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  1. How Rude

    You sound like you give a Peanut Duck Gilly
  2. Empires - You're on top girl

    Actually it could have been Ted. My memories not what it used to be lol
  3. Empires - You're on top girl

    I'm surprised.... Firstly, didn't know it had been booted but more so $600 for it. My little story goes like this: John's Soul Bowl list dropped through the letter box as usual. I'd already got the phone in my hand. John and I were friends and even if th...
  4. Empires - You're on top girl

    I actually found a receipt from a few years ago recently where JM had auctioned my copy and I got around £1700. Although I've not seen the one on Craigs site, he's very much on the ball with things like that so I'd say 99% it's not original although I would h...
  5. J Manship Auction Results 20/09/2017

    Chuck Jackson..... a year or so ago I tried selling mine on here. Put it on for £100, dropped it to £90 and I think as low as £75. Only John could get over £250 for it. Bugger
  6. Boots re-issues Wanted

    Got quite a few of the reissues but need to dig them out. Also have a full set of Grapevine 45's, some issues, some demos and the odd one or two without centres but a full set none the less. Steve
  7. Edwin starr time

    I had a white demo of "Running.....". Think I let Dave Appleyard have it. I'll check Steve
  8. Carol Anderson – Sad Girl

    Some b*stard pinched my mint copy from my box at Bestwood in Nottingham but I managed to get another. However it is rough. It's ok for DJing but that's about it. Let me know your thoughts. I can send it on approval if that helps. Steve
  9. soulman

  10. Larry Houston - Promise (HFMP 12")

    I mean I have one but not a clue on price of it lol
  11. Larry Houston - Promise (HFMP 12")

    One here but no idea of price
  12. Sam Dees SSS International

  13. Sam dees lonely for you

    I've got a copy I'll part with. Pretty much M- . It has very very light distortion for less than a second on the intro, it's not even cue burn.