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  1. Barrons "Walking In The City" Cobblestone Demo Noted in Richard Searling's new book (Setting The Record Straight) his old Cane Black cover up from way back when. This has remained extremely rare and in this condition is almost an impossibility. Both sides an impeccable Mint - A true hard to find 45 from the late Wigan early Stafford era. £550 including secure signed for postage to the UK. Overseas please enquire.
  2. soulman


    Demo definitely the one to have as many of the issues were slightly off centre (hence Mr Anderson gave me my copy) but its easily overcome with a filed spider centre. Simply cant believe how much things that were anywhere between £2.00 and £5.00 as new releases have shot up. Bileo, Tommy Tate, Pages etc etc and to think I sold my Northern thinking it was dead and bought "newies" at the time only to sell them because they died a death too. Now they are both back in fashion. Pair of original Spencers and Polyveldts anyone? Steve
  3. soulman

    Boston Gliderdrome

    It's not sold out yet according to the venue so try on the door
  4. For sale: an extremely rare 45 from the Stafford era. Never been around in quantity or indeed in this condition. The Barron’s “Walking In The City” / “Talkin Bout My Girl” Cobblestone Demo. Mint - condition. Books at £750 and rarely seen for sale. £550 plus £5 secure postage to UK. Overseas please enquire.
  5. soulman

    News: RIP Don Gardner

    Sad, sad news. A tremendous pen and voice on the soul scene. Sadly missed. RIP my friend
  6. For sale: two pairs of brand new Converse Chuck Taylor slip on baseball sneakers, one pair UK size 8, other pair UK size 8 1/2. Unique design with embroidered logo (size 8 reads Keep the faith / size 8 1/2 reads Northern Soul). £30.00 per pair plus £5.00 Secure UK postage (overseas please enquire). NOW £25.00 per pair Please pm for further information. Thanks for looking.
  7. soulman


    Had one off Dave Knight very early 1980's. Not sure where it went but it was mint at the time.
  8. soulman

    Benny Troy RIP

    Sad to report the passing of Benny Lamanna aka Benny Troy. At last in peace my friend.
  9. soulman

    JM Auction charges

    Was just viewing and it popped up. That said, I've been back on and its working fine. Maybe just a glitch.... who knows
  10. soulman

    JM Auction charges

    Nothing against John and his auctions but since when have we had to pay £1 to view the auctions, or am I missing something?
  11. soulman

    John Cooper Clarke-Mad man or sheer genius

    His missus wore a circle skirt, the fashion was uncanny In fact it could be said it had more pleats than her f*nny
  12. soulman

    John Cooper Clarke-Mad man or sheer genius

    COME ON STEVE YOU KNOW CAN YOU FINISH THIS OFF: Outside a nighter, Saturday night, A baggy trousered dickhead asked me for a light........
  13. soulman

    3 Lambretta die cast Models

    Got quite a few myself. Not very collectable unfortunately. Chinese made and in abundance. Anywhere between £10 & £15 for the small ones and possibly up to £25 / £30 for the large ones. Still available in a few specialist model shops and online although designs keep changing. Steve


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