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  1. If its a sale Pete its very reasonable. Buy it now. If its a want..... wishful thinking possibly.
  2. Barrons "Walking In The City"

    Flawless copy of a Stafford tune that may have been overlooked because of its scarcity. Barrons "Walking In The City" on Cobblestone demo. Barely played so I'm giving it a Mint minus grading. £600 including secure UK delivery. Please PM for ove...
  3. Please clarify if this is £35 for the pair as advertised in the header or £35 each in the sub heading

  5. Robin Hood Soul Club, Boston

    The Robin Hood Soul Club presents a night of Northern, Modern soul and Motown at the Robin Hood, High Street, Boston, Lincs between 8pm and midnight. Free entry, free parking and very often free food. A social gathering of like minded people and a night worth visiting. DJ's for this month are host and Cleethorpes stalwart Dave Appleyard and Boston's prodigal son Steve Handbury. Come and join us
  6. Robin Hood Soul Night

    The first Saturday of every month sees a free soul night featuring Northern, Modern and Motown at the Robin Hood pub, High Street, Boston. Free parking, free entrance and usually free food. Resident DJ's include Dave Appleyard, Brian Burton and Steve Handbury along with various guests throughout the year.
  7. How Rude

    You sound like you give a Peanut Duck Gilly
  8. Empires - You're on top girl

    Actually it could have been Ted. My memories not what it used to be lol
  9. Empires - You're on top girl

    I'm surprised.... Firstly, didn't know it had been booted but more so $600 for it. My little story goes like this: John's Soul Bowl list dropped through the letter box as usual. I'd already got the phone in my hand. John and I were friends and even if th...
  10. Empires - You're on top girl

    I actually found a receipt from a few years ago recently where JM had auctioned my copy and I got around £1700. Although I've not seen the one on Craigs site, he's very much on the ball with things like that so I'd say 99% it's not original although I would h...
  11. J Manship Auction Results 20/09/2017

    Chuck Jackson..... a year or so ago I tried selling mine on here. Put it on for £100, dropped it to £90 and I think as low as £75. Only John could get over £250 for it. Bugger
  12. Boots re-issues Wanted

    Got quite a few of the reissues but need to dig them out. Also have a full set of Grapevine 45's, some issues, some demos and the odd one or two without centres but a full set none the less. Steve
  13. Edwin starr time

    I had a white demo of "Running.....". Think I let Dave Appleyard have it. I'll check Steve

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