking and a real pizza oven in action. We only do this once a year, the last one was a stormer. This year we are also introducing an open deck at certain points during the day. Don't just tell us want you want to he
  13. Its not the most inspiring of books, but neither was "Motown by matrix" which Mr Appleyard took from me. I have both the cassette book and the cd book but alas have never looked at them. They are purely part of the book collection which is now bigger than the 45 collection lol. Anyway, save me that book and I'll get the dosh over to you. If I give you Dave's address maybe you could send direct to him Cheers Steve
  14. Hey Simon, Does the "Standing....." have the discs with it? If so Dave a may be interested Steve

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